Poetry Index
Albert Abonado

The Secret History of Joy Division

Albert Abonado Monkeys on the Hood     57
Clayton Adams This Nickel and Dime War     57
Clayton Adams Bar-le-Duc     57
Carrie Addington Body As     61
Carrie Addington


Patience Agbabi Pain Doesn't Hurt     39/40
Deborah Ager Sometimes I Count to Forty-Nine     47
Deborah Ager Meditation     51
Yesim Agaoglu my tongue licks     60
Yesim Agaoglu


Yesim Agaoglu

night’s dress

Jamika Ajalon Blackability (where da revolution at--revisited)     41
Anna Akhmatova "I have a certain smile" (translated by Judith Hemschemeyer)     32/33
Anna Akhmatova "It is simple, it is clear" (translated by Judith Hemschemeyer)     32/33
Magdalena Alagna Halloween 1976     50
Karren Alenier A College Boy Finds His Way     59
Karren Alenier Paris in the Twenties: 1929     59
Karren Alenier Bupple's Cat     59
Buzz Alexander Entering Prison     50
Buzz Alexander Without Me Again     50
Elizabeth Alexander Washington Etude     39/40
Kwame Alexander I(mus) Be Crazy     54
Kwame Alexander After Reading E. Ethelbert Miller     54
Jeffrey C. Alfier Stopping at Texas Looseys on a Warm Monday Homeward     65
Tobi Alfier No Hemlock for Me     60
Abdul Ali The Subway Men     56
Abdul Ali Holy     62
Abdul Ali Broken Watch     62
Abdul Ali How to Begin a Short Film     62
Jeannette Allée Feastdays     53
Jeannette Allée The Harpist Played Sidesaddle     53
Jeannette Allée These Bathrobes, Dear Bathrobes     53
Joel Allegretti The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Unaired Episodes     60
Henry Allen Idyll #6     27
Kelli Allen Beginning with a Wager     59
Kelli Allen An Asterisk for the Weather     68
Kelli Allen The Mountain Loon Tells a Story for Lovers     68
Nancy Allen City Park Interlude     65
R.A. Allen Not So Easy     59
R.A. Allen 62 Moons     60
R.A. Allen Gun Control.2     62
R.A. Allen The Quality of Laughter     62
R. A. Allen Office Casualties     64
Shane Allison Poem for Craig Kilborn     48
Shane Allison Teenage Drag Queen     61
Shane Allison

Todd’s Wife, Kerry

Shane Allison Lavender Wedding     61
David Alpaugh Against/For     65
David Alpaugh Secret/Life     68
David Alpaugh Miles/Fucker     68
John Amen Missive #6     54
John Amen Missive #11     54
Heather Anastasiu The Body Dynamic     57
Eric Anderson Life During the Bush Years     50
Eric Anderson Between the Lines     50
Jim Andrews Dystopia     53
Lisa Andrews The Swimming Lesson     41
Lisa Andrews The Tigers     54
Lisa Andrews Story     54
Nin Andrews Confessions of a Succubus     44
Nin Andrews Dedicated to the One I Love     44
Nin Andrews The Beautiful Lie     48
Nin Andrews Taking the Kids to Interview at Western Reserve Academy     50
Nin Andrews Talking about Sex     50
Nin Andrews My Tail     53
Nin Andrews Dangerous Kissing Tip or What Gmail Knows about You     53
Nin Andrews My Life as a Bull     56
Nin Andrews The Unattainable Orgasm     56
Nin Andrews The Last Orgasm     56
Nin Andrews How to Write an MFA Poem     57
Nin Andrews How to Write an Artistic Statement for a Grant Application    57
Nin Andrews How to Become a Famous Poet     57
Nin Andrews How I Became Our Lady of the Orgasm     57
Nin Andrews The Orgasm Master    60
Nin Andrews The Oh     60
Nin Andrews The Kiss     60
Nin Andrews The Last Orgasm     60
Nin Andrews The Mentascopy     62
Nin Andrews Submission Guidelines for Open Press     62
Ron Androla The Way She Left     6
Ron Androla The 100th Rape    6
Ron Androla Three Variations     6
Ron Androla Religion of Circles     7
Ron Androla No     7
Ron Androla Days of You     8
Ron Androla Time of Distance     9
Ron Androla Coffee as of 3/14/78     10
Ron Androla stone & rain     11
Ron Androla smoke curls     11
Ron Androla snow no school     11
Ron Androla song     11
Ron Androla Country-Sketch     15/16
Ron Androla z particles & summer morning rain     37/38
Ron Androla it's these bodies     37/38
Ron Androla wild rain wind     48
Ron Androla the theory of a falling moon     48
Ron Androla molecules of george     48
Ron Androla months in the war     48
Ron Androla We Give     58
Ron Androla He Is Walking around in My Mind     58
Innokenty Annensky Second Tormenting Sonnet (translated by Nancy Tittler and Devon Miller-Duggan)     37/38
Innokenty Annensky The Bronze Poet (translated by Nancy Tittler and Devon Miller-Duggan)     37/38
Aaron Anstett The Bargain     64
Aaron Anstett What You Mean by "I"     64
Antler Threat to Our Community     54
Jacob Appel Flying with Clarity     65
Jacob Appel Touring Greenwich Village     65
Jacob Appel Transaction Costs     65
Ivan Arguelles Madonna     37/38
Glen Armstrong Afro-Wig     62
Bob Arnold Treasure     39/40
Rane Arroyo Why I Hate Pittsburgh #1     42
Rane Arroyo Come Back, Blue Jay     42
Saadia Ali Aschemann Below Zero     57
Joe Asser Graffiti Artist     41
Cynthia Atkins Graffiti Is My Mother     64
Cynthia Atkins My Password     64
Bonnie Auslander A Brief History of Fasteners     56
Naomi Ayala Twelve Days     51
Naomi Ayala On Monday Evening the Radiators Hold Their Breath     54
Naomi Ayala Horses     54
Lauren McLean Ayer Unseen     50
Steve Aylett Bestiary     41
Julie Babcock The Reluctant Hostess     58
Sara Backer Postcard From a Past Life Goth     61
Sara Backer Aphasia Blues     64
Sara Backer Advice     65
Sara Backer The Man Who Is Never Wrong     65

Jenny Badman

The Boyfriend Poem     42
Eric Baizer Party     10
Eric Baizer Virginia     15/16
Eric Baizer Literature     19
Eric Baizer The Fourth World     19
Eric Baizer Bent     19
Eric Baizer Around the House     19
Eric Baizer A Shopping Mall in Delaware     19
Eric Baizer Wonder Block     19
Eric Baizer One Step Down     19
Eric Baizer You     19
John Balaban Root Boy Slim, 1945-1993     43
D.N. Baldwin Night of the Savior     55
D.N. Baldwin Rimini     58
JoAnn Balingit My Life as the Fugitive Tijuana     57
Stacey Balkun Father     64
Jan Ball cross-dressers in spring clothing     55
Elaine Bander Angouleme  
Cynthia Bargar Don’t Wear Pearls to Therapy     62
Mary Bargteil An Elegy in Word Problems     57
Mary Bargteil The Authorized Artifacts of Lilith     57
Mary Bargteil Perhaps She Will not Die Today     61
Henry Barian A Recurring Mood     5
Henry Barian If Tybalt's Wound Had Healed     5
Sarah Barlow-Ochshorn Mild Scoliosis     65
Beth Barnyock What I Have Not Forgotten     45
Todd Baron a wave in which     27
Tina Barr Gospels in a Jar     64
Stacy Barton Between Boughs     62
Stacy Barton Standing By     62
Stacy Barton Napping     62
Stacy Barton Beside You on the Porch     65
Stacy Barton I Was Reading About Ascension Symptoms...     65
Lisa Marie Basile Four Poems     64
Laurel Bastian Callipygian     57
Laurel Bastian Appetites     57
Charles Baudelaire I Love You as I Love the Vault of Night     61
Charles Baudelaire The Taste for Nothingness (tr. by Lola Haskins)     61
Grace Bauer Birthday     50
Grace Bauer Detours     61
Grace Bauer Re/wind     61
Alessandra Bava Les Goddesses     64
Alessandra Bava The Cabinet of Curiosities     64
Jeffery Beam Physical Love     45
Jeffrey Beam The Dead Arrive     57
Francesca Beard The Poem that was Really a List     41
Sandra Beasley Everything Relative     50
Jill Beauchesne Newton’s love     50
Jill Beauchesne A Tale of the Makara     57
Jeanne Marie Beaumont She Speaks from Experience     39/40
Jeanne Marie Beaumont Photographing the Dolls     39/40
Jeanne Marie Beaumont What are You Wearing?     47
Anne Becker The Laws of Nature     32/33
Anne Becker The Excised Pages     32/33
Anne Becker Variation     32/33
Anne Becker The Landscape of Prayer     32/33
Anne Becker Not a Ghazal–Snapshots from the Museum of Life     48
Paulette Beete Blonde Ambition     64
Guy R. Beining felt tongue 160.     61
Kacee Belcher No Ass Licking     59
Bridget Bell Pink skin, no feathers     56
Francesca Bell Endometrial Biopsy     60
Francesca Bell

Going to the Sperm Bank

Francesca Bell

In Due Season

Virginia Bell Forgiveness     62
Jacquelyn Bengfort We Take the Bus     64
Maria Bennett four metaphors for the body     57
Nina Bennett Regret     65
Paul Bennett In the dark between dreams     39/40
Jocko Benoit Freud's Lesser-Known Cousin     59
Jocko Benoit Why Atlas Shrugs     59
Jocko Benoit The Nagging of the Surreal     59
Jocko Benoit Filtered Sunlight     68
Jocko Benoit All Out of Bubble Gum     68
Jocko Benoit Godzilla vs. the Economist     68
Roy Bentley Zenowich and Raymond Carver     68
Jill Bergkamp Conjuring Angels in Davao City     59
Pal Hidasi Berlioz If She Would Stand     42
Barbara Berman The Star of Mars Bars     45
Billie Bernard The Door's Mistake     56
Cliff Bernier Congo Square     57
James Berry Bearded Old Sam     39/40
Jennifer Jackson Berry Orgasm in Iowa     64
James Bertolino Five Views of the New History     27
James Bertolino Lines to Restore Van Gogh's Ear     37/38
James Bertolino Like Ripe Pear     39/40
Michael Berton Phlegm and Philosophy     62
Kevin Bezner Playing Ball     37/38
Kevin Bezner To Think of Akira Kurosawa's Dreams One Morning Driving to Work     39/40
Kevin Bezner The Boy     39/40
Shinjini Bhattacharjee Polaroid     68
Shinjini Bhattacharjee Paper Theatre     68
Mary Biddinger A Little Action     64
Mary Biddinger Consolation Prize     64
Mary Biddinger Conspicuous Consumption     64
Mary Biddinger Horizon-Free Living     64
Mary Biddinger Most Unique, Mint Condition     64
Lucy Biederman Pastoral     54
Lucy Biederman With Sleep for Everyone But Me     58
Jen Bills Necklace     56
Paul Birtill Best Seller     41
Eugenie Bisulco Bodies     41
Eugenie Bisulco No Assing Rough     48
Michelle Bitting The Accompanist     45
Patrick Bizzaro In the Niagara River     27
Candace Black A Daughter’s Tour of Duty: Vietnam 2006     61
Ralph Black Anna, Dreaming     50
Nicole Blackman Black Box     41
Nicole Blackman 27 List Poems I Should Write     41
Nicole Blackman Fifteen, She Learns     42
Nicole Blackman Things We Will Need for Our Performance     51
Marie-Claire Blais James (tr. by Steven Moyer)     50
Vanessa Blakeslee Swamp-Goddess     59
Gary Blankenburg The Late News     44
Gary Blankenburg A Walk on the Wild Side     50
Gary Blankenburg Summer Reading     58
Gary Blankenburg Rapture     58
Gary Blankenburg After John Donne     60
Gary Blankenburg Cosmology     60
Gary Blankenburg The Sky-Blue Barn     60
Gary Blankenburg Dogwoods     65
Gary Blankenburg Father Charlie     65
Gary Blankenburg Good Little Soldier     65
Linda Blaskey World Atlas     57
Linda Blaskey Grand Canyon Honeymoon, 1928     61
CL Bledsoe Paper Cuts     60
CL Bledsoe

The Rube Goldberg Device of the Heart

CL Bledsoe

The Unnatural World

CL Bledsoe

La Brea High

CL Bledsoe April 26th, 2011     65
CL Bledsoe Doors     65
Adelaide Blomfield To Speak Your Name     11
Valerie Bloom Lizards     39/40
Claire Blotter Elegy for an Electric Angel     57
Laurel Ann Bogen Poem     48
Dermot Bolger Beechwood     42
Robert Bolick The Audubon Elegies     53
Diana Smith Bolton Collapse     65
Jody Bolz Ambush     43
Jody Bolz The Shadow Box     58
Margaret Bonfiglioli Narcissus     42
Bruce Bond The Narcoleptic in L.A.     37/38
Paula Bonnell Afterwards     61
Paula Bonnell The House of Old Lovers     64
Paula Bonnell Park Street Station     68
Carrington Bonner Poem for Kitty     3
Jennifer Bosveld Abandoned Piano     51
Rich Boucher Using a Candle to Tell the Time     61
Jim Bourey Amaryllis, Snow, Dementia     64
Geoff Bouvier Organized Philosophy     43
Janet Bowdan On Nighthawks and Other Western Art Showing Women Listening to Men     64
Robert B. Bowie Our Lady the Teeth Wants More     5
Robert B. Bowie Alchemist     5
Jacqueline Bowles Holding Mama's Hand     2
Jacqueline Bowles Acapulco (& I): 1966 Revisited     2
Jacqueline Bowles More Bloodshed Ahead?    2
Judith Bowles L.S.M.F.T.     61
Judith Bowles If I Were a Catholic     64
Ann Bracken The Mental Health Box     68
Ann Bracken Branded     68
Ray Bradbury Which Shall It Be     43
Amanda J. Bradley The Nicene Creed Meets the Jabberwocky     58
Anthony Issac Bradley First Porn Star     65
John Bradley Celestial Pablum     65
Dan Brady From "Sonnets to E"     57
Elissa Braff Synthology     57
Jeff Branin Cheese With     11
April Michelle Bratten If you don't know by now...     65
Kate Braverman Acts of Autumn #3     50
Kate Braverman Autumn Women #2     50
Kate Braverman Ladies Night at Club Lobotomy     50
Kate Braverman Fox and Camouflage     55
Kate Braverman Russian Hill Woman     55
Shirley J. Brewer Queen Kong     64
Steven Breyak What I learned in Bill Knott's Poetry Workshop     57
Steven Breyak The Gunman     61
Shirley J. Brewer In Place of Cake     65
Shirley J. Brewer The Prince of Cheese     65
Shirley J. Brewer Twist     65
Shirley J. Brewer Wedding Dress     68
Shirley J. Brewer Annie O     68
Traci Brimhall Chastity Belt Lesson     55
David Bristol Untitled     14
David Bristol Untitled     14
Michael Brockley Having Discovered Unreliable Narrators...     65
Michael Brockley The Mayor of Hamelin     65
Michael Brockley €œThe Only Aloha Shirt in Town     65
Frank Broderick An Heroic Poem     9
Michelle Brooks Anyone Could Do It     48
Amy Knox Brown Let's Pretend     56
Amy Knox Brown The Turkey Buzzards     56
Jamie Brown Beatitudes     64
Kevin Brown Prison     65
Korie Beth Brown Fatal Attraction     45
Harry Brown Gretchen Waiting     6
James Brown Ode to Reggie Dunlop, In Retirement     58
James Brown The Assertion     58
Pete Brown Jet Set Jewel (lyrics)     9
Steven Ford Brown Twilight     11
Steven Ford Brown A Nude Woman Under the Eyelid     15/16
Terri Brown-Davidson The Cabin     45
Susan Browne Swearing, Smoking, Drinking     47
Sarah Browning Assess Your Own Eating Behavior     51
Sarah Browning Falling for Tiger Woods in a St. Louis Airport Bar     51
Sarah Browning Headline: Six Killed in Raid     58
Sarah Browning Fasting     58
Sarah Browning Kissing Boys     60
Sarah Browning File Room Job     60
Mark Bruner Number 38     7
Emily Brungo Shockoe Bottom (aka Hungover Again in Richmond, VA)     55
Calista Buchen Ode to Competitive Scrabble Players     56
Mary Buchinger Pardon me, deserts, that I don't rush to you bearing a spoonful of water.     64
John F. Buckley Best-selling Children's Books According to the Salinas Scarab     56
M. T. Buckley The History of Cape Cod     7
M. T. Buckley Poem about Poems     7
Charles Bukowski Paris     32/33
Charles Bukowski Joe     35
Charles Bukowski 2 Henry Miller Paintings and etc.     37/38
Charles Bukowski my father     37/38
Chris Bullard The Boy Stood on the Burning Babe     59
Chris Bullard Ode to Stupidity     68
Claudia Burbank Morris, New Jersey, 1967     55
Katherine Burger Paying for Your Girlhood Sins     39/40
Linda Joy Burke Off the Chain     54
Matthew Burnside

A Brief/Infinite Summer of Playing House

Mary Lou Buschi Maybe I Wanted to Give You More than Ruin     59
Linda E. Cable Fishing for Dead Poets     55
Chezia Thompson Cager The First Ho in Space     45
Chezia Thompson Cager 41 Shots     51
Chezia Thompson Cager Ask Your Mama I     55
Chezia Thompson Cager Ask Your Mama II     55
Chezia Thompson Cager A Country Girl's Recipe     55
Mary Ann Cain I Pretend to be Chinese     65

George Cairncross

It Never Really Happened. But It Doesn't Matter,
I Love You Anyway
George Cairncross Bird Is Only Sleeping     11
Carmen Calatayud Soul Search in Mexico     58
John Calder Seduction     42
Phillip Calderwood H     57
Claire Calman Love is Blind     41
Nancy Harris Calman Orchids when the moon    27
Roger Camp Bonfire of the Valentines     65
Mary Ann Campbell Melissa     55
Mary Ann Campbell Joe     55
Rick Campbell On the Lake     58
Rick Campbell Elegy in a Small Town Churchyard     58
Rick Campbell Texas Highway Good Night     58
Rick Campbell Waiting for the Piggly Wiggly to Open     58
Valentina Cano Rejecting Domesticity     61
Katie Cappello Scorpion Hunting     59
Nick Carbo Tormenta Electromagnetico     48
Nick Carbo Translating Lorca in Andalusia    48
Cathy Carlisi Fragile     51
Nancy Naomi Carlson The Hat     56
Sean Carman On Being Trapped in a Grain Elevator with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Five Angry Badgers     55
Glenn Carmichael And     41
Emily Carr chapter 8: (& when hope returned it was another hope entirely)     56
Emily Carr Queen for a Day     59
Emily Carr Lateral Gene Exchange     59
Gladys Carr Love Story     56
Doritt Carroll Katie     65
Doritt Carroll my name     65
Doritt Carroll EEG     68
John Carter The Naked Man Dancing     7
Jessie Carty A Conversation I Did't Have with Li-Young Lee     64
Marc Carver 2nd Free Beer     62
Michael Casey diction, a detriment to the working class     57
Michael Casey three ladies to Manchester     62
Sandra M. Castillo I Dream of Crispen Glover     53
Sandra M. Castillo LSD and Kyle McLachlan     55
Sandie Castle Warning     35
Anne Caston What Seems to Be     43
Grace Cavalieri The Long Night     48
Grace Cavalieri Water on the Sun     48
Grace Cavalieri Cavefish Out from Under the Rocks     65
Grace Cavalieri First Meal after His Death     65
James Cervantes Poems for Friends at Mid-Winter     45
James Cervantes I Want You to Understand     61
Laura Cesarco Eglin Without Words     65
Laura Cesarco Eglin Writing in a Café [tr. by Catherine Jagoe and Jesse Lee Kercheval]     65
Christopher Chambers Interview with a Birdcage     48
Christopher Chambers How Terrible Orange    48
Robert Champ All I Care About     60
Robert Champ Things Falling     60
Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-Orafai Spell for the Hive     68
Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-Orafai Spell for Drained Public Pools     68
Anne Champion & Jenny Sadre-Orafai The Gone, the Disappeared     68
Sara Biggs Chaney The Problem with Daisy Buchanan     64
Patrick Chapman Oubliette     55
Patrick Chapman Shokushu Goukan     60
Patrick Chapman Not a Bird     65
Rene Char

An Explained Enigma, Little Touches of Love (tr. by Nancy Naomi Carlson)

Susan Charkes How to Move a Mountain     62
Susan Charkes I Stand at Your Gate     62
Alan Chazaro Pi.ata Theory #2     68
Alan Chazaro Leaving Footprints on Waterfalls     68
Alan Chazaro Using Google Translation in Mexico     68
Alex Chertok Being Liquid     57
Laura Chester Survival of the Violet Girls     51
David C. Childers Untitled     14
David C. Childers For a Woman Not Put Off     15/16
Billy Childish sex crimes of the future     42
Don Mee Choi At Saint Matthew's Cathedral     42
Lily Chiu Mulberries     60
Lisa Chun Seven Stages of Seasonal Affective Disorder     48
Lisa Chun The Beauty of Painful Transition     53
Lisa Chun

How to Coax the Soul Out of the Words that Want to Become a Poem

Lisa Chun Yes, This Is the Way Dreams Get Built     60
Stephen Cicciarelli Oh Tap Dancing God I Love You     8
Alex Cigale The Rabid Loves of the Americans     55
Alex Cigale My Mother the Witch, My Father the Broom     58
Alex Cigale From an Evening with the Brothers Quay     58
Lisa Cihlar Carving Burr     62
Lisa Cihlar Tradition     62
Christopher Citro A Marriage Made on the Dining Room Floor     59
Lana Citron Eternal Optimist     42
Lana Citron 100% Love     42
Maxine Clair Reincarnation     17/18
William F. Claire The Bass Man and His Bass     11
J. Wesley Clark With Sheila, in the Mudbaths     42
Jo Ann Clark Abecedary for a Despot     60
David Clarke Frantic with Detail     4
David Clarke Trysting No One     5
David Clarke Sex Begins to Merge with Other Feelings     5
David Clarke Sonnet     5
David Clarke Further Horizons Frantic with Detail     8
John Cooper Clarke Eat Lead Clown     41
John Cooper Clarke Martin Newell: The Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness     42
Jan Clausen Cliff Notes to the Book of Revelation     51
Grant Clauser Ode to a Jackalope     62
Grant Clauser Coat of Arms     68
Grant Clauser Ode to the Half-Dead Bear on the Way to Defiance     68
Michelle T. Clinton Dating the Dick Heads     37/38
Abigail Cloud Paulo Aims to Stay Grounded     62
Susan Cohen Ankus     64
Allison Hedge Coke ’73     61
Allison Hedge Coke Breathing     59
Allison Hedge Coke The Last House Creeley Left     59
Travis Hedge Coke God and Pony Show     59
Joan Colby Shell     54
Joan Colby The Names of Torture     56
Joan Colby Barn Fire     58
Joan Colby The Wing-Back Chair     60
Joan Colby Clio Prepares for Surgery     61
Joan Colby Pandora     64
Robert Cole Emergency     37/38
Robert Cole Saffron     59
Robert Cole Barbes     62
Katharine Coles Pancake Batfish     57
Katharine Coles Self-Portrait Up in the Air     62
Katharine Coles Canis Latrans     62
Katharine Coles Fine Dining     68
Katharine Coles Endure     68
Michael Collier Moon Valley Country Club     39/40
Michael Collier In Achilles' Tent     39/40
Anne Colwell Titus's Hand     56
Anne Colwell In the Ladies' Bathhouse     56
Gail Braune Comorat Jealous of His Weimaraner     58
Gail Braune Comorat What She Remembers about the Honeymoon     58
Joyce Conklin 1944     15/16
Joseph F. Connelly The Clowns     7
Flower Conroy Artificial Red     64
Antoinette Constable Reading His Letter     57
Juliet Cook/j.j. hastain Instead of the Doctor     65
Juliet Cook middle ground pussy     65
Juliet Cook Semiabstract Self-Portrait     65
Matthew Cooperman Ms. Stein in Laramie     48
Robert Cooperman The Museum of Lost Causes     57
Robert Cooperman Have You Fallen     62
Robert Cooperman A Short Movie of Blaze Starr, the Stripper     65
Robert Cooperman Tracks in the Snow: Christmas Eve     65
Robert Cooperman The Newlyweds     68
Robert Cooperman Cures and Charms     68
Claudia Cortese Places to Hide     57
Nina Corwin Rehearsal Dream with Upright Bass     56
Nina Corwin Chameleon Man Flips History While Penning a Switch     57
Robert O. Costa Tango     41
Bill Costley On My Turning 61     48
Bill Costley BYRD Fiddles in Purgatory     57
Bill Costley NO DRAFT, NO WAR, Just Peace     60
Chella Courington Redder than Diane's Lipstick     56
Brandon Courtney The Startle of the Sleeping World     59
Kelly Coveny The Orkin Man     57
Ed Cox Entwined     43
Ed Cox Her Recounting     43
Ed Cox These Clouds     43
Ed Cox The Vulnerable     43
Karen Craigo Bower     65
Karen Craigo Time Is Money     65
Eric Crawford You there with the legs     60
Virginia Crawford Drowning     41
Virginia Crawford Someone Else's     41
Virginia Crawford Going to Bed after PBS     51
Kelly Cressio-Moeller

Double Helix

Kelly Cressio-Moeller Something to Remember     64
Kelly Cressio-Moeller Suburban Aubade with French Horn     64
Eleanor E. Crockett Cigarette Girl     22/23
Barbara Crooker Very Long Afternoons     57
Barbara Crooker All Saints     57
Barbara Crooker Dreaming of Florida     61
Barbara Crooker Sins of Omission     64
Barbara Crooker Weather Systems     64
Barbara Crooker Martini     68
Barbara Crooker Why I Love Being Married to a Chemist     68
Lynn Crosbie Superfly     39/40
Lynn Crosbie Paul Teale, Mon Amour     39/40
Gregory Crosby Walking Away From Explosions in Slow Motion     39/40
Teri Cross-Davis Morning when a dream lingers     54
Alba Cruz-Hacker March 2007     54
Alba Cruz-Hacker Flesh Eaters at Sunbridge Psychiatric Facility     54
Tim Cumming Landscape with Valve     41
Tim Cumming Days     42
Melissa Cundieff Fairy Tale     62
Dana Curtis Bedroom Lights     62
Joe Cushnan To Trust a Lover     42
Jennifer Cutting At Ollie's     47
Jennifer Cutting A Day at Sense-Camp     58
Rachel Dacus A View of Life from the Beach     65
Rachel Dacus Good Head for Numbers     65
Michael Daley Grace     61
Michael Daley Gentle Dong     65
Michael Daley The Loss of Beauty     65
J. P. Dancing Bear Seen Through a Vase of Flowers     50
J.P. Dancing Bear Lung     56
Debra Daniel The Olive Oyl Tapes     47

Jim Daniels

Woman     1
Jim Daniels Lunch     1
Jim Daniels Digger's Territory     35
Jim Daniels Eating Drunk     39/40
Jim Daniels Taking Account     50
Jim Daniels The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir Esperanto     54
Jim Daniels Marvin Gaye Esperanto     54
Jim Daniels Spinning Donuts in the Universal City Mall     57
Jim Daniels Foundation     58
Jim Daniels Elegy for Phone Booth     68
Jim Daniels Phone Booth, Eight Mile and Ryan     68
J.K. Daniels As Mary Magdalene     62
Mark Danowsky The Rocky Mountain Locust Surge     65
Teresa d'Arenys This     64
Kristina Marie Darling Dearest V.     56
Kristina Marie Darling Footnotes to a History of the Victorian Novel     57
Kristina Marie Darling Footnotes to a History of the Cathedral     58
Kristina Marie Darling An Index of Illustrations     60
Kristina Marie Darling/John Gallaher The Museum of the Occupation In the Bird Museum     65
Andrew Darlington A Feast of Fiends     5
Andrew Darlington Artificial Ecstasy     5
Andrew Darlington Another Poem     5
Andrew Darlington Giant Plastic Replica of Magritte     7
Andrew Darlington Aural Sex     14
Andrew Darlington Act of Gross Indecency/Cottaging in Thornes Park     42
Ann Darr The Beltway Murders     1
Ann Darr Rearing on the Horse of Your Voice     1
Ann Darr For the Seventies     1
John David Dear John Letters     57
Phebe Davidson Changeling     47
Kelly Davio Children's Art is Asylum Art     56
Kelly Davio Round: “In the Kingdom of Thud, Globes Plummet to Black”     61
Hayes Davis Chinese Takeout Dream     54
Heather Lynne Davis From the American People     55
James Davis Charity     59
Nicelle Davis A Girl named June Says about the Desert     59
Nicelle Davis Foot Note 2     62
Nicelle Davis Foot Note 3     62
Nicelle Davis Foot Note 4     62
William Virgil Davis Corminbouef 432     61
William Virgil Davis Seventeen     61
William Virgil Davis A Box of Dark Hands     65
Holly Day Quiet, Like Marble     62
James Deahl Black Sausage     51
Patricia Dearing Trophy     60
Mark DeCarteret Family Reunion     48
Mark DeCarteret Another Beatrice Chesterton Diary Entry     59
Mark DeCarteret A Being Seen as a Decoy     59
Mark DeCarteret Nerval     68
Mark DeCarteret Not to One’s Taste     68
Mark DeCarteret The One Absent from All     68
Barbara DeCesare Honeymoon     42
Barbara DeCesare Love Letter to the Unabomber     42
Barbara DeCesare Nathan and I Dream in French     50
Barbara DeCesare The Day After I Destroyed the Women, I Wished I Had Not Destroyed Them     54
Barbara DeCesare Accidents Grotesque     57
Barbara DeCesare Poem Employing Somewhat Cheap Metaphor to Describe My Anxiety about Public Performance     68
Barbara DeCesare Other Son     68
Diane Shipley DeCillis A Day at the Lake with Gertrude Stein     48
Andrea DeFoe The Beast from the Lake and the Beast from the Forest     56
Margaret Del Guercio From the Top     62
Margaret Del Guercio

How Long You in For?

Margaret Del Guercio Anne and Richard: She Picks Her Poison     62
Joanne Rocky Delaplaine Pregnant     61
Brian Komei Dempster The Mother Dreams Her Daughter Away from Benjamin     59
Ariana D. Den Bleyker Nature Wears Black Upon the Death of August     64
Ariana D. Den Bleyker She Paints Pictures of Animals Dying     64
Kiki Denis The Mirror     58
Donna Denize Running the Big River     39/40
Matt Dennison El Sabor     59
Matt Dennison Barbarians     68
Shira Dentz Fruit     47
Deborah Elliott Deutschman Agnes Martin (2002)     53
Deborah Elliott Deutschman The Last Generation Before Zyprexa     68
Deborah Elliott Deutschman Night Library: Marcel Broodthaers     68
Diane DeVaul The Parable of the Wise Frog     9
Diane DeVaul Jonah     10
Diane DeVaul For My Mother (1.)     10
Alan Devenish Silver Heart Over Chevy Chase, Maryland     35
Gillian Devereux 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong     51
Stephen Devereux Roof Space     62
Jaydn DeWald Silent Cortège     56
Jennifer K. Dick Pisces     47
Jennifer K. Dick Looking for Engrams     51
Jennifer K. Dick Four poems from the CERN 200 Project     62
Danny diCrispino Ghazal for Gary Blankenburg     54
Alex Dimitrov Saint Sebastian after the Arrows     55
Michelle Disler Solutions     59
Pamela Ditchoff Lakeside Park Concert     48
John Ditsky Man Is     6
John Ditsky Cross     10
Liz Dolan The Russian Émigré´s Bookstore     57
Liz Dolan White Space     68
Christine Lahey Dolega Ratios     11
Sharon Doubiago Cojo at the Millennium     43
Sean Thomas Dougherty 3 A.M.     58
Sean Thomas Dougherty Canzone Composed with Your Wetness on my Fingers     60
M. Scott Douglass Ainsworth, Nebraska     47
M. Scott Douglass Cookies     58
M. Scott Douglass Finding Iowa     68
M. Scott Douglass Math Don’t Lie     68
M. Scott Douglass Sunset Over Suburbia     68
M. Scott Douglass You Know These Roads     68
Ann Downer Practical Holiness     27
Emma Lizzie Downing Piggly Wiggly     54
Buck Downs In Memory D Thompson     42
Philip Dozal Garcia Lorca's Coffee Lounge     57
Doug Draime The True Story of Noah     48
Doug Draime Zoot Sims Crying     57
Barbara Drake Love over Sixty     54
George Drew CSI Gil Grissom in the Kingdom of the Dead     55
George Drew Why I Could Marry Temperance Brennan     62
George Drew Romancing Lamentation on the Ides of March     68
Stephanie McCarley Dugger 3:00 am, Knoxville     65
Denise Duhamel Ten Qualities as a Cosmo Girl I Really Want in My Man     37/38
Denise Duhamel My First Book was Like My First Baby     39/40
Denise Duhamel Lines     39/40
Denise Duhamel (w/Maureen Seaton) The Scarlet Letter     41
Denise Duhamel (w/Maureen Seaton) The Scarlet Letter 2     41
Denise Duhamel Midlife Crisis Poem     45
Denise Duhamel My Mother’s Hair     50
Denise Duhamel Healing Pies     50
Cheryl Dumesnil Narrative     47
Melanie Dunbar Red Barn, Tin Roof     64
Oliver Dunne Barbara Rubin, 1946–1981     53
Jared A. Duran Hospitals of the Heart and Mind     64
Jared A. Duran The Chewing of Gum     64
Gabe Durham Craft Hut     57
Bobbi Dykema For Gwen     54
Bobbi Dykema The Bare Necessity of Place     54
David Ebenbach Not Long After the War, There Was Another War     68
David Ebenbach Be the Change     68
David Ebenbach Hanukkah     68
David Ebenbach Disappearing Cities     68
Kari Ann Ebert I Caught a Train to Dublin Once     68
Kari Ann Ebert By Chance One Night, I Met a Man Named Sunday     68
Meg Eden Tokyo Steakhouse     64
Meg Eden Purity Conference     68
Meg Eden North Carolina Historic Home Festival     68
Russell Edson Getting the Doctor into the Kitchen     39/40
Russell Edson The Sitting Organ     39/40
Aschala Edwards Black Widows     59
Teresa Senato Edwards

excerpt from “wing bones” (verse novel in progress)

Brendan Egan The back porch is the all sliver-giving paint job     56
Moira Egan Girl Talk     50
Moira Egan Laurus nobilis     55
Moira Egan Wisteria sinensis     57
Moira Egan Baudelaire     64
Moira Egan Lagerfeld for Men     64
Moira Egan Paestum Rose     64
Bela Egyedi tempora mutantur     8
Bela Egyedi end-of-line     8
Bela Egyedi Wrap     9
Bela Egyedi Superimposed Image     9
Bela Egyedi Cosmic Message?     9
Bela Egyedi Old Soldiers D. C.     11
Larry Eigner any more hours Paris     8
Larry Eigner For R. A.     8
Larry Eigner Untitled     10
Larry Eigner Untitled     10
Larry Eigner Shadowy Gesticulations     11
Sarah Einstein This Is the Problem with all that New Age Bullshit about Positive Thinking and Not Letting the Disease Win     61
Cathy Eisenhower Jane Talks Dirty to Herself     42
Rachel Eisler Guest Speaker     64
Rachel Eisler iLear     64
Carolyn Elkins The Moon and Stars Café     48
Lori Ellison In the Mouth of the Evening     59
John Elsberg Bell Poem     7
John Elsberg The Risks of Perception     7
John Elsberg Literary Influences     10
John Elsberg Complexity     17/18
John Elsberg Fragment     35
Renee Emerson No one can camp next to a Kentucky redneck     56
Kristina England When I Die     57
Kristina England True Story     60

Kristina England

Dear Avocado Flower

Kristina England Sticky Sweet     61
Kristina England And maybe it was     64
Kristina England A Poem to Golfe Juan     64
Kristina England A Statement of Lines     65
Kristina England Eating my way through death     65
Lucy English Right Now     42
Sean Enright Sheep     54
Julie Enszer Breasts     58
Joyce Maust Enzor In Her — Portraits of Myself     64
Joyce Maust Enzor Never Look in the Eyes     64
Joyce Maust Enzor Growing Up Mennonite     65
Elaine Equi Approaching Orgasm     32/33
Elaine Equi Another Form of Suicidal Behavior     32/33
Elaine Equi Beauty Secret     39/40
Cathryn Essinger Namaste     68
Dave Essinger Poetry à Bears     68
Phil Estes I am Enron and Josephine is my samurai poet trained by birds     56
Jean Esteve Bubbleland     68
Nausheen Eusuf Chapped     64
Benjamin Evans Cheever in Bluffton     56
Danielle Evennou Ode to Gaby Hoffman's Telegenic Bush     64
Danielle Evennou What Happened     64
Greg Every Apache Women     50
Robert Evory Forgetting     64
Robert Evory Mistake     64
Blair Ewing Just Another Byte Out of Time     41
Blair Ewing Tributary     48
Blair Ewing Trying to Clean My Rifle on Dewey Beach     53
Blair Ewing For My Father     57
Blair Ewing Bourdreau     57
Blair Ewing My Favorite Communist     62
Blair Ewing


Kallie Falandays Watching at the Window for Something Big to Happen     65
Lane Falcon, Crescent     68
Duncan Fallowell Rainbow Party: Fuschia's Song from Gormenghast     42
Lauren Fanelli Sonnenizio for Kim Addonizio     50
Laura Fargas Hyperbolae     32/33
Laura Fargas Plato says poems are     58
Laura Fargas The Old MacArthur     58
Real Faucher clutching at straws     8
Irene Fick Sex on the Sand     64
Raina Fields Cinematic Yearnings     53
Ken Fifer Gloss     62
Roger Finch Incertezza del Poeta     27
Gary Fincke The Danger of Yawning     54
Gary Fincke The Headless     58
Gary Fincke Girl’s Talk (a sequence)     61
Gary Fincke Contagious (A Sequence)     68
Carol Firth Chronologies     47
Carol Firth Red Question     47
Harrison Fisher Burning the Empty Ax     9
Harrison Fisher How to Write     9
Harrison Fisher Now to Write     9
Harrison Fisher Sperm Poem     11
Harrison Fisher My Biographer     11
Harrison Fisher Modern Gargoyle     14
Harrison Fisher Detective Io     14
Harrison Fisher Anybody Can Write     14
Roy Fisher A Poem Not a Picture     24
Roy Fisher The Only Image     24
Piotr Florczyk Fairway Falls     59
Sandy Florian Windmill     51
Richard Flynn Defining Gravity     27
Andy Fogle Groundless Sketch     60
Roxanna Font Carnal     45
Frederick Foote Dark Center     53
Frederick Foote Division     53
Rebecca Foust The Writing Life     58
Rebecca Foust The Ones with the Guns     60
Rebecca Foust Against Plastic Surgery     61
Rebecca Foust The Poet’s Calling     61
Jay Fowler, Jr. Letter Home     10
Jay Fowler, Jr. Free Fall     11
Hugh Fox We Arrive     54
Hugh Fox Aging Comfortably     54
Larry Fox Giacometti     11
Vievee Francis What Happened to Us     50
Jared Frank The Following Program Contains Theatrical Recreations     68
Jared Frank The Growing Season     68
Thaisa Frank The Letters     51
Thaisa Frank Confessions from a Tattoo Parlor     51
Brenda Frazer Animated Midnight Dream     41
Sunil Freeman Thirty, Feeling Like Seventeen Again     37/38
Sunil Freeman The Performance Artist Recalls     39/40
Sunil Freeman Outside Looking In: Psychedelic Sylabics     39/40
Sunil Freeman Returning, Decades Later, to Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castille Soap     51
Sunil Freeman Wash     51
Sunil Freeman in an alternate universe     58
Stuart Friebert Adam and Eve (1504)     58
Stuart Friebert Stotting     59
Alan Friedman Return     10
Sarene Friedman Cupcake     57
Sarene Friedman The most detestable of words     58
Sarene Friedman Having no mercy     60
Sarene Friedman The Innocuous House of Butchery     60
Naoko Fujimoto Meadowsweet, Koi Kokoro     56
Tina Fulker Mother     10
Tina Fulker Isolation     10
Tina Fulker Leafy Afternoon     11
Tina Fulker From Winter     11
Tina Fulker Untitled     41
Steven Fustero When a Professor Walks Out in the Middle of a Lecture     6
Steven Fustero The Day the Squirrels Ran Over the Cars     8
Margie Fuston Zombie Vanity     64
Bridget Gage-Dixon The Beekeeper's Daughter     55

Joe Gainer

The Real Mule     10
Kate Gale Orchard Bees     50
Rachel Galvin Covenant at Little Devil Stairs     50
Majda Gama There Are No Straight Lines in Nature     62
Leland Gamson Untitled     6
Forrest Gander Imagining You     32/33
Kenneth Gangemi Calle Bolivar    37/38
Matthew P. Garcia Guava Wine Blues     65
Karen Garthe The Soutine     41
DJ Gaskin Seven Moon Drive Opus     58
Greg Gatenby In a Toronto Bookstore, 1976     11
Molly Gaudry Bug, Car, Man; A Trptych     57
Molly Gaudry Velveteen     57
Molly Gaudry Is to love an imperative infinitive?     57
Molly Gaudry A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings     57
Théophile Gautier Fellah     59
Théophile Gautier Song (translated by Ken Krisak)     60
Christine Gelineau Eating Blueberries     60
Jean Genet Love Song (translated by Mark Spitzer)     54
Jean Genet Dialogue between the Sun and the Moon (translated by Mark Spitzer)     54
Gerald George Figment Ninety     62
Stefan George My white parrots . . . (translated by Ulrike Weber and Richard Jones)     37/38
Elena Georgiou One Night Stand     47
Amy Gerstler Perpetual Honeymoon     22/23
Amy Gerstler Alice and Lewis     27
Amy Gerstler Wish in a War Zone     35
Amy Gerstler Russian Lullaby     35
Lorca Getty Sum of Its Parts     42
Bernadette Geyer Practical Applications of Newton's Laws of Motion     44
Bernadette Geyer Myopia: A Parable     56
Bernadette Geyer Ghost, I Remember     65
Bernadette Geyer Parable of Impending Doom     65
Christien Gholson Bodies, Waiting     68
Christien Gholson Job Interview     68
Stephen Gibson Last Blues     42
Stephen Gibson I Can See the Machinery Turning Behind the Drywall, Even Now     45
Stephen Gibson At Mazar-E Sharif     51
Stephen Gibson Plate 36: Berlin     60
Stephen Gibson Musée des Beaux Arts Update     64
Stephen Gibson Saving the Mare     65
Maria Gillan This Year for the First Time Ever     60
Maria Gillan We’re into It Now, This New Year     60
Megan Giller Someday, When I Meet You in a Foreign City     57
Jenny Gillespie Cetacean, 26     53
Kate Gillespie To the Arising Civilizations on my Right Hand     65
Corey Ginsbert The Illusion of Study     59
Robert L. Giron Santa Fe     54
Jesse Glass To a Suicided Poet     7
Jesse Glass As He Ascended     11
Jesse Glass Mayakovsky Is Dead     24
Jesse Glass Listening     45
Jesse Glass

Radio-controlled Jags o’ Jeffers: a Para-human

Jesse Glass


Lisa Glatt If You Have Sex with a Stranger with One Ball     43
Salena Godden Butter Drag Lady     42
Salena Godden Saliva Gloopy     42
Salena Godden Henry     42
Edward Gold Une Femme Comique     17/18
Sid Gold Cat     65
Sid Gold Crawl     65
Sid Gold Mine     65
Sid Gold Noon     65
Sid Gold Stranger     65
Sid Gold Point     68
Sid Gold Three     68
Sid Gold Dream     68
E. Laura Golberg If I Were a Car     64
Angel Gonzalez To Poetry (translated by Steven Ford Brown and Pedro Gutierrez Revuelta)     35
Ray Gonzalez Without Sorrow     48
Ray Gonzalez Bamboo Face     48
Regan Good The War Horse     41
Joseph Goosey Hiatus is Widespread and Thickening     56
John Goslee Patchwork     61
John Gosslee 4 Erasure Poems     64
Shelley Grabel The Reluctant Tomboy     55
C. John Graham Faultless     62
Alex Grant Philosophy Mid-Term     53
Paul Grant The Ghost of Buck Jones' Horse, Silver, Talks to Reporters about Fire Prevention     35
Paul Grant Grand Terrace Shuffle     35
John Greaves Untitled     41
Timothy Green Diorama in A-Minor     51
Madeleine U. Greengold The Last Mile     7
Jonathan Greenhause The Seat Wants You to Sit in It     65
Anne Wilson Gregory Warning the Hunter     55
Robert Gregory Waiting for the bus with the ghost on it, in back     37/38
Robert Gregory Elegy in Advance     55
Eric Greinke Breakfast for Paranoids     64
Eric Greinke Summertime Blues     68
Jennifer Gresham We Spit on the Word Evacuation     51
John Grey I Was Not a Hit     64
Kimberly Grey Mnemonic of the Invented Man     57
Kimberly Grey Mnemonic for the Reconstruction of Memory     57
Kevin Griffith Eating the Piano     56
Paul Grillo The Roland Kirk Story     19
James Grinwis Zeugens are Jagged-Shaped Columns of Rock     50
James Grinwis Landscape of Serene Debauchery     61
Harry Griswold In Churchport     55
Jay Griswold The Man Whose Eyes See Only Real Things     35
Jay Griswold Refugees     65
Will Grofic Dan Cemetery     56
Jim Gross Sourdough 1955     56
Jim Gross Song for a Suicide     56
Jim Gross Monk     58
Jim Gross Doin' Time    58
Jim Gross 5 Egrets Descending     61
Jim Gross

Poem for Bill Knott

Jim Gross Clarity     64
Jim Gross Dad's Fish     64
Jim Gross Green Shadwell     64
Jim Gross Guillem de Poitou 1071–1127     64
Jim Gross Hard Pressed No. 6     64
Jim Gross The Let Go     68
Jim Gross The Light Applause     68
Jim Gross One for the Ph.D.     68
Jim Gross One for Bukowski     68
T. N. Grove Notes Near the Collapse of the American Empire     6
T. N. Grove Tears of God     7
Mary L. Grow White Bones & Beauty     60
Susan Gubernat Reading Loop: The Sibyl at Cumae     55
Susan Gubernat I Was in Gym Class When Walter Cronkite Said They'd Shot Him     55
Susan Gubernat Bullet in the Back     65
Susan Gubernat Poet, Found and Lost     65
Eric Gudas Catalog of Tools     47
Herb Guggenheim The Image     8
Herb Guggenheim Pete Sussman Hangs Out at an Art Opening     58
Herb Guggenheim Pete Sussman Leaves on a Jet Plane     60
Herb Guggenheim Timmy     61
Her Guggenheim Athena     61
Herb Guggenheim Date     61
Herb Guggenheim Laser     65
Michael Gushue The Subprime Mortage Crisis Explained     57
Michael Gushue Thirteen Ways of Looking at Bling Teeth     57
Michael Gushue The Empire Limited     61
Michael Gushue Godzilla, King of Monsters     61
Michael Gushue Ennui     68
Daniel Gutstein Two Weeks in December     58
Piotr Gwiazda A Poem     61
Hedy Habra Or Don’t You Ever Offer Yourself as a Main Course     64
Hedy Habra Or How Could he Ever Win the Heart of Any Woman?     68
Hedy Habra Vanishing Point     68
Andrea Hackbarth Inventory #31     62
Ian Haight Peacock Meditation at a Thai Nursery     56
Joe Hall First & Last Poem about Teaching Comics During a Time of War    60
Joe Hall Pastoral     60
Joe Hall Ken Shines     60
Joe Hall

Dream of Hipsters

Diane Halsted Lottery     48

Janet Hamill

Nocturne     41
Elizabeth Hamilton It Is Easter Week     41
Brenda Hammack Syssigy     56
Annalynn Hammond Carlos and Analea     48
Karla M. Hammond Circularity     37/38
Susan Hankla Questions     8
Susan Hankla Elegy for a Motorcycle     8
Greg Hannan Greyhound     10
Greg Hannan Between Friends     37/38
Maryanne Hannan Desiderium: Ardent Longing, As for Something Lost     59
Maryanne Hannan A Short Manual on Flying     60
Maryanne Hannan Walter Mitty, Wonderbra and I Were Born in 1947     60
Maryanne Hannan Another Cock & Bull Story     64
Maryanne Hannan Exercise     65
Maryanne Hannan Pejorate     65
M. Michael Hanner Almost Extinction     59
Toni Hanner the dim radiance of HE 1523     59
Jenny Hanning Trench     55
Alan Harawitz Eternal Paradise     68
Alan Harawitz Sexy Names     68
Jeff Hardin Compelled     57
Michael Hardin Touched     50
Myronn Hardy The Desert Unrequited     59
Myronn Hardy Gigou     59
Catherine Harnett The Anthropologist Speaks to the Pilot's Remains     35
Catherine Harnet What Women Pray For     37/38
Catherine Harnett Where You Live     60
Catherine Harnett Obit     60
David M. Harris Ever After     57
David M. Harris Dead Letter Office: Thomas M. Disch     65
David M. Harris Dick Cheney     65
David A. Harris To a Friend at 65 Getting a Divorce and a New Him     59
Bruce Harris Winter     58
James Harms Anorak Pop     56
Reginald Harris Is English Your First Language?     48
Reginald Harris Approaching Baltimore     51
Marc Harshman A Proper Decorum     56
Penny Harter Flies on the Corn     47
Johnny Hartner When We Learned What 69 Meant     35
Johnny Hartner Love's Labor's Lost at Kennywood Park     55
Johnny Hartner Tea Party for the Disenfranchised     58
Johnny Hartner Lori, Robin & Gwen     60
Johnny Hartner Snapshot of the Holy Ghost     61
Johnny Hartner Bullshit Movies     65
Johnny Hartner Wise Up     65
Johnny Hartner Attack of the 50-Foot Woman Redux     68
Johnny Hartner Welcome to My Kibosh     68
Diana Hartog The Psychoanalysis of Dreams     44
Gayle Elen Harvey but knowing . . .     8
Gayle Elen Harvey one by one . . .     8
Gayle Elen Harvey Flagellation     59
Lola Haskins Because He Fails to Look Up     61
Lola Haskins Flight     61
Nowan Hasm Stickingjagged Edgers     57
J. Hastain/Juliet Cook Instead of a Doctor     65
Michael Hathaway At the End of the Day     65
Michael Hathaway Birthright     65
Chris Haven How Nuclear Fusion Works     57
Chris Haven The Cake Girl     59
Stephen Haynie Thirty Bodies in Houston     59
Jasper Haze A Jar of Baby Teeth     59
Elizabeth Hazen Fake Tattoos     45
Elizabeth Hazen Why I Love Zombie Woman #6     51
Elizabeth Hazen Ghost Story     61
Elizabeth Hazen Coastal     61
Kevin Heaton Michael Landon     64
Nancy Hechinger Never was the Heart     59
Jennifer Michael Hecht Horse Makes a Decision     47
Gloria Heffernan Insomnia     65
John Hegley The Reward     39/40
John Hegley The Dog Runs     42
Arthur Heifetz Sanding     65
Kathleen Hellen You're Nothing If I Don't Believe     57
Kathleen Hellen How Lights Bends at the Exxon     58
Kathleen Hellen The Owl and the Pussy Cat     58
Jamie Lynn Heller Dr. MacDougall’s Twenty-One Grams    60
Paul Hellweg Dien Bien Phu Cemetery     62
Paul Hellweg A New Journey Begins     64
Paul Hellweg Taking a Trip to London     64
Paul Hellweg The Sorrow of War     64
Kyle Hemmings The Ghost of Yul Brynner     62
Kyle Hemmings

A Poem for the Dead

Michael Hemmingson The Future Poet     62
Essex Hemphill Thread     11
Jared Hendrickson Echo     37/38
Jared Hendrickson that compressed feeling again     42
Elizabeth Ring Hennefrund The Dane     5
Ernst Herbeck You (translated by Melissa Moore)     37/38
Ernst Herbeck The Dwarf (translated by Melissa Moore)     37/38
Ernst Herbeck Life (translated by Melissa Moore)     37/38
Ernst Herbeck The Angel (translated by Melissa Moore)     37/38
David Hernandez Tonight I Am Plotting to Assassinate My Anxiety     43
David Hernandez Stuffed Animal Roadkills     50
David Hernandez The Pompous Man     57
Robert Hershbach Scottish Play     59
Robert Hershbach Space 1999     64
Robert Herschbach Rest     65
Alec Hershman Catastic     58
Brian Patrick Heston Hector at the OK Corral     53
Margaret Hickey Galway Hospital Waiting Room     65
David Hickman In a Small Boat     1
David Hickman Thornrose     1
David Hickman Portrait of Daedalus Falling     1
David Hickman Forms     4
David Hickman The Drift     5
David Hickman For Delmore Schwartz     7
David Hickman Two Cats     7
David Hickman A Prayer (After Being Rejected From a Graduate School in Creative Writing)     7
David Hickman Our Body: Our Sleep     10
David Hickman Variation #34     32/33
David Hickman The Girl     32/33
David Hickman Significa     32/33
Alison Hicks Tu Me Manques     57
Kevin Higgins Blackhole     48
David Hill Pavarotti's Lament     47
Mary Crockett Hill My Sister the Buddhist Prays with the Fleas     53
Mary Crockett Hill Toaster Genesis     55
Veda Hille conversation with the dead     42
Jaimee Hills Tonight the Character of Death will be Played by Brad Pitt     56
Nigel Hinshelwood No Bark, Very Little Bite     27
Nigel Hinshelwood The Saxophone Player Who was Tired of Jazz     35
Brian Hinton Love Poem     41
Le Hinton God's Immaculate Memory     57
Le Hinton Fire in the Night     57
Elizabyth A. Hiscox Vanguard Aria for Minor Organs     59
Gretchen Hodgin Acme Co.     59
Gretchen Hodgin To You: (On Behalf of My Words ...)"     59
Cynthia M. Hoffman After Having Steadied Your Drunken Head     44
Cynthia M. Hoffman Hammered-On Octaves Patterns with Dead Notes     44
Cynthia M. Hoffman Short Biography of a Soldier     44
William Holland Legal Training     24
Amy Holman Bearing Misfortune with the Abstract Man     53
Amy Holman Relief of Unknown God Found at the Crossroads     64
Emily Homrok UNDERGROUND     56
Anna Maria Hong Rebecca Pidgeon's Subversive Bangs     47
Anna Maria Hong Flaneur of the Visible World     50
Anna Maria Hong DOY DOY     56
Anna Maria Hong Snowem I     64
Anna Maria Hong Snowem II     64
Anna Maria Hong Snowem III     64
Erin Hoover On the Origin of Species     61
Suzanne Marie Hopcroft The Sun May Eventually Engulf the Earth     61
Suzanne Marie Hopcroft Oral History     61
Frances Horovitz Blackberrying     10
Frances Horovitz The Woman's Dream     10
Michael Horovitz ParadiCe     9
Michael Horovitz And the Ignorant Armies     10
Michael Horovitz West London Breakfist Morning, November 1996     39/40
Timothy Houghton Sunburn Inside     45
Timothy Houghton Homage to Sergio Leone     51
Timothy Houghton Hoarding     68
Paul House An Abstract Perfection     6
Paul House Alone with the Years     6
Paul House The Sexton's Lament     7
Paul House Pearls in a Glass     8
Paul House Imprecise and Unimportant     8
Paul House The Poet Tires     9
Paul House La Madrugada     10
Paul House Something There Is . . .     10
Paul House Good Friday in Salamanca     64
Paul House Miguel Hernández     64
Paul House Poem for Anna     64
Jean C. Howard The Visit     57
J. Howard Application: More Than the Sum of Things     68
Katherine Anderson Howell Burning House     62
Derrick Hsu Razor Stubble     37/38
Amorak Huey Guzzle     56
Amorak Huey Love Letter during the Opening Scenes of Law & Order     59
Joyce Huff The Hymn of a Fat Woman     44
Andy Hughes The Tentacle Shop     58
Vicente Huidobro House (translated by Anne Hohenstein)     14
Vicente Huidobro Bell Tower (translated by Anne Hohenstein)     14
Coral Hull The Missing Person     45
Coral Hull They Would Be Able to Smell My Class     45
Coral Hull Atistic Bludger Beneath the Clothesline     45
Barbara Hurd Imagine Hope     39/40
Bethany Schultz Hurst The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing     59
Lida Husik Fever     48
Lida Husik Survivor     48
Lida Husik The Country We Live in Now     48
Nancy Iannucci My Love in Ring Years     51
Tod Ibrahim Decorating the Nursery During a War     51
Tod Ibrahim For the First Time Stronger     61
Tod Ibrahim Together We Are the Judas Horse     61
Donald Illich Falling     64
Donald Illich Gravity     65
Donald Illich The Claw Game     65
Donald Illich Temporarily Human     68
Jessica Barksdale Inclan Wondering About Cows     47
Colette Inez Windlust     57
Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll Cloud Hands     65
Kathleen Ingram Farewell     3
Kathleen Ingram The Wooden Salad Bowl     7
Kathleen Ingram In Spring     9
Esther Iverem Homecoming     53
Michael Ives The Secret History of Representation     45
Rich Ives Scottish Ancestors     59
Elizabeth Jackson Picture Window     60
Reuben Jackson Voyeurs—1969     35
Reuben Jackson driving south     37/38
Reuben Jackson my imaginary sister gets married     37/38
Reuben Jackson Love #49     39/40
Reuben Jackson One More Once     39/40
Reuben Jackson My Old School     51
Reuben Jackson The Little Boy with the Sad Eyes     51
Gray Jacobik Anniversary Poem     8
Bruce A. Jacobs Blood Dance     41
Bruce A. Jacobs Saxophone     51
Bruce A. Jacobs Knock-Knock     58
Bruce A. Jacobs Here Lies     58
Bruce A. Jacobs Perfect Game     68
Bruce A. Jacobs Playing Footsie     68
Bruce A. Jacobs Relief     68
Jodee Jaffee Untitled     4
Mahmood Jamal No Comment     39/40
Sonja James Twin Shafts of Light     50
Sonja James Spellbound     64
Jessie Janeshek Day Tripping, Geronimo Trail     64
Ted Jean Flower Child     59
Valerie Jean Again     41
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins A Basic Guide to Numismatics     64
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Two Stars Coming out of a Shovel     64
Mark Allen Jenkins Cocoons     64
Dani Raschel Jimenez Healing     56
Ted Joans Him the Bird     35
Gretchen Johnsen For David     7
Gretchen Johnsen Poem     7
Gretchen Johnsen Interiors     19
Gretchen Johnsen Matisse     19
Gretchen Johnsen Pygmalion     19
Gretchen Johnsen How to Write (A Primer for Young Men)     19
Gretchen Johnsen Wedlock     19
Gretchen Johnsen Private Eye     19
Gretchen Johnsen Intermission     19
Gretchen Johnsen Trapeze     19
Gretchen Johnsen Needlepoint     19
Gretchen Johnsen Interior     19
Gretchen Johnsen Swim     19
Brad Johnson Coffee Shop Waste (Or: Very Bored Barista)     55
Brad Johnson Maria Bello Naked     60
Brad Johnson Delayed Gratification     64
Brad Johnson Buddha Looking Thin     68
Brandon D. Johnson starry cloth     44
Dan Johnson The Road I See     27
Dan Johnson The Lorton Anthology     37/38
Dan Johnson Music Theory     53
Halvard Johnson White Lies     41
Halvard Johnson Corpse Found Alive by Roadside     48
Jeffrey N. Johnson Nine-Month Lease     56
Jeffrey N. Johnson The Immigrant     68
Martha Johnson Losing Jane     41
Michael Johnson The Executioner     56
Steven Johnson What Moves     35
Fred Johnston Friendly Fire     50
Michael Johnson Ornithos     65
Michael Johnson The Bone Temple     65
Michael Johnson They     65
Fred Joiner half note     57
Fred Joiner the secret of the world is the beautiful room you die in     57
Bill Jones On the Ground in Medellín     64
Bill Jones What I Know About Anthrax     64
Bill Jones What the Fodor’s Guide Didn’t Tell Us     64
Douglas A. Jones [Already day three ...]     59
E. C. Jones For Miles Davis     64
E. C. Jones Rusti’s Song     64
Jason Jones Gunslinger     55
Miriam Jones Party Down on the Island     55
Nick D'Annunzio Jones The True Poet Laureate of the United States     58
Nick D’Annunzio Jones Seven Cities I Have Called Home     62
Richard Jones Walking in a Cemetery     55
Richard Jones Re: Incarnation     55
Richard Jones The Hayrick     68
Rocky Jones Dracula and His Bitches     60
Joolz [Denby] Snapshot     42
Joolz [Denby] Gun     42
Joolz [Denby] Baby     42
Joolz [Denby] The Sea (Polzeath)     42
Beth Joselow No Artistic Unity of Opposed Curves     15/16
Beth Joselow Playing the Musician     27
Siel Ju Kit and Caboodle     44
Siel Ju A Reading     62
Siel Ju A Drinking Solo     62
Jacqueline Jules Storm in the Neighborhood     61
Mike Jurkovic Mongrel     55
Abhay K. Bhaktapur     65
George Kalamaras Laramie Says     48
George Kalamaras One of Only Two     50
George Kalamaras The Best Unknown Guitarist in the World     53
George Kalamaras Fernando Pessoa Might Call My Body True     65
George Kalamaras Luther Grosvenor and the Cape of Sound Rain     65
George Kalamaras Tonight at the Five Spot     68
George Kalamaras So Many Roads     68
George Kalamaras Bread Enough / Lantern-Lit / Lost Heart of the Hound     68
George Kalamaras Just When I Thought I’d Finished Describing All the Photos of the President’s Hounds, I Come Across This Shot of a Reporter and Johnson’s Dog, Him     68
Christina Kallery Government Cheese     55
Marilyn Kallet Is There Lightning on Venus?     54
Rodger Kamenetz Changing Names     22/23
Daniel Kane The Poet's Job Remains     42
Peycho Kanev Poet in New England     62
Suzanne Karpilovsky How the radical gods left the woods     56
Jim Kates Faulty Memories of Big Jordy     50
Donna B. Kaulkin On the Death of Someone You Love     3
Donna B. Kaulkin The Death of a Marriage     9
Donna B. Kaulkin Mutations of a Modern Housewife     9
Parm Kaur Prayer     42
Parm Kaur Liminal     42
Anne Keefe Neruda's Things     57
Carolyn Kegel When We Moved Here     60
Tom Kelly Los Angeles Lease Agreement     65
Tom Kelly Oregon Trail Meltdown     65
Rob Kenagy Air No. 7     59
Rob Kenagy Air No. 16     59
LuAnn Kenner Wild Dogs     41
David Keplinger On Deciding Not to Enter the Museum of Torture     56
Jesse Lee Kercheval Final Report on the Lost Footage of the War     50
Jesse Lee Kercheval On July 5, the 4th Year of the War     53
Judith Kerman Marie Curie with Her Lover     50
Ty Kessinger Bluegrass     60
Jascha Kessler A Golden Anniversary     56
Stephen Kessler When Edgar Met Audrey     54
Stephen Kessler Sonny Rollins at Zellerbach     57
Stephen Kessler On Bookshop Slopes     68
Stephen Kessler Garage Elegies 22     68
Stephen Kessler Garage Elegies 8     68
Kerry Shawn Keys The Aviary of My Liking     37/38
Mimi Khalvati Terrapin     41
Oliver A. Khan Empire     54
Shamshad Khan On Understanding Our Dragons     42
Danil Kharms Trunk (A Hard Case) (translated by Alex Cigale)     57
Jill Khoury Sonnet for Ambien     64
Faye Kicknosway Turner Classic Movies     47
Rebecca Lu Kiernan The Resentful Bride     43
Jennifer Kietzman Economy of Means     62
Jennifer Kietzman The Idea Of     62
Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom Contingency     56
Kevin Killian (w/Linda Smukler) A Lover's Complaint     43
Joan Payne Kincaid We’ve Made a Pet of Her     60
Joan Payne Kincaid A Martini at Five P.M. Smooths Transitions     64
Alan King My Barber Will's Case Study of the Flintstones     57
John King

Six Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum

John King Dioramas of the Inquisition     61
Linda King A River Makes Its Own Way     55
Maureen Kingston Hey, Venus     62
Mary Jean Kledzik Alchemy    55
Mary Jean Kledzik Amputations     62
Mary Julia Klimenko To Field a Dream     45
Wayne Kline Jeffy Liked the Way the Robot Flexed Its Mechanical Claw . . .     27
Mary Julia Klimenko Poie e Sista     68
Mary Julia Klimenko Harper’s Poem #1     68
Lora Knight Domestic Desire     62
Alyse Knorr Alice in the First Act     60
Alyse Knorr

Jenny’s House Electrocutes Alice

Bill Knott A Comic Look at Damocles     42
Bill Knott Poem For Georg Trakl     42
Brigitte Knudsen Dirge of Tongue and Mouth     47
Andrew Koch Cross Section of a Petrified Forest     65
Ron Koertge Q and A     41
Ron Koertge Myths     41
Ron Koertge The River     45
Ron Koertge Nancy Drew     51
Ron Koertge Nannies     51
Ron Koertge Library Opens at 1:00 Today     54
Wayne Koestenbaum History of Boys     41
Kimble Kokich Esmeralda and Her First Phone     17/18
Sandra Kolankiewicz Claudia, 19 East, Bed A     59
Sandra Kolankiewicz Tipping the Ferryman     59
Sandra Kolankiewicz How to Survive the Flood     61
Sandra Kolankiewicz The Reading     65
Luisa Kolker Artemis in Taos     68
Luisa Kolker D.H. Lawrence Memorial     68
Luisa Kolker White Shell Woman     68
Luisa Kolker The Tearing Apart     68
Ron Kolm Open File     39/40
Laurie Kolp Faire un Triple     64
Laurie Kolp Going Braless     64
Laurie Kolp Bumper Stickers     68
Beth Konkoski Sleep Away Camp     61
Beth Konkoski North on 81     65
Beth Konkoski Winter Rounds     68
Rachel Korr Conversations     60
Lisa Kosow The Weaving     42
Avra Kouffman Lush     41
Karen Kovacik Elegy for My Sex Life     54
Steve Kowit Some Skunks     55
Steve Kowit 7th Grade     55
Kathleen Kraft Love Letter to My Lost Fish Spatula     58
Kathleen Kraft The Woman Who Wears a Dress of Water     65
Robert Krantz Wreck     65
Benjamin C. Krause Jasper Owen Interview     57
David Kresh Aerocondor de Colombia     50
Sharon Krinsky Things to Do in an Edward Hopper Painting     45
James Krusoe Poem     32/33
James Krusoe American Popular Song     32/33
Dale M. Kushner Magdalene at the Tomb     45
Jonas Kyle-Sidell Lightning, some     55
Peter LaBerge After 32 Days at Stockton     60
Stephen Lackaye Returning     58
Gerry LaFemina Figure 12.     51
Gerry LaFemina Horses     51
Gerry LaFemina Vaudeville Family Therapy     51
Gerry LaFemina No Omen     54
Gerry LaFemina Thinking Really Hard about God     54
Gerry LaFemina Clown Baby, the Yogini and Me     59
Gerry LaFemina The Cruelty of the Third Hand     59
Gerry LaFemina Story Problem     59
Gerry LaFemina Role Players     59
Gerry LaFemina Arguing Faith with the Agnostics     64
Andrea Lagan Untitled     5
Inga Elsa Laird “They gave birth bestride of a grave”     39/40
Michael Lally More Than Enough     39/40
Fran Landesman Epiphany on the A Train     39/40
Brian E. Langston Building a Better Weapon     55
W.F. Lantry Arras Tapestry     65
W.F. Lantry Florescence     65
Jan LaPerle Pluto     58
Deanna Larson The Flexibility of X     59
Elizabeth Mary Larson Ditch Digging     41
Sean Lause Kafka Lived     56
Patrick Lawler Duct Tape Monologue     50
Mercedes Lawry Begin the Week and What Have You     62
Jenna Le Love Story     53
B. C. Leale Highly Intoxicated Clerks     35
Marie Lecrivain saturn returns     65
Allison Lee Chester Avenue Bus Station, 1999     62
Kateema Lee Growing Up D.C.     65
Kateema Lee Musings of a Netflix Binge Viewer     65
Priscilla Lee After the Bird     39/40
Priscilla Lee Sex     53
Priscilla Lee The Crossing     53
Priscilla Lee The Mummy     58
Priscilla Lee The Sunset, 1973     58
Priscilla Lee When Mania Visits     58
Laura LeHew The Bunny Hoarder     56
Gary Leising Ants     60
Gary Leising How to Exhume a Body     61
Gary Leising Not As Unlucky     61
Nikia Leopold The Constant     59
Nikia Leopold Fragile     59
Joseph E. Lerner Sci-Fi     59
Linda Lerner Waiting for the D Train     64
Anne-Marie Levine Four November 9ths     47
Sara Elizabeth Levy Nocturne     41
Sara Elizabeth Levy Rise     41
Sara Levy Atelier     58
Sara Levy Hindsight     60
Adrienne Lewis Marry Me     50
Gwyneth Lewis The Field     39/40
Gwyneth Lewis The Device     39/40
Joseph Lewis Loneliness     5
Melvin E. Lewis Near Sidewalks     50
Melvin E. Lewis At Their Head     61
Susan Lewis A Sense of Community     62
Susan Lewi Wandering     62
James Liddy Love is a Good Read in Bed     32/33
David Lieberman Carving Out a Garden in the Woods     53
M. L. Liebler Rereading America     42
M. L. Liebler Journey to War     50
Lyn Lifshin Ms Numb and Co.     9
Lyn Lifshin Cherries Jubilee     9
Lyn Lifshin Sunday Kapiolani in the Shade of the Monkey Pod Tree     9
Lyn Lifshin Panic     9
Lyn Lifshin Vermont     11
Lyn Lifshin Bringing a Drink of Water to the Bed     11
Lyn Lifshin Becoming What You’re Called     35
Lyn Lifshin Facing Away from Where You’re Going     35
Lyn Lifshin The Mad Girl Finds It Excruciatingly Painful     41
Lyn Lifshin Leda and Her Daughter     48
Lyn Lifshin The Man Who Says Floating Blonds Come Thru His Eyes     48
Lyn Lifshin On the Night the Most Handsome Poet Walked Out of the Schenectady Community College Reading Alone     51
Lyn Lifshin Rose     51
Lyn Lifshin When I See Sarah Jessica Parker is Replaced by Joss Stone     51
Lyn Lifshin Writer’s Conference Brochure     51
Lyn Lifshin Dead Girls, Dying Girls     51
Lyn Lifshin On the Metro     55
Lyn Lifshin Father Throws 4 Children Off a Bridge>     55
Lyn Lifshin When I Found the Words Pressed into Themselves...     55
Lyn Lifshin She Said Possessed     55
Lyn Lifshin First Snow, January 17     55
Lyn Lifshin For the Roses     59
Lyn Lifshin Out of the City and Down to the Sea Side     59
Lyn Lifshin Michael from Mountains     59
Lyn Lifshin Hitchcock and the Hunks     59
Lyn Lifshin The More I Think of Janet Leigh     59
Lyn Lifshin Hitchcock’s Circles     59
Lyn Lifshin Before the First Red Comes into the Maples     61
Lyn Lifshin Horses and Dancers     61
Lyn Lifshin A Year after the Filmmaker     61
Lyn Lifshin I Think of the Young Girl     61
Lyn Lifshin After the Blue Mosque Dream     61
Lyn Lifshin Apricots, Figs and Late Nights, Cappadocia     61
Lyn Lifshin Marie Van Goethem     65
Lyn Lifshin Her Braid of Real Human Hair     65
Lyn Lifshin Pere Lachaise Cemetery     65
Lyn Lifshin Rachel’s Lamb     65
Lyn Lifshin Sainte-Chappelle     65
Lyn Lifshin From Lips, Blues, Blue Lace: On the Outside     68
Lyn Lifshin Upstate NY, in the House I’m in Rarely These Last 12 Years     68
Lyn Lifshin Nothing Gold Can Fly     68
Lyn Lifshin How Unlike Frost’s Country, Virginia Square     68
Lyn Lifshin Hot Muggy Afternoon on Main Street     68
Lyn Lifshin On the Day of the Bombing     68
Lyn Lifshin The Mad Girl Dreams of Morocco     68
Lyn Lifshin The Sadness, the Beauty of White Trillium     68
Gary Lilley the dismal swamp, a few miles north of home     44
Bei Ling I Stroke You With All My Years     37/38
Laura Linzer Citing Authority     60
Marcia Lipson The Search     42
Joseph Lisowski A Long Absence     7
Richard Littler A Letter from My Father     42
Richard Littler Just Another Sunday Couple     42
Julie Liu The Patron Saint of Pests and Mosquitoes     41
Timothy Liu Trespass     47
Chip Livingston Defuniak Springs     53
Reb Livingston Diminished Prophecy 1 — 3     53
Reb Livingston Litany for the Wrong Bygon     53
Reb Livingston Diminished Prophecy 6:3     55
Christopher Locke What the Dead Know     65
Christopher Locke Outside Limerick     65
Duane Locke Word Trance No. 85     64
A. Loudermilk Lisp     57
Adrian C. Louis Horse Academy     57
Adrian C. Louis Professional Development Plan     57
Adrian C. Louis Morphine Jesus     61
JoAnn LoVerde-Dropp Bridesmaid’s Epithalamium     58
Molly Lurie-Marino Variation on the Word Take     58
Molly Lurie-Marino Stolen Moments     58
Molly Lurie-Marino All the Brooks Brothers Women are Married     58
Paul Lyalls Writers on the Storm     39/40
Paul Lyalls Byronic Soul     42
Charles H. Lynch The Hoodibah     60
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens Statoblast     64
John MacDonald Jesus Sleeps In     62
John MacDonald From Juarez     64
Rebecca Macijeski Memories of Japan     65
Jacklyn MacInnis Offspring     10
Jacklyn MacInnis Resurrection     10
M. Mack What Toast?     60
Mary Mackey Coriolis Effect     61
Mary Mackey Inquistion     61
Mary Mackey Rio + 3 Degrees     61
K. E. MacMillian Periodicals of Grief     57
Anthony Madrid We Find the Boom Is Too High     57
Edwin Madrid Young Lady at Lunch     68
Edwin Madrid Any Other Flesh     68
Edwin Madrid Turkey Dead for Love     68
Edwin Madrid Word Pepper     68
Majena Mafe Pintuckers     50
Mike Maggio I Was Born in America     54
James Magorian Mime Performing with a Knee Injury     11
James Magorian Salamanca at Sunset     59
Robin Magowan Angels on the Head of a Pin Bartering     48
Dennis Mahagin New Lows in Elevator Music     60
Mary Claire Mahaney Knitting     59
Mary Claire Mahaney Suzette     60
James Maher Saskatchewan     5
James Maher North Brunswick     8
James Maher The Hymm     10
James Maher Things Fall Apart     11
James Maher Winter Without Snow     11
James Maher Body of Water     17/18
Ann Malaspina Disappear     55
Dora Malech Love Letter from the Montgomery County Police Station     45
Dora Malech Relationship #2—February     45
Dora Malech Goodbye, I Love You     53
Dora Malech Open Letter     53
Saundra Rose Maley All the Sun in a Golden Cup     68
Saundra Rose Maley Miss America, 1951     68
Stephen Malin Forecast: Dry     57
Stephen Malin St. Foutin     60
Stephen Malin Elderbind     65
Stephen Malin Grave Days     65
Stephen Malin Morning Drill     68
Michael Malinowitz Equal Time     37/38
Aoife Mannix Swimming at Night     42
Aoife Mannix Tomboy     42
Aoife Mannix The Last Show: A No Beginning     57
Aoife Mannix Nicobar Scare Devil     57
Aoife Mannix Reconstruction     68
Aoife Mannix How To Go     68
Aoife Mannix Paranoia     68
Aoife Mannix Simple Directions     68
Mark Mansfield The Elegant Redemption Rag     50
Joyce Mansour Four Poems (into and tr. by Bill Wolak)     57
  Invite Me  
 The Blind Intrigues  
 The Amazon
Sally Wen Mao Love Pear     55
Sandra Marchetti Retourner     60
Sydney March Accompong     44
Peter Marcus Crabs in Recife     57
Allie Marini if my body is the house I grew up in, let’s burn it from cellar to rafters     65
Michael Mark Visiting My Daughter     64
Michael Mark Goodbye to the Tecopa Pupfish     68
Jennifer Martelli Pete Townshend’s Voice behind Me, the Snowplow’s Blade before Me     64
Hugh Martin Home from Iraq, Eating Dinner     57
Michael Martin On the Eve of Her Retirement, on a Cross Atlantic Flight, A United Airline Stewardess...     62
Richard Martin Stoic Surrender     59
Richard Martin Empty Mailbox     60
Richard Martin I Think I Can Answer That     64
Richard Martin Pathetic Love Poem     68
Grisella Martinez Con Safo     56
Rita Maria Martinez Pop Poem     50
Rita Maria Martinez The Madwoman     64
Cate Marvin Local Blind     43
Siwar Masannat For Total War, the Memory of Jasmine     58
Frank Matagrano Now I Have Seen Everything     48
Frank Matagrano Self-Portrait with Facebook     57
Cynthia Matsakis A Winter Landscape     64
Marsha Mathews Tribal Court in the Bush     62
Susan H. Maurer Desiderata     56
Susan H. Maurer Rain Taxi     59
Susan H. Maurer Al Mutannabi     62
Susan H. Maurer Risk     64
Susan H. Maurer James Foley     64
Susan H. Maurer The Polar Vortex     64
Susan H. Maurer Orlando 2016     68
C. M. Mayo UFO 1990     50
David McAleavey Speaking Portrait of a Woman     10
David McAleavey Written next to a page of Emerson     15/16
David McAleavey Arriving Lost     15/16
David McAleavey What it felt like     15/16
David McAleavey Bonsai seisuke (National Arboretum)     17/18
David McAleavey Burning Burning     17/18
David McAleavey Culture Hero     58
David McAleavey For George Oppen     58
David McAleavey Mary Jane and Frances     58
David McAleavey To Ginsberg, who visited Wichita     60
David McAleavey Sightings     60
David McAleavey Loose crown for Claude McKay     61
Cathy McArthur Lipsticks     55
Gary A. McBreen Delicacies     56
Greg McBride At the Gay-Pride Parade     55
Ian McBryde Arsonist     42
Ed McCafferty Seducing Martha Stewart     44
Richard McCann Nights of 1987     50
Richard McCann Garden     50
Margaret McCarthy Slut     55
Margaret McCarthy America, Light of the World     55
Margaret McCarthy Vertigo 1     61
Margaret McCarthy Vertigo 2     61
Margaret McCarthy I Wish I Could Drive     64
Margaret McCarthy Surfer     64
Steve McClain The Colombian Prayers: Poemstories Assembled from the Green Year City     57
Kevin McClellan Surveyors     62
Linda McCloud Another Woman’s House     3
Linda McCloud Human City     3
Linda McCloud The Card Player     11
Joanna McClure Respite     39/40
Joanna McClure 2 a.m.     39/40
Sjohnna Bruce McCray Burning Down Suburbia, An Ode to Bob Ross     57
Sjohnna Bruce McCray Night Sweats     57
Charles Ramsay McCrory wreck porn couple     62
Laura McCullough Reading for Harvey Keitel     53
Jeffrey McDaniel Billy Idol     39/40
Leigh McDonald 70° in December     64
Leigh McDonald J.R.S., 1962     64
Walter McDonald Hauling on Hardscrabble     37/38
Gary L. McDowell Child-Rearing     56
Ron McFarland Poetry Reading at the Art Gallery     62
Roger McGough Whoops!     41
Jennifer A. McGowan Commute to Kuntae Hora     59
Heather McHugh Tornado Survivor     37/38
Heather McHugh Busy Dot Com     39/40
Heather McHugh Not So Fast     39/40
Carla McKain Please Note     47
Patrick McKinnon The Glasses Poem     35
Patrick McKinnon poem for my daughters     60
David McLean for Georg Trakl     54
Sam McMillan Sky Searching     8
Sam McMillan Carnival at Midnight     8
Franetta McMillian The Klansmans’ Daughter     53
Natalie McNabb Adventures of an Alaskan Barfly     58
Dora E. McQuaid Alchemy     59
Dora E. McQuaid Avatar     59
Dora E. McQuaid Tunnel of Love     61
Dora E. McQuaid Origin (#7)     64
Alex McRae The Kiss     57
Gwyn McVay You Have Nothing to Disbelieve But This     41
Gwyn McVay Quipu     41
Kat Meads The Tent Preacher     45
Erika Meitner Camp Westmont, 1968     50
Erika Meitner 69     56
D. H. Melhem Adaptation     11
Marla Melito The Burqa     64
Mark Melnicove Four Blessings     57
Mark Melnicove Zelda’s Painting     60
Mark Melnicove Means Test     61
Dan Memmolo Bombardment     59
David Memmott Meditation from a Dark Wood     65
David Memmott Shadow-Boxing     65
Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino The Jesus Fish     62
Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino The Wedding     62
Didi Menéndez El Gallo     54
Ana Merino untitled poem     62
Ana Merino

The Fifth Heaven (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)

Joyce Merritt Scheherazade     8
Joyce Merritt Candle Poetry     11
Douglas Messerli Skinning the Deer     15/16
William Meyer Turquoise Shrouds Are Floating in the Hay Fresco Oles     27
Michael Gregg Michaud How to Be a Gay Literary Icon     44
Stephen C. Middleton The Missing Upper Partials     58
Stephen C. Middleton The Clamps     58
Stephen C. Middleton

In Defense of Hoboes (Veiled)

Stephen C. Middleton Composition     65
Stephen C. Middleton Opening Heartlands     65
Al Milanese Garrison, NY     2
Al Milanese Sleepless     2
Al Milanese Scrape Scrape     2
Michael Milburn Seamus Heaney at Harvard     64
Brown Miller To Come Back and to Sing     56
Leslie F. Miller the brouhaha after the traveling carnival pulled out of town     59
Leslie F. Miller the psalm of the shoe     59
Leslie F. Miller requiem for a vacation     59
Devon Miller-Duggan Baba Yaga in Chicken Country     58
Devon Miller-Duggan Liam Rector, Who Once Wrote a Poem About a Chair Who Smoked Cigarettes and Thought Deep ...     60
Devon Miller-Duggan The Magnetic Fields …     61
Devon Miller-Duggan Disorderly Abecedarian.5: Calendar     64
Devon Miller-Duggan Last Episode     65
Devon Miller-Duggan Science Fiction vs. Literature     65
E. Ethelbert Miller The Reluctant Rapist: Everybody's Ex-Lover     4
E. Ethelbert Miller Flight     5
E. Ethelbert Miller August Rain     35
E. Ethelbert Miller Growing     35
E. Ethelbert Miller Co-Star     39/40
E. Ethelbert Miller Whispers, Secrets and Promises     39/40
E. Ethelbert Miler Morning Buddhism     42
Philip Miller Sex after Death? — The Ghost Says, "Yes, Yes"     54
Gloria Mindock On Top of His Stomach, a Boat Was Floating     64
Charlotte Mitchell Crack     60
Sally Molini Delivery     53
Sally Molini Meditation in The Fuzzy Cube     58
Melissa Monroe Pinocchio on Wishes     55
Michael Monroe Blown Cover     57
Michael Monroe Rave     58
Michael Monroe Mardi Gras     58
Michael Monroe Dance of the Skeletons     60
Dawn Montefusco A Good Bluff     59
Dawn Montefusco A Private Conversation     59
Roberto Montes

One way to be a person is to believe a matrix is a serious work

Roberto Montes

One way to be a person is to be a model citizen

Keith Montesano Blood     59
Nancy Carol Moody The Negative Space of Cows     57
Nancy Carol Moody Please Remain Seated until the Captain Has Turned off the Seatbelt Sign     64
Adam Moorad this handicapped stall is paducah     59
Miles David Moore All for Poetry     45
Miles David Moore Lines Written at Twilight on an Intercity Bus     58
Miles David Moore Fatslug and the Little Dog     60
Miles David Moore A Soaking Rain     64
Miles David Moore The Capriciousness of Fatslug     65
Miles David Moore To an Obscure Vegetable     65
Miles David Moore Man on Terrace with Wine, Recalling a Line from Hermann Hesse     68
Peter Moore Airborne Leaflet Propaganda     55
Peter Moore Language by Immersion     55
Barbara Moraff September Fruit     54
Barbara Moraff Labial Bond Juxtapose     54
Barbara Moraff evoking maha machenno     54
Stephen Moran Annie     57
Yvette Neisser Moreno Languages I Have Heard     53
Christopher Morgan

A Bloom in My Habitat [revised version]

Ronald T. Morgan T-Room with Stained Glass Window     11
Dave Morice The Final Art     64
Mary F. Morris New Mexico     53
Mary F. Morris Have You Ever Been Experienced?     57
Mary F. Morris The Wind Cries Mary     57
Kathi Morrison-Taylor Hypothesis     55
J. Scott Mosel Dialectical Ghost Lines     60
Thylias Moss Lunchcounter Freedom     37/38
Thylias Moss Song of Iota     50
Thylias Moss Heads Wrapped in Flowers     50
Moira Muldoon Second Marriage     47
Moira Muldoon Risk of Love     47
Fred Muratori Maturity     35
Elisabeth Murawski The Chapel That Tempted O’Keeffe ...     48
Elisabeth Murawski A Type of Sad     55
Elisabeth Murawski Elegy for Green Eyes     56
Elisabeth Murawski Message on the Wall of an Abaondoned Barn     58
Elisabeth Murawski I smile at you     60
Elisabeth Murawski Henry at the Bridge     60
Elisabeth Murawski

On a Fragment from Sappho

Elisabeth Murawski Childish Things     64
Elisabeth Murawski The Present     64
Elisabeth Murawski Portrait: Mademoiselle Boissi.re Knitting     68
Elisabeth Murawski Unexpected Point of Intersection     68
Kristine Ong Muslim Abandoned Buildings     57
George Myers Jr. Mrs. Shapiro's One-and-One-Half Prayers     39/40
George Myers Jr. Mrs. Shapiro Remembers the War, Mum     39/40
Tim Myers Trilobite     57
Eileen Myles Culture     50
Weam Namou The Veil of Vanilla and Fire     56
Miriam Morsel Nathan The Absurd Messiah     41
Maria Nazos For a Good Time, Call Morphine     64
Maria Nazos Rock ’n’ Roll Fever     64
Maria Nazos When the Beloved Asks “What Would You Do if I Woke up One Morning as a Loch Ness Monster?”     65
Carissa Neff Physex     56
Carissa Neff Distress over the Damsel     56
Sheryl L. Nelms Fucking a Bull Rider     50
Sheryl L. Nelms In the Seguin Cemetery     62
Sheryl L. Nelms Sunset Pier, Key West, Florida     62
Sheryl L. Nelms Kansas Wheat Farmer     64
Sheryl L. Nelms Rosetta     64
Sheryl L. Nelms Summer Was     68
Rodney Nelson From a Letter to the Lost     64
Peter Neumeyer Would Druids Come to Us     6
Peter Neumeyer . . . must include postage     6
Peter Neumeyer On Louis Simpson's Saying Dan Gerber Should Write Poems About Car Crashes     6
Amanda Newell A Labor Day Story     62
Amanda Newell Elastration     68
Amanda Newell The Black and White of Him in His Wetsuit     68
Martin Newell The Weather Back-cast     42
Martin Newell John Cooper Clarke     42
Dawn Newton Jailbait     50
Joe Nicholas The Trees are Ever Embracing     64
Joe Nicholas The Water Spiral     64
Mel Nichols Giallo     42
Mel Nichols Lifting     51
Gerald Nicosia Daddio Pete     56
Gerald Nicosia The Beats in China     56
Gerald Nicosia First Chinese Breakfast     56
B.Z. Niditch Frank O'Hara in Soho     56
A. L. Nielsen Instructions for the Magic Frog     37/38
David Taylor Nielsen My Underwear     60
David Taylor Nielsen Superman’s Sperm     61
David Taylor Nielsen Zombies 1     61
Barbra Nightingale Ahab's Second Wife     55
David Michael Nixon Untitled     17/18
David Michael Nixon Stephen Forgives the Stones     58
James Norcliffe Yippee!     44
James Norcliffe les haricots ne sont pas sales     47
James Norcliffe ATM     53
James Norcliffe The flying saucer is a breast     57
normal in the doorway     60
normal remembering sean     62
normal on the banks of the great passaic     65
normal the strangle tree     65
Michelle Noteboom Experiment     47
Kathleen Novak Certain People     5
Kathleen Novak Reasons Why     5
Kathleen Novak Escape     47
Valeria Numinosa Here’s Why This Stunning Visual of Goddess Kali...     65
Naomi Shihab Nye French Movies     35
Naomi Shihab Nye Pimento     50
Naomi Shihab Nye Poor Pitiful Me Award     50
Laura Oaksmith Warnings     35
Laura Oaksmith Ash-Tails and Fingers     35
Keith Oberlin Meeting for Drinks at the Bar Where None of Our Friends Go     55
Desmond O'Brien Poet's Trip     3
Desmond O'Brien Left Behind     3
Desmond O'Brien Angelic Muse     3
Desmond O'Brien Poem     5
Desmond O'Brien The Filled Pipe     5
Desmond O'Brien The Moon is So High     8
Desmond O'Brien Let's Go Out of This Dark House     8
Desmond O'Brien Untitled     11
Desmond O'Brien Fortunes     58
John O’Dell Chekhov at the Moscow Zoo     65
Charles O'Hay A Brief History of Redemption     42
Susan Okie Thy Bed of Crimson Joy     65
Andrew Oldham Sirens     47
Greg Olsen Love and Dinosaurs     64
Christina Olson On Turning Thirty     59
Toby Olson Hesitation Waltz     51
Elizabeth Oness Five Elements     51
Shawnte Orion Colors Stored for Never     62
Sibbie O'Sullivan Spring Spiders     22/23
Alex Osborne Samhain     37/38
Alex Osborne Post Mortem     37/38
Catherine Owen Two years since you died, or nearly: a glossa     60
Catherine Owen Homage to my father’s tearlessness     60
Annette Oxindine On Matter     68
Jay Pabarue trip, We take a desperate     57
José Padua Traveling Men     58
José Padua Green     58
Saïdeh Pakravan What I heard this morning     56
Raul Palma Batido de Mamey     64
Alyson Palmer Engine Company     47
Earth Pancake A Dream to Be     5
Joan Papalia-Williams * * *     8
Theresa Pappas Dream Survey     64
Theresa Pappas Local News     64
Theresa Pappas Questions for the New Year     64
David Parker I Think Only of Unreasonable Explanations     53
Michelle Parkerson for cece     37/38
Linda Pastan New England Christmas     3
Linda Pastan Stone Soup     6
Linda Pastan Early Spring     6
earl patrick a teardrop fracture of the C4 vertebral body     56
Richard Peabody Parisian Days     5
Gerry Gomez Pearlberg Predictions     42
January Pearson, Cold Ease     68
Joanna Pearson The Ice Sculptor     59
Joanna Pearson Mermaids     59
Nicole Pekarske Chrissed Off     53
Kate Pendlebury from "Baby Poems" XI     59
Kate Pendlebury from "Baby Poems" XIII     59
Kate Peper Balloon     64
Kate Peper Love Is an Airborne Thing     68
Kate Peper What the Witch Told Me     68
Patric Pepper Young Man at a Shopping Center     8
Patric Pepper Fishing     15/16
Patric Pepper Soirée     58
Patric Pepper Sun and Moon     58
Simon Perchik *     35
Simon Perchik *     56
Simon Perchik *     65
Robert Peters Sweet Macho Nothings     22/23
Jim Peterson Dollars     53
W. T. Pfefferle Band Fantasy     47
Peggy Pfeiffer Harbinger     39/40
AA Philips Empty Pasture     62
C.M. Physioc Learning Things from My Mother     59
C.M. Physioc Elephant and Castle, North Line     59
Sanford Pinsker Devouring Chronos     7
Sanford Pinsker After Reading Gravity's Rainbow     7
Douglas H. Pinson An Evening On the Town     37/38
Brian Pohanka Seaside     9
Brian Pohanka July 1936     9
Meredith Pond At Montrose Park     61
Michael Pontacoloni Happy Birthday     68
Barbara Ann Porte Why Old Women Leave Their Money to Art Museums     68
Dorothy Porter Hot Date     41
Dorothy Porter My At-last-lover     41
Dorothy Porter Crete     41
Andrea Potos It Happens in Greece     64
Jacklyn Potter The Charge     37/38
Lee W. Potts Tonight I whispered to you that     35
Holly Prado Sweater     53
Holly Prado Instantly     53
Holly Prado Sandalwood     53
Minnie Bruce Pratt The Ferry     41
Thomas Pride Into Day     7
Thomas Pride A Common God Divides     8
Richard Prins The Beverages     64
Jean Prokott The High School Teacher's Old Spring Fling     59
Ana Prundaru Away     68
Ana Prundaru Indian Summer     68
Jeff Pruzan Now Then     37/38
Shelley Puhak The Death Quartet     57
Shelley Puhak

An Infomercial for the Ladies-in-Waiting

Shelley Puhak

Guinevere, Supine

Claudia Putnam On reading the Bible backwards     55
Jessica Quah 妈 (mā)     64
Kathleen M. Quinlan "One Classy Bitch"     60
Kathleen M. Quinlan The Hotel Housekeeper’s Daughter     62
Kathleen M. Quinlan Possibility     65
Kathleen M. Quinlan Ritornello     68
Carol Quinn My Reykjavik     61
Dean Rader Five Rooms     59
Joe Raffa Planet Amtrak     58
Robin LaMer Rahija Swimming the Firth of Forth     60
Misti Rainwater-Lites Steering Wheel Made of Stars     58
Charles Rammelkamp Disgrace     61
Charles Rammelkamp AuH2O     64
Charles Rammelkamp Singer-Songwriter-Stalker     64
Charles Rammelkamp Swann’s Way     68
Charles Rammelkamp Tyranny Has a Witness     68
Jade Ramsey She Lives in a Pat of Butter     59
Margaret Randall Hunger's Table     39/40
Rush Rankin Zeno's Paradox     45
Michael Ratcliffe Thoughts While Sitting Along the Lower Potomac     68
Rochelle Ratner The First Monkey     45
Jeremy Reed Poe's Marriage Night     41
Jeremy Reed Leader of the Pack     41
Jeremy Reed Female Singers     41
Jeremy Reed Novels     41
Zoe Reed Chapter 2: You Can Dance if You Want To     47
Elizabeth Rees Home Movie     41
Elizabeth Rees Upsetting the Basket     50
Elizabeth Rees Trespass     61
Elizabeth Rees Intern Culture     64
Alan C. Reese This Just In     55
Alan C. Reese Contemplating Pieter de Hooch's A Writer's Duty     48
Alan C. Reese A Station of the Cross     68
Nicole Louise Reid Night, August 1984, Blacksburg     44
Michael Reis Kunitz     7
Rebekah Remington Forty     62
d.j. renegade In E Sharp     42
d.j. renegade Silent Night     42
Joyce Renwick Turtle Soup     11
Amanda Reynolds Kurt Vonnegut Flunked Thermodynamics     55
Billie Reynolds Dusk at Rocket Park     59
Susie Reynolds My Neighbour the Revolutionary     59
Susie Reynolds Boots     62
Susie Reynolds MA VOISINE L’OISEAU de NEIGE (Paris)     62
Christine Rhein Overload     62
Suzanne Rhodenbaugh Scrub Palmetto     27
Jonathan K. Rice Ice Cream     53
Virginia Smith Rice pre : light     68
Virginia Smith Rice Derelict, Kerosene     68
Virginia Smith Rice Glass Flight     68
Virginia Smith Rice Begin with a Diamond (Weld, Welt)     68
Katy Richey Vagina Cognizance     53
Melissa Ridge Fou, Fou Beauty     27
Rainer Maria Rilke The Rose Interior (tr. by Len Krisak)     59
Maritza Rivera Consequences     45
Maritza Rivera Saudade     58
Maritza Rivera Shibari     60
Maritza Rivera Jealousy     61
Nanette Rayman Rivera fate discovers a fish     56
W.M. Rivera Mortality     56
W.M. Rivera Piques     58
W.M. Rivera Let's pretend     58
W.M. Rivera Walking in Central Park     65
William Rivera In Love     68
Liz Robbins Before the Cut     59
Charles E. Roberts borges     45
Kim Roberts St. Anthony Preaching to the Fish     41
Kim Roberts Half-Built House     48
Kim Roberts A Private Tour     53
Kim Roberts Not-So-Super Heroes     57
Kim Roberts The Thing in the Thing     60
Kim Roberts Kim Roberts     61
Kim Roberts The Fiji Merman     68
Stephen R. Roberts In Remembrance of the Creature     56
Stephen R. Roberts Roy and Dale Memorabilia     59
Stephen R. Roberts Pineapple Western with Slow Posse     68
Roger Robinson Her Thirtieth Year     42
David Romanda drought     59
David Romanda Heart-Shaped Box     62
David Romanda Bucket List     64
David Romanda Next Big Thing     64
David Romanda Fortune-Cookie Fortunes     65
Daniel Romo Pancho as Protagonist in the 9th Grade Grammar Book     59
Kathleen Rooney 'Tis the Season to Submit     56
Carol Rosenfeld I was a Sexual Switzerland     47
John Roth Head-Case Aquarium     65
John Roth Resurrection Minutia     65
Stuart Ross Dick TV     61
Anne Rouse from His Coy Mistress     42
Anne Rouse from The Good Weekend [Friday]     42
Kalen Rowe Humane     62
Jay Rubin Day of the Dead     60
Ronald Simon Rubin The Spanish Lesson     57
Helen Ruggieri Goodbye Jack Kerouac     60
William Rushton Remembering Birds     45
Rusty Russell Before and After Bloomington     50
John Rybicki Coal Boys     37/38
John Rybicki St. Timothy's Home for Boys--1983     45
Judi A. Rypma Night Watch     50
Daniel Saalfeld Slow Season     58
Daniel Saalfeld DC Poem     65
Daniel Saalfeld Spring Again     65
Patrick Saari Quartet     7
Rebecca Sabin The Facts of Life     42
Taylor Sacco Cum Blossoms     65
Taylor Sacco Meditations     65
Carly Sachs The Game     53
Jenny Sadre-Orafai Instructions for the Cheat     56
Miriam Sagan Yosemite. This Light.     17/18
Miriam Sagan Flamenco     37/38
Miriam Sagan Views of the Pecos     37/38
Miriam Sagan Fourth Street     50
Miriam Sagan Ana Mendieta: Falling in Four Elements     50
Bruce Sager Question     65
Karen Sagstetter Bread     5
Natasha Saje Fruit     41
Kristopher Saknussemm Call to Worship     35
Tomaz Salamun Zinacantan (tr. by Michael Thomas Tarne)     57
Tomaz Salamun Holderlin in Bordeaux     61
Michael Salcman The Cubist     48
Michael Salcman Vault No. 2, Shelf, No. 36     58
Marty Sanchez-Lowery Chinese Ink     64
Marty Sanchez-Lowery Dancing Your Age     64
Kaia Sand The Fruit We Eat     43
Joshua Sapan Floating Above the City to Irving Berlin     56
Sarah Salai The Quiet Softness     57
Gerard Sarnat 67% Hopperized Bathos     65
Jane Satterfield The Poet's Brother at Seventeen     58
Jane Satterfield "The Water-Cure"     58
Joel Sattler Arrows     32/33
David Howard Sawyer Atomic Shuffle     6
David Howard Sawyer Afro-Heat     7
David Howard Sawyer Voice in the Dark (1.)     10
Leslie Scalapino from Deer Night     41
Simon Scardanelli Uncommon Times     39/40
M. A. Schaffner The Onion Apps     60
M. A. Schaffner Algorithm Deflector Search Terms     65
M. A. Schaffner From Reedsville to the Big City     65
Sami Schalk Promiscuous Promesia     57
Lorraine Schein The Crafty Ones     54
Lorraine Schein Marvel     58
Lorraine Schein A Nevelson Triptych     64
Lorraine Schein The Secret Hour, Before the Rain     65
Lorraine Schein The Yellow Fairy Book     65
Diane Schenker Poem with No Pants On     55
Tatyana Scherbina The Mermaid (translated by Jim Kates)     37/38
James Schlatter Conception of Skolopendra     56
Sam Schmitt Suburban Myth #12     51
Mather Schneider Midnight in the Beer Garden of Good and Evil     55
E.M. Schorb The Final Tithe     56
Eric W. Schramm Five Landscapes with Shopping Cart     59
Mike Schultz !;     8
Janice Lynch Schuster Language Acquisition     64
Patricia Roth Schwartz After the Velveeta Buses     50
Peter Schwartz Naked Woman/Naked Man     55
Claire Scott Did They     65
Claire Scott My Father's Death     65
C. M. Scott Cake at the Counter Feels Good     50
Maureen Seaton (w/Denise Duhamel) The Scarlet Letter     41
George J. Searles Shoptalk     62
Claudia Serea After Nina’s Funeral …     62
Claudia Serea

The Street Shaped Like a Key

Maureen Seaton (with Denise Duhamel) The Scarlet Letter 2     41
Larry C. Seely The Mirror     4
Emily Severance Espousal     59
Eric Paul Shaffer Picnic in the Year Zero     55
Eric Paul Shaffer The Godzilla Delusion     57
Eric Paul Shaffer God as a Dispenser of Pez     64
Daniel M. Shapiro Brian Wilson Begins to Compose "Good Vibrations" outside Dripping Cave, Calif., 1966     58
Gregg Shapiro Suspicious Honeymoon     35
Gregg Shapiro How to Flirt     61
Gregg Shapiro The Indignities     61
Cathryn Shea Under "M"     54
Cathryn Shea The Lake Doesn'€™t Know     65
Cathryn Shea A Marriage Next Door     68
David Sheridan New Wave     19
David Sheridan War Dance     19
David Sheridan And Ten Hail Marys     19
David Sheridan Abandoned Upland Farm     19
David Sheridan From An Indian Woman's Bio     19
David Sheridan Learning An Old Language     19
David Sheridan Invaders Out of the North     19
David Sheridan The Gonif's Daughter     19
David Sheridan Yes, Here     19
David Sheridan Good-bye, Gillian, Good-bye     19
Gregory Sherl Basic Cable     56
Gregory Sherl Once Upon a Time     59
Gregory Sherl

Nine Out of Ten Republicans Will Not Buy My Next Poetry Collection

Gregory Sherl In the Dining Hall at the OCD Center at Cedar Ridge     68
Gary J. Shipley Waiting on Ectoplasm     59
Gary J. Shipley Barf Chair     61
Peter Jay Shippy Keir Dullea Gone Tomorrow     53
Larissa Shmailo The Girl @theparisreview Says Uncool     58
Amber Shockley

Daniel Was Failing French, So He Hired a Tutor

Michael Shorb Elegy for the Aral Sea     57
Kristina Webster Shue Never the Same Place Twice     65
Shoshauna Shy Crippled     45
John Siddique when I saw you from the sky     42
John Siddique fiftyfirstsecond the heaviest hush     42
Labi Siffre Requiem     42
Labi Siffre Assault with a Deadly Weapon     42
Martha Silano Blue Positive     50
Barry Silesky A Line     57
Barry Silesky Her Voice     60
Barry Silesky

French Toast

Edgar Gabriel Silex Distances     41
Edgar Gabriel Silex Letter to Calliope     57
Edgar Gabriel Silex Nothing     57
Edgar Gabriel Silex Fortune     60
Edgar Gabriel Silex Graduation     60
Marisa Silva-Dunbar We Invited Discord to the Family Dinner     62
Barbara M. Simon The Boys     43
Brian Simoneau I Hold a Grudge Against a Well-Known Poet     59
Ifigenija Simonovic Love Poem     41
Ifigenija Simonovic I Used to Be a Girl     41
Lucy Simpson Transformation in White     56
Ronnie Sirmans Lot and Daedalus     56
Hal Sirowitz Mortician School     48
Denis Sivack Ear     43
Judith Skillman Old Lover Poem #54     8
Judith Skillman In Sickness the Mind     8
Judith Skillman The Crinolines     54
Judith Skillman Andy Warhol Circa 2015     64
Dave Slater Jean-Louis     7
Dave Slater Poem     7
Bob Slaymaker Yearning     41
Jessica Sleider These Villagers Ride Anemic Equus, or My Dear Got Caught Stealing     58
Jessica Sleider Plastic Pieces     58
Jessica Sleider river, n. fem.     58
Gary Sloboda Ohio Riff     64
Gary Sloboda St. Rose     64
Gary Sloboda Through Radnóti’s Eyes     64
Noel Sloboda Trim Fit     59
Noel Sloboda Dear University Office of Risk Management     60
Noel Sloboda Passages     60
Noel Sloboda Last Days of the Mattress King     61
Noel Sloboda At the Tattoo Removal Center     64
Noel Sloboda The Patron Saint of Piggy Banks     64
Noel Sloboda Grading While the Roof is Being Replaced     65
Noel Sloboda Tarzan in Suburbia     65
Erin Elizabeth Smith The Plastic Triceratops Questions Behavioral Integrity     59
J.D. Smith Dachshunds of Buenos Aires     55
J.D. Smith Upon Further Review     65
Joan Stepp Smith Sparrow Meat     57
Katherine R. Smith Hard-Hearted Woman     53
Maggie Smith In His Hand     39/40
Patricia Smith Dear Jimmy Connoll     57
Patricia Smith Because     57
Patricia Smith

One Way to Run from It

Mark Smith-Soto Drifting Away     53
W. Loran Smith The Playboys     41
Linda Smukler (w/Kevin Killian) A Lover's Complaint     43
Steve Sneyd Aladdin     5
Steve Sneyd Too Young to Die     5
Steve Sneyd An Imaginary Dublin     8
Steve Sneyd Pure Affectation     11
Jay Snodgrass My Ghost Made an Art Movie: 27.2     59
Laurel Snyder Dog     53
Laurel Snyder Bye     53
Anthony Sobin The Calculation     22/23
Andrew Sofer Aunt Winnie     41
Paul Sohar War Bread     55
Rose Solari Abortion Elegy: What I Know About Her     39/40
Rose Solari Elegy for the Sleeping Girl     48
Rose Solari Who, What, When     58
Rose Solari The Last Girl     58
Rose Solari Another Country     61
Robert J. Solomon For Thornton Wilder - Dec. 7, 1975     5
Katherine Soniat Somnambulist     43
William Soule Remembering Father     56
Amy Souza Dissolution     64
Amy Souza Way Out     64
Emma Sovich Of Two Mouths     60
Emma Sovich Of Two Davids     60
Barry Spacks A Seagull     60
Neil Sparkes portrait of a city dweller     42
Neil Sparkes like falling in love     42
Neil Sparkes scattering     42
Neil Sparkes count your blessings     42
Amy Bracken Sparks Dark Matter Draws Me Home     53
Sparrow Beautiful Cowards     39/40
Sparrow A New Poem     39/40
Alan Spears Woman in a Red Dress-Escalator Down!     42
Alan Spears Taking Her Photograph Down     42
Alan Spears Working on My Jealousy Issues     42
Alan Spears It’s Amazing What You Get Used To     48
Laurel Speer Yesterday's Doxy in Vienna     17/18
Meg Spencer-Gorman Vienna, 1968     5
Meg Spencer-Gorman Fistula in Ano     5
Meg Spencer-Gorman At the Bus Stop     5
Lana Spendl Flinging Superstitions     65
David Spicer The Transexual's Lament     17/18
David Spicer This Poem Again     22/23
Rob Spiegel Supergirl's Poem     57
The Poet Spiel interpretive solo     64
The Poet Spiel the preaching     64
Richard Spillman Sex and Memory     53
Richard Spilman Last Days of the Dynasty     60
Richard Spilman Summer in Taipei, 1968     64
Michael Spring jazz in the time of war     62
Michael Spring new tribe     62
Carlie St. George Brains     56
Carlie St. George "Why Princess Leia Never Became a Jedi ..."     57
Carlie St. George The Kiss     58
Carlie St. George Ob/Gyn     58
Marilyn Stablein Helium Event     57
Marilyn Stablein Dry Humping on Stage     57
Marjorie Stalmach Learning to Use Our Scalpels     62
Robin Standish Sweet Graffiti     45
Wilson Stapleton The Hungry Wolves     11
Medeia Starfire House Gown     60
David Starkey Renaissance Humor     56
David Starkey To the Science Professor Across the Canyon, Who Died     56
Sampson Starkweather Be Jazz, Die     50
Gary Stein The Cremationist’s Day Off     48
Gary Stein The Cremationist’s Day Off     68
Gary Stein Teegarden’s Star     68
Adele Steiner The Class Reunion     48
Adele Steiner Growing Up in 1962     51
Kurt Steinwald Physics     57
Kurt Steinwald Gettysburg     59
Kurt Steinwand Black & White 1966     61
Kurt Steinwand Lucky Lindy     65
Kurt Steinwand Woodstock     65
Kurt Steinwand Pantone Library of Color     68
Kurt Steinwand Free Huey     68
M.G. Stephens Prince Wen Hui's Cook     58
M.G. Stephens The Ferret's Poer     58
M.G. Stephens The Storyteller     58
M.G. Stephens A Bad Case of the Blues     65
M.G. Stephens Expanding Outward     65
D.E. Steward The Line     55
D.E. Steward Latrine     56
D.E. Steward Syndetic     57
D.E. Steward Oneiros     57
D.E. Steward "Killed at Resaca"     58
D. E. Steward WCTU     60
D. E. Steward Off Kiritimati     61
D. E. Steward I Won’t Be Familiar Again     61
D. E. Steward Beyond Herat     64
D. E. Steward Habermas     64
Bianca Stewart And     55
Walt-Christopher Stickney She Got It All But She Don't Do Much Wid It     10
Cheryl Stiles Watercress Sings     54
Dennis Ward Stiles Itch     47
Terry Stokes The Prince of Impotence     14
Terry Stokes Chapter 28: Someone Has Been Trimming the Trees with Pretzels     50
Carolyn Stoloff Fashioning a Widow     42
Carolyn Stoloff Where Are You?     54
Holly Stone Revolutionary Pudding     64
Holly Stone The Little Snow Globe Place in Our Society     68
Mary Stone This is Dating     65
Darrell Stover Ethnopharmacology of Snake Bite Cues     39/40
Laren Stover Roy Deutsch Poem     15/16
Bradley R. Strahan Atlas     5
Bradley R. Strahan Empty Places     7
Bradley R. Strahan Rattlebone’s Theory of History     64
Kurt Straube For M.B.     56
Silvana Straw no mercy: a love poem     35
Silvana Straw Fede     37/38
Silvana Straw Our Lady of the Unauthorized Biography     39/40
Silvana Straw How I Was Terrorized by a Poodle in the Elevator of the Empire State Building While Visiting New York with My Boyfriend     39/40
Silvana Straw I Should Have Been Crazier     47
Silvana Straw Gay Italian Man     47
Silvana Straw Dear Mark     58
Silvana Straw Sherman     58
Laura-Gray Street Meet Me at the Speed of Light     53
Laura-Gray Street Crowd Looking at a Tied-Up Object     53
Laura-Gray Street Recreation Center     53
Laurie Stroblas Grunion     5
Laurie Stroblas Canyon: A Setting for a Story     5
Dan Stryk Ornament     53
Tom Sturch Pioneer Species     60
Tom Sturch


Adrienne Su Childhood Pets     42
Adrienne Su I Can't Become a Buddhist     42
Adrienne Su Fashion Magazines     47
Adrienne Su College     47
Adrienne Su Harvard     54
Adrienne Su Home Baker     68
Adrienne Su Mobility     68
Dariel Suarez Signs     59
Dariel Suarez (My) Colossus     62
Dariel Suarez Cassoulet     62
Virgil Suarez Milagros La Flaca     41
Virgil Suarez Auto Erotica     41
Virgil Suarez Pinkie     43
Belinda Subraman Refugee     65
Doc Suds scrimshaw poem     60
Elizabeth Sullam Not Blue Roses     32/33
KMA Sullivan River's Bend     59
Tim Suremondt Fishing on a Sunday with Helen Vendler     48
Tim Suremondt Bartleby in Ho Chi Minh City     60
Tim Suremondt

Finding the Book I’d Been Looking For

Tim Suremondt Not Everything Has to Always Make Sense, Like Today     65
John Surowiecki Watching Sea Hunt with J. Z. and S. Z.     50
John Surowiecki French Lesson aprés Larry Rivers     50
Alison Carb Sussman Acting Like a Woman     64
Sharon Suzuki-Martinez The Monster’s Magic List     65
Terese Svoboda Bring Home the Groceries     59
Terese Svoboda Banduri or Mandari or Merle     59
Terese Svoboda The Disappearing Hippo     59
Elizabeth Swados Ships     51
Elizabeth Swados No Photographs, Please     53
Elizabeth Swados The Visit     53
Gopal Swaminathan Sitting in a Corner Feeling     8
Marc Swan Mexico DF     57
Marc Swan Acceleration     64
Marc Swan Before Ralph Nader Wrote His Book     65
Marc Swan Wild West     68
Dennis James Sweeney 66°20’S 124°38’E     64
Jennifer K. Sweeney Death Valley     54
Todd Swift Curing     43
Todd Swift Why I Do Not Carry a Gun     43
Todd Swift Public Service Announcement     43
Todd Swift Café Alibi     47
Todd Swift On the Back of the Hip Young Poet's Book     47
Todd Swift The Eyes of England     50
Todd Swift Ivo, Marianopolis, 1984     54
Todd Swift Mr. Death     54
Todd Swift Mr. Charisma     58
Todd Swift On Reading an Anthology of Younger American Poets from the '80s     58
Todd Swift Azoospermia     58
Graham Sykes The Further Figure     7
Pia Taavila-Borsheim Peaches     64
Pia Taavila-Borsheim Toward Death     64
Eileen Tabios The Artist Looks at the Model     44
Eileen Tabios Falling Up     50
Kelly Talbot Stars Entering the Flow     65
Kelly Talbot The Drumming of Wings     65
Kelly Talbot The Shimmer     65
Emily Tallman Backstage at the 1999 Miss California Pageant     56
Jenniey Tallman A Yellow Bowl     65
Jeff Talmadge Visiting Your Home in the Country     3
Jeff Talmadge The Only Woman in the Carolinas     8
Jeff Talmadge Cross-Country Drive     64
Jeff Talmadge Just Another Town     64
Jeff Talmadge Reunion     64
Jason Tandon Lines in Early Autumn     64
Jason Tandon Locker Room     64
Jason Tandon Memory     68
Doug Tanoury Retail Egyptology     48
Peter Tatlin Made Rich     41
Peter Tatlin Paris Revisited     41
Peter Tatlin Light     42
Adam Tavel Letter to Hathaway Writ in Water     59
Adam Tavel How to Write a Nature Poem     68
Adam Tavel Smear     68
Dabrina Taylor The Vendor's Mare     32/33
Devin Taylor Adventure Time! Circle All That Apply/[Sophomore Slump]/[I Believe I Can Fly]     65
Ed Taylor Bear Crossing     60
Ed Taylor


Ed Taylor Elegy     65
Eleanor Ross Taylor Three Witches     59
Eleanor Ross Taylor Tony's Mother Left Him 7 Umbrellas     59
Eleanor Ross Taylor Writing in the Dark     59
Henry Taylor One Morning, Shoeing Horses     17/18
Henry Taylor The Savage God: Clerihews     43
James Taylor Dear Paul     32/33
Jim Taylor Crusoe and I     64
Ross Taylor Copier     51
Cynthia Tedesco Fragment XIV     44
Samantha Erin Tegangco Upon Viewing Man Ray's Noir et Blanche     57
Mark Terrill Terminal Satori     45
Mark Terrill Eggburgers     51
Mark Terrill A Poem for the Here & Now     53
Mark Terrill The Refit     58
Terrell Jamal Terry Faintly Majestic     65
Terrell Jamal Terry Three Moons     65
Adam Tessier It's a Shame about Ray Eames     57
Andrea Tetrick Olympia Deluxe     39/40
Parker Tettleton Mad Snickerlish     59
Parker Tettleton 7-4     62
Parker Tettleton I Won’t Be Familiar Again     62
Parker Tettleton Love Poem     65
Parker Tettleton Love Poem     65
Parker Tettleton Love Poem     65
Simon A. Thalmann Maybe Boston     56
Hilary Tham May Means Beautiful in Chinese     37/38
Alexander Theroux Dropping Fleas into a Glass of Water     41
Alexander Theroux To Mickey Hood Who Travels the World     41
Maribeth Theroux The fish-fry     58
Charles F. Thielman His Teenage Octave     62
Charles F. Thielman Steps Away from Undertow     62
Naomi Thiers Fires I Have Seen     58
Naomi Thiers Signature     58
Meg Thompson Little-Known Facts about Ford Festivas     54
Meg Thompson Question for my Nurse Practitioner     57
Meg Thompson 13 Affordable Ways to Become a Famous Poet ...     59
Sue Ellen Thompson The Paper Dress     60
Padma Thornlyre Mavka #35     59
Maureen Thorson Purple Haze     60
Venus Thrash November Night     47
Venus Thrash Born Negro, Born Black     51
J.C. Todd Circus Child     22/23
Jim Tolan Corpus Poetae     57
Jim Tolan Broken     58
Jim Tolan Bouffant     58
Barbara Tomash from Flying Water     50
Hannah Tomlets So I Made You Pregnant (tr. by Harry Leeds)     60
Teniola Tonade How Golden, At Last, Is the Recovered Fleece?     65
Sally Toner Boating on Lake Anne     65
Sally Toner Prom Afternoon     68
Sally Toner When Your Healthiest Relationship Is with the GPS     68
Mitchell Toney Recreation     37/38
Michelle Tooker Motorcyclist on 206     59
Mike Topp French Style     41
M. Kaat Toy Low Tensile Strength     60
M. Kaat Toy Neologism Psychosis     64
Jo Dianne Trask Coming Back     5
John J. Trause The Mermaid     62
John J. Trause

Winter Cabbage

Billie Travellini Upon Reading Rene Descartes' ...     57
Billie Travellini Everything I Know About Religion I Learned from My Breasts     57
Billie Travellini Anatomy of a Frog     57
Meredith Trede Returns of the Day–New Mexico     48
Meredith Trede Still the Noises     57
Meredith Trede An American in a French Cemetery     60
Meredith Trede Child of My Child     61
Meredith Trede

Xian Warriors

Meredith Trede Steel the Soldiers’ Hearts     64
Meredith Trede What Will You Wear to War, Darling Boy     64
David Trinidad Fortunes     39/40
David Trinidad Penelope     50
Samuel Rogers Truitt Four Poems from Alter     35
Lori Tsang winged communion     42
Lori Tsang Live Music     47
Jim Tucker New York Morning     35
Melissa Tuckey A Lesson in Cuban Cooking     54
Rod Tulloss 1954     22/23
Rod Tulloss Finding the Masculine Principle in Babyshit     24
Tim Turnbull Raw Horse     41
[John] Tuschen The Dancer     5
[John] Tuschen The Day Was Fine     5
[John] Tuschen Paris Morning     6
[John] Tuschen At the Speakeasy ('74)     7
[John] Tuschen Bombed at Three in the Afternoon     7
[John] Tuschen Land Mines & Dreams     48
[John] Tuschen One Moment     48
[John] Tuschen Poem to the Lithuanian Lady     48
[John] Tuschen Finally Meeting Neruda     48
Stacy Tuthill Separation     10
Christopher Twigg Gorillas     41
Steve Tyler My Cockroach     35
Steve Tyler Spring 1966     37/38
Laura Ulewicz The Prologue of Demon is Spoken     39/40
Sandee Gertz Umbach Cures for Epilepsy     59
Lee Upton Barbara's Story     22/23
Lee Upton Hand-Made Pin, Madonna: Book of Kells     39/40
Sara Uribe clepsydra     60
Sara Uribe Diana (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)     60
Jonathan Vaile The Shadows of the Aurora     45
James Valvis The Pause     57
James Valvis For the Headless Mannequins     59
James Valvis How I Became Mexico     61
Diana Vance Looking Into the Backyard     14
Ryan G. Van Cleave Back Porch Blues     43
P.C. Vandal In the House No One Plays     60
P.C. Vandal Something From Nothing     60
Mimi Vaquer On the Discovery of the Wild through the Drawings of a Small Child     57
Ruth Vaughn Castle Rock     41
Thomas L. Vaultonburg The Streak     50
Thomas L. Vaultonburg A Poem I also title "The Donner Party"     59
Thomas L. Vaultonburg Brautigan's Poetry     59
Thomas L. Vaultonburg Beaten mmmmmm     59
Janine Pommy Vega Jameson's Whiskey     11
Janine Pommy Vega Dream in Absentia     15/16
Janine Pommy Vega The Politics of Insomnia     39/40
Paul Vega I Sit and Look Out     5
Dan Vera Nabokov Visits the Smithsonian     57
Dan Vera Lago de mil ojos     57
Erick Verran Maiden Voyage     68
William Viant Doomsday     43
Idea Vilarino I Want [tr. by Jesse Lee Kercheval     65
Idea Vilarino You Don’t See Me     65
Rebecca Villarreal Isaiah     48
Rebecca Villarreal Fairy Lashes     61
Helen Vitoria Being Philomena     60
Jim Vollmar Midwinter Maneuvers     17/18
Kim Vollmer-Lawson w/ Jenny Badman Ways to Appear a Reliable Source     57
Avni Vyas Dear Floozy     57
Julie Marie Wade Hester Prynne     55
Julie Marie Wade Morton's Girl     55
James Wagner Kafka     43
Liz Waldner Adam Au Verso     43
Ronald Wallace Dress Right Dress     55
Ronald Wallace In the Winter Kitchen     57
Darryl Wally Crocodile Child     14
Hugh Walthall Otiose Bones     22/23
Hugh Walthall hunki-dori     22/23
Jamie Warburton From a Young Girl     59
Dave Ward Untitled     7
Dave Ward Untitled     7
Dave Ward There Are Eyes in the Trees     9
Randi Ward Home     64
Barrett Warner The Boat     43
Kenneth Warren Johnny Angel     37/38
Michael Waters Voronet Blue     42
Michael Waters Last Day on Ios     58
Michael Waters Horse (Ars Poetica)     58
Michael Waters Quoting Rumi     61
Michael Waters McSorley’s (1969)     68
Michael Waters Psychological Sit-Up     68
Riggin Waugh Girl-So-Queer     50
Riggin Waugh Charm School     50
Afaa M. Weaver A Photograph of Negro Mania     24
Afaa M. Weaver Homecoming     37/38
Afaa M. Weaver The Labor Feast of 100 Jokes     48
Anna Lowe Weber Block Island, 2015     65
Ron Weber The Somnambulist     14
Ron Weber Slash and Burn     27
Danae Weimer The Widow     37/38
Danae Weimer Women with Big Shoulders     39/40
Danae Weimer In the Orchid’s Voice of Waiting     64
ruth weiss One Night     41
ruth weiss I am Calling You     54
ruth weiss For Carol Bergé (1928–2006)     54
ruth weiss For Philip Lamantia     54
Anne Pierson Wiese Bird on Barck Street     68
Anne Pierson Wiese Out of Reach     68
Dillon J. Welch Today, Your Spirit Animal is on Sale at IKEA     60
Holly Welker 1812 Overture     56
Holly Welker Dalliance     56
Brandi Wells unsuccessful interloper     60
Brandi Wells jury member     60
Brandi Wells the handsome man     60
Thomas Wells Open Reading     9
Tim Wells Cinnamon Girl     41
Tim Wells Biscuits Ain't Biscuits 'til They're Baked     41
Julia Wendell Wafers     61
Julia Wendell Dieting     61
Dieter Weslowski If the Bahamas     27
Dieter Weslowski After a Motet by Eugenio Montale     27
Christopher West Six Haiku     2
Christopher West Something Simple     2
Katherine West After the Bomb     65
Paul West Invocations     51
Sharlie West Café Noir     47
Tom Whalen Incompatibility     48
Tom Whalen In an Antique Shop Window     48
Cate Whetzel Isty, Chantress of Amun, in the Two Lands     60
Cate Whetzel

The Seam

Cate Whetzel

To Chauvet Cave

Basil White Thalia Says Goodbye     61
Basil White What a Hunting Dog Knows     61
Mike White World Peace     54
Quinn White Amnesia     62
J. T. Whitehead Chrome     60
J. T. Whitehead Almost Bourgeois     65
James R. Whitley Cantata No. 21     48
Allison Whittenberg One World or None     54
Peter Wild Turtles     17/18
Peter Wild Local Historical Societies     37/38
Sally Wilde Top Ten from the Bottom     57
Sally Wilde Prodigal     58
Sally Wilde

The Beginning of the Affair

Sally Wilde


Sally Wilde

The River, from the Other Side

Sally Wilde X.The.Wheel This Must Be the Place     58
Carl Wilfand A Standard View     1
Gregg Wilhelm Concerto the First     61
Gregg Wilhelm Jutting Out (Patapsco)     65
Gregg Wilhelm Thief River Scrap     65
Charles Wilkinson -lith     60
Derek JG Williams Archivists     64
Ian Williams West of Boston     55
Jill Williams Speculum     62
L.B. Williams At Fourteen     62
Theresa Williams Reading Winesburg     59
Mary-Sherman Willis A Door, A Mat     60
Shangrila Willy Persephone among the Birds     58
Shangrila Willy The Snow Queen     60
Shangrila Willy Concerto the First     61
Rick Wilson Cross-Country     11
A.D. Winans 71 Going on 72     55
A.D. Winans Poem for Allen Ginsberg     55
A.D. Winans Thinking Back to My Publishing Days     60
A.D. Winans Back from an MRI     65
A.D. Winans Thoughts on the California Drought     65
A.D. Winans Woman on the Balcony     65
Terence Winch Pegleg     41
Rosemary Winslow Recess     53
Pamela Murray Winters Alphabet Series: S     51
Pamela Murray Winters Guitarslinger     57
Pamela Murray Winters Exegesis of a Bootleg Tape of "Truckin'"     58
Pamela Murray Winters The Essential Man     60
Pamela Murray Winters

An Imagined Garbo …

Pamela Murray Winters Cropedey     61
Pamela Murray Winters Whip-Smart     62
Pamela Murray Winters Two Texas Folk Films     64
Pamela Murray Winters Pam Plays That Tiny Violin     65
Pamela Murray Winters Small Repair     65
Pamela Murray Winters Oliver Schroer’s Last Invention     68
Pamela Murray Winters Fifty-Five     68
Pamela Murray Winters Carom     68
Pamela Murray Winters Altogether     68
Rob Winters Make Way for Ducklings     68
Shannon Connor Winward Eruptions     65
Shannon Connor Winward In Conception     65
Shannon Connor Winward Peach Pie     65
Laryssa Wirstiuk Central Avenue Voodoo     64
Mark Wisniewski Chris Farley's Funeral     44

Mark Wisniewski

In or Out     47
Mark Wisniewski Dreams     47
Mark Wisniewski Maturity     59
Valerie Wohlfeld Vespers     39/30
Valerie Wohlfeld Hive     68
Valerie Wohlfeld Horse Latitudes     68
Bill Wolak Impossible Tenses     57
Bill Wolak You Who Taught Me Tenderness     57
Bill Wolak Irresistible as a Wish     60
Bill Wolak What Love Protects     60
Bill Wolak Wind-seeking Seeds     64
Emma Sky Wolf Time for Herself     56
Emma Sky Wolf Nap Day     58
Emma Sky Wolf Familiar     68
Michele Wolf Forest Encampment     64
Michele Wolf Runaway     68
Michele Wolf Homeless     68
Kathi Wolfe What Angels Do on Their Day Off     50
Kathi Wolfe Dancing with Martha Graham     53
Kathi Wolfe If I Have to Leave     56
Kathi Wolfe Uppity Writes on Tinseltown's Facebook Wall     58
Kathi Wolfe Frank O’Hara Speaks of Helen Keller     60
Michele Wolfe Small Talk with an Eight-Year-Old     48
Sarah Wolfson From the Annals of Taxonomical Mishap     48
Sarah Wolfson Trappings     48
Pui Ying Wong View from the Writers’ Room     65
Joseph P. Wood Good Night Nobody, Good Night Mush     56
Deborah Woodward Junior High Bathing Suit Muse     56
Deborah Woodward McGuffey: The Generous Traveler     60
Deborah Woodward

McGuffey: Anna’s Nettle

Anne Harding Woodworth You Ask Me What’s in My Little Notebook?     62
William Kelley Woolfitt Manzanar Haibun (ii)     64
Peter Woolson Middle Ages     17/18
Nicholas YB Wong Thoughts on Teachers in Hong Kong: An Alien Encounter     59
Pui Ying Wong That Kind of Day     58
Ernie Wormwood Emily     56
Stefanie Wortman Careless Simile     59
Charles Edward Wright e     56
Kirby Wright Kowloon Tong at 3 O'Clock in the Morning     59
Kirby Wright Driving by SeaWorld     64
Kirby Wright The Leaping Off Place     64
Andrea Wyatt Arguing About the Line, the Breath     65
Andrea Wyatt Trout Fishing at Chicoutimi     65
Andrea Wyatt Mark Rothko’s Paintings     68
Andrea Wyatt Galesville     68
Andrea Wyatt 1919     68
Hastings Wyman, Jr. Poets Prolonging the Evening     6
Hastings Wyman, Jr. I Was Drinking Coca-Cola     10
Acquin Mitsuo Yamagishi Although She Left     8
Acquin Mitsuo Yamagishi A 5-7-5 Syllable Verse     8
Acquin Mitsuo Yamagishi Uncertain Day     8
Alyssa Yankwitt I’m the One Who Burns     64
Wynn Yarbrough What Wild Play Enrages In Us     62
Bill Yarrow What the Hell Am I Doing?     61
Yi Yon-ju Prostitute 7 (tr. by Don Mee Choi)     45
Yi Yon-ju An Executioner Doesn't Have the Time to Read a Letter (tr. by Don Mee Choi)     45
Katherine E. Young Fish Tale     60
Katherine E. Young On the Bosphorus     60
Katherine E. Young Succuba     65
Katherine E. Young Today I’m Writing Love Songs     65
Rose Zaeske Pink     41
Ed Zahniser A French Trapper Names the Teton Mountains     51
Ed Zahniser Treatment Plan     56
Ed Zahniser National Anthem at Birth, 1814: An Homage     64
Ed Zahniser Persistence of the Parent Tapes     64
Ed Zahniser Ted Berrigan Visits the National Gallery of Art     64
Ed Zahniser The Tibetan Buddhism GPS Device     64
Ed Zahniser No More Duct Tape Solutions     68
Ed Zahniser Dear Heloise, Dear Abby, Dear Someone     68
Ed Zahniser If They Ask You     68
Kevin Zambrano Argonautica     60
Karen Zealand If Watermelons Were Confetti     39/40
Corey Zeller The Background Singers     55
Burgi Zenhaeusern Evening News     54
Burgi Zenhaeusern Mass at Easter in the Alps     64
Thaddeus Ziolkowski The North American Wrass     27
Theodora Ziolkowski Shakespeare's Children     59
Theodora Ziolkowski Brontë for Beginners     61
Fredrick Zydek Letter to Kelly About the Land of Pain     50


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