Gargoyle 2
cover woodcut (Climbing to the Sun) by Carl Wilfand
publication date 9/3/1976

Table of Contents



Paul Caruso 
• Notes from Albion (music)

Russell Cox 
• Book Review

Barbara Kristiansen 
• Dance

Paul Pasquarella 
• Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

David Sheridan 
• The Granular Eye (film)

Jacqueline Bowles 
• Holding Mama’s Hand
• Acapulco (& I): 1966 Revisited
• More Bloodshed Ahead?

Al Milanese 
Garrison, NY
Scrape Scrape

Christopher West 
• Six Haiku
• Something Simple



Shirley Graves Cochrane 
The Other Table

Roger Cutler 
• Learning How

Donna B. Kaulkin 
The Principal

• drawing

Tom Chalkley
• drawing

Kerry Flint 
• drawing

Walt Kiley
• drawing

Gary Peabody 
• 2 drawings

Drawing by Tom Chalkley