Gargoyle 10
cover image by Borislav O. Milutinovich
publication date 9/20/1978

Table of Contents


Eric Baizer 
• Notes on Alternative Canadian Presses

Andrew Darlington 
• Pete Brown – A Battered Odyssey

John Elsberg 
• The British Scene

Allen Ginsberg Interview • Ginsberg on Kerouac

Richard Peabody 
• Notes from the Bell Tower

Joyce Renwick 
• Book Review

Candyce Stapen 
• Book Review


Ron Androla
• Coffee as of 3/14/7

Eric Baizer
• Party

Diane DeVaul
• Jonah
For My Mother (1.)

John Ditsky
• Cross

Larry Eigner
• 2 untitled poems

John Elsberg
• Literary Influences

Jay Fowler Jr.
 Letter Home

Alan G. Friedman
• Return

Tina Fulker

Joe Gainer
• The Real Mule

Greg Hannan
• Greyhound

David Hickman
Our Body: Our Sleep

Frances Horovitz
• Blackberrying
The Woman’s Dream

Michael Horovitz
• And the Ignorant Armies

James Maher
• The Hymn

Jacklynn MacInnis
• Offspring

David McAleavey
Speaking Portrait of a Woman

David Howard Sawyer
• Voice in the Dark (1.)

Walt-Christopher Stickney
She Got It All But Don’t Do Much Wid It

Stacy Tuthill
• Separation

Hastings Wyman, Jr.
I Was Drinking Coca Cola



Richard Gess
• Paul and the Finger

Dwight Humphries 
• Hearthside

Bryan Livingston

Joseph Scovitch
• The Women in Sidney’s World

Dave Ward
• Room

Tom Chalkley
• drawing

Phil Cline
• 2 photos

Kevin Hughes
• drawing

Ashby North
• 4 drawings

Cynde Pierce
• etching

Zenon Slawinski
• 5 drawings