Written in Arlington, has been selected as one of 75 items from the year 2020 that will be sealed in a “time trunk” (like a “time capsule”) in a special ceremony this Friday afternoon, November 19, as part of the ongoing celebration of Arlington’s hundredth birthday. Attendance at the event at Lubber Run Community Center is limited because of the pandemic, but there are still free tickets

Please join us! More information here:

–Katherine Young, editor

“So, a Thing happened: this time last year, “Written in Arlington,” the anthology of 87 Arlington poets that I edited, published by Richard Peabody at Gargoyle Magazine/Paycock Press, came into the world. And last Friday night, Arlington County sealed a “time trunk” to be opened in 50 years that includes “Written in Arlington” as one of its objects. Wondering what they will think in 2071 when they dust off that trunk… “Humbled” is not quite the right word for how this feels, but it will do…”

–Katherine E. Young