Gargoyle 50
Cover by Colin Winterbottom
Published 6/1/2005

Table of Contents


Phillip Henry Christopher 
• Berkeley Morning

Greg Keeler 
• Dreaming Richard Brautigan

Pagan Kennedy 
• The Encyclopedia of Scorpions


Magdalena Alagna
• Halloween 1976

Buzz Alexander
• Entering Prison
Without Me Again

Eric Anderson
• Life During the Bush Years
• Between the Lines

Nin Andrews
• Taking the Kids to Interview . . .
Talking About Sex

Lauren McLean Ayer
• Unseen

Grace Bauer
• Birthday

Sandra Beasley
• Everything Relative

Jill Beauchesne
Newton’s Love

Ralph Black
• Anna, Dreaming

Marie-Claire Blais
• James (tr. by Steven Moyer)

Gary Blankenburg
• A Walk on the Wild Side

Kate Braverman
• Acts of Autumn #3
• Autumn Women #2
• Lady’s Night at Club Lobotomy

J. P. Dancing Bear
• Seen Through a Vase of Flowers

Jim Daniels
• Taking Account

Barbara DeCesare
Nathan and I Dream In French

Denise Duhamel
• My Mother’s Hair
• Healing Pies

Moira Egan
Girl Talk

Greg Every
• Apache Women

Lauren Fanelli
• Sonnenizio for Kim Addonizio

Vievee Francis
• What Happened to Us

Kate Gale
• Orchard Bees

Michael Hardin
• Touched

David Hernandez
• Stuffed Animal Roadkills

Anna Maria Hong
• Flaneur of the Visible World

Sonja James
• Twin Shafts of Light

Fred Johnston
Friendly Fire

George Kalamaras
• One of Only Two

Jim Kates
• Faulty Memories of Big Jordy

Jesse Lee Kercheval
• Final Report on the Lost Footage of the War

Judith Kerman
• Marie Curie with Her Lover

David Kresh
• Aerocondor de Colombia

Patrick Lawler
• Duct Tape Monologue

Adrienne Lewis
• Marry Me

Melvin E. Lewis
• Near Sidewalks

M. L. Liebler
Journey to War

Majena Mafe
• Pintuckers

Mark Mansfield
• That Elegant Redemption Rag

Rita Maria Martinez
• Pop Poem

C. M. Mayo
• UFO 1990

Richard McCann
• Nights of 1987
• Garden

Erika Meitner
• Camp Westmont, 1988

Thylias Moss
• Song of Iota
• Heads Wrapped in Flowers

Eileen Myles
•  Culture

Sheryl L. Nelms
• Fucking a Bull Rider

Dawn Newton
• Jailbait

Naomi Shihab Nye
• Pimento
• Poor Pitiful Me Award

Elizabeth Rees
• Upsetting the Basket

Rusty Russell
• Before and After Bloomington

Judi A. Rypma
• Night Watch

Miriam Sagan
Fourth Street
• Ana Mendieta: Falling in Four Elements

Patricia Roth Schwartz
• After the Velveeta Buses

C. M. Scott
• Cake at the Counter Feels Good

Martha Silano
Blue Positive

Sampson Starkweather
• Be Jazz, Die

Terry Stokes
• Chapter 28: Someone Has Been Trimming the Trees with Pretzels

John Surowiecki
• Watching Sea Hunt with J. Z. and S. Z.
•French Lesson apres Larry Rivers

Todd Swift
• The Eyes of England

Eileen Tabios
• Falling Up

Barbara Tomash
• from Flying Water

David Trinidad
• Penelope

Thomas L. Vaultonburg
• The Streak

Riggin Waugh
• Girl-So-Queer
• Charm School

Kathi Wolfe
• What Angels Do on Their Day Off

Fredrick Zydek
• Letter to Kelly About the Land of Pain



Kathy Acker
• The Seattle Book

Jim Barnes
• The Visiting Writer

Tiffany Lee Brown
• Mary’s Egg

Randy Sue Coburn
• How Long Have You Known Me?

Paula Coomer
Pajamas in the Moon

Lucy Corin
• Godzilla versus the Smog Monster

Lucinda Dhavan
• A Face in the Crowd

Trevor Dodge

John Dufresne
• Died and Gone to Heaven

C. M. Dupre
• The Sacrificial Goat’s Head Box

Robert Fagan
• Confusions: A Love Story

Thomas Glynn
• What to Do When the Famous Die

Elizabeth Hand
• from Generation Loss

Dave Housley
Frog Prince II

Christine Japely
• What the Mother Did

John King
• Limbo Girls

Matthew Kirkpatrick
Minor Heroes Save You

Michael Martone
• Three Contributor’s Notes

Molly McQuade
• Death by Creamation

Sharon Mesmer
In Ordinary Time
• An Upside Down Horse in the Jewel in the Crown . . .  
• Hesperis
• Obsolete Heroes
• At Epiphany

Rick Moody
• Pirate Radio

Susan Neville
• The Mausoleum

Hal Niedzviecki
• Displacement

Lance Olsen
• from Nietzsche’s Kisses

David Petersen
• The Wicker Man

Kevin Sampsell
• Skip the Walker

R. Gilad Schamess
• Lucky

Tamara Kaye Sellman
• Peppercorns

Mary Slowik
Snake in the Pond

Julianna Spallholz
A Man of Regret
• Who Will Take the Cat

Kara Allison Stambach
• from Miami Water Tribe

Lee Upton
• Alice Doesn’t

Donna D. Vitucci
• Snowbound

D. Harlan Wilson
• Disney Reanimated

Lidia Yuknavitch
• Eight by Ten Glossies

Jillian Ann
• photo, self-portrait

Terence Byrnes
• photo, Catherine Kidd

Walter Odets
• photo, Keith and Rosmarie Waldrop

Scott Shrimp
• photo, Jillian Ann

Patricia Storms
• frontispiece, cartoon

Colin Winterbottom
• Cover photo–The Bartoli Fountain, Capitol Hill, WDC