Poets & Writers Spill Their
Worst Reading Experiences

“Writing is—on the professional level—an assault upon those sacred gatekeepers of agents, publishers, and editors. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? is a memorable testament to what occurs when an author is fortunate enough to finally exult in an even more terrifying experience: to meet the public you think you’re writing for.”–John King, author of Guy Psycho and the Ziggurat of Shame and host of The Drunken Odyssey: A Podcast About the Writing Life.


36 Poets & Writers Spill Their Worst Reading Experiences.
Featuring: Brett Axel, Mark Baechtel, Abby Bardi, Linda Blaskey, Jim Bourey, Jamie Brown, Nancy Naomi Carlson, Joan Colby, Pete Dantinne, Barbara Esstman, Abby Frucht, Meredith Davies Hadaway, Lola Haskins, Alma Katsu, Randi Gray Kristensen, Gerry LaFemina, Sara Levy, Jo McDougall, Dinty W. Moore, Miles David Moore, Meredith Pond, Charles Rammelkamp, Paisley Rekdal, Melissa Scholes Young, Amber Shockley, Rose Solari, Ed Southern, Amber Sparks, Marilyn Stablein, Sharon Suzuki-Martinez, Susan Tepper, Lee Upton, Michael Waters, Tim Wendel, Katherine E. Young, and Ed Zahniser.

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