Richard Peabody and Peggy Pfeiffer

Gargoyle Wake at Herb's
Restaurant in DC March 30, 1990

NPR was on hand with a roving mic.

Color pix by Peggy Pfeiffer.
B/w pix unknown.


L-R: Star Black, Glenn Moomau, Darryl Wakeley, and Rose Solari

Tom Fry, Barrett Warner, and Mike Wagner

In back: Tom Fry, Silvana Straw
In front: Steve Feigenbaum

Jamie Brown and C. Jenise Williamson

L-R: Herb White, unknown, Elizabeth Oness,
C. Jenise Williamson

L-R: Unknown, Mark Baechtel, Johnathan Agronsky, and Carmen Delzell.

L-R: Jim Williamson, Bill Griffiths, and Joel Sattler

David Sheridan, Preston Mullen w/wife and progeny

Gargoyle founders Paul Pasquarella, Richard Peabody, and Russell Cox, with Peggy Pfeiffer