Gargoyle 53
Cover by Rikki Ducornet
Published 10/22/2008

Table of Contents


Victoria Bond 
• The Making of the Opera “Mrs. President”

James C. L. Brown 
• Re-imag(in)ing the Ideal

Elizabeth Hanly 
• Delia

Eleanor Ross Taylor 
• Robert Lowell and Jean Stafford

Paul West 
• Introducers


Jeannette Allée
• Feastdays
• The Harpist Played Sidesaddle
• These Bathrobes, Dear Bathrobes

Jim Andrews
• Dystopia

Nin Andrews
• My Tail
• Dangerous Kissing Tip or What Gmail Knows about You

Robert Boliek
• The Audubon Elegies

Jenny Gillespie
• Cetacean, 26

Sandra M. Castillo
• I Dream of Crispen Glover

Lisa Chun
• The Beauty of Painful Transition

Deborah Elliott Deutschman
• Agnes Martin (2002)

Oliver Dunne
• Barbara Rubin, 1946—1981

Blair Ewing
• Trying To Clean My Rifle On Dewey Beach

Raina Fields
• Cinematic Yearnings

Frederick Foote
• Dark Center
• Division

Alex Grant
• Philosophy Mid-Term

Jennifer Gresham
• Let Me Draw You a Map

Brian Patrick Heston
• Hector at the OK Coral

Mary Crockett Hill
• My Sister the Buddhist Prays with the Fleas

Amy Holman
• Bearing Misfortune With the Abstract Man

Esther Iverem
• Homecoming

Dan Johnson
• Music Theory

George Kalamaras
• The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World

Jesse Lee Kercheval
• On July 5, the 4th Year of the War

Jenna Le
• Love Story

Priscilla Lee
• Sex
• The Crossing

David Lieberman
• Carving Out a Garden in the Woods

Chip Livingston
• Defuniak Springs

Reb Livingston
• Diminished Prophecy 1
• 3
• Litany for the Wrong Bygone

Dora Malech
• Goodbye, I Love You
• Open Letter

Laura McCullough
• Reading for Harvey Keitel

Franetta McMillian
• The Klansman’s Daughter

Sally Molini
• Delivery

Yvette Neisser Moreno
• Languages I Have Learned

Mary Morris
• New Mexico

James Norcliffe

David Parker
• I Think Only of Unreasonable Explanations

Nicole Pekarske
• Chrissed Off

Jim Peterson
• Dollars

Holly Prado
• Sweater
• Instantly
• Sandalwood

Roberta Allen
• Normal
• The Decision

Mary Bailey
• The Body on the Floor

Lauren Baratz-Logsted
• Disaster

Mary Ann Cain
• Distractions

Bonnie Jo Campbell
• The Cook

Louis-Ferdinand Céline
• Normance (excerpt)

Kelly Cherry
• Prolegomenon

Jason DeYoung
• Mariska’s Tongue

Robin Ferrier
• Metro Tag

Tara Goedjen
• Dog Baby

Myronn Hardy
• Civilization

Susi Klare
• At the Intersection of Heaven and Hell

Laurence Klavan
• The Unexpected Guest

Nick Kocz
• Young Nihilist Seeks Other

Jonathan K. Rice
• Ice Cream

Katy Richey
• Vagina Cognizance

Kim Roberts
• A Private Tour

Carly Sachs
• The Game

Peter Jay Shippy
• Keir Dullea Gone Tomorrow

Katherine R. Smith
• Hard-Hearted Woman

Mark Smith-Soto
• Drifting Away

Laurel Snyder
• Dog
• Bye

Amy Bracken Sparks
• Dark Matter Draws Me Home

Richard Spilman
• Sex and Memory

Laura-Gray Street
• Meet Me at the Speed of Light
• Crowd Looking at a Tied-Up Object
• Recreation Center

Dan Stryk
• Ornament

Elizabeth Swados
• No Photographs Please
• The Visit

Mark Terrill
• A Poem for the Here & Now

Rosemary Winslow
• Recess

Kathi Wolfe
• Dancing with Martha Graham



Zane Kotker
• A Dog With Yesterday’s Name

Doug Lawson
• The Dogs of Carova

Jonathan Lyons
• Dashiell

Anne Marsella
• Sons Of

Mark Maxwell
• 43

Jean McGarry
• The Tree of Life

Daniel Mueller
• Spoils

Lance Olsen
• Calendar of Regrets — An Excerpt

Mary Overton
• Teeth

Cheryl Pallant
• Until Death Do They Part

Pedro Ponce
• Intelligent Design

Shelagh Power-Chopra
• While on Vacation in Rome

Doug Rice
• Anatomy of Pronouns in Advance of an Autobiography by Doug Rice

Ben Stein
• Instruction

David A. Taylor
• Special Economic Zone — Shantou

Karen Trimbath
• Mysterious Players, Those Failed Prayers

Lee Upton
• Performance Review

Christina Yu
• The Girls of Sigma Psi

Mike Woolsen 
• photography