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At Atticus Books, we believe in the words that Cicero wrote to Atticus some two thousand years ago.”Remember not to give up your books to anybody, but to keep them for me. I entertain the strongest affection for them as I now feel disgust for everything else.” Atticus Used Books now sells only through the web. To search our stock, visit us at While many people think that Atticus Books was named for the legendary Harper Lee character, Atticus Finch, both he and the store are named for another Atticus. Atticus, Titus Pomponius (109-32 BC) was a Roman writer, publisher and bookseller. Cicero, who was educated with Atticus, was later published by him. Publishing for Atticus meant that a host of slaves copied the manuscripts over and over. So basically, nothing has changed. It’s still pretty much who you know to get you published and how little you can make in publishing. Civilization marches on! When the Roman emperors decided to become book burners in the name of censorship, Atticus stepped in and was able to preserve most of the Greek and Roman documents that have been handed down to us. Just think, when you blamed your seventh grade English teacher for making you read The Odyssey, you should have been blaming Atticus. Now you have a place to buy an old copy of The Odyssey and re-read it because we know you didn’t really read it in seventh grade!

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In the end, it is not really the lives that matter but the books. Long after Titus Pomponius Atticus is forgotten, long after Atticus Books is forgotten, there will still be Atticus Finch…and that is really all that matters.See the list of those who read their work at Atticus over the years.