Audio Index
Kim Addonizio "What Do Women Want?" (w/musical backing) 46
Kim Addonizio Full Moon (w/music) 46
Brother Ah/Brian Gilmore America (w/music) 46
Robert Anbian and the UFQ: The Unidentified Flying Quartet We 63
Robert Anbian and the UFQ: The Unidentified Flying Quartet Wish We Were Here 63
Nin Andrews Sea World 46
Nin Andrews Domestic Bliss 46
Jillian Ann Ministry 52
Mark Ari Advice to a Friend Offered a Suspiciously Inexpensive Apartment in New York 67
Mark Ari Bull Moose 67
Joshua Auerbach Descent 49
Joshua Auerbach Diary of a Journalist 49
E. A. Aymar/DJ Alkimist The March (w/ Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks) 67
Jenny Badman The Boyfriend Poem 49
Jenny Badman Not Only . . .   49
Eric Baizer/Zenon Slawinski Outlaw (w/music) 28
Abby Bardi Back to Thumbelina (song) 49
Mary Bargteil Epidemic 63
Eugénie Bisulco Little Dave 49
Eugénie Bisulco The Body’s Mirrors 49
Heather Shayne Blakeslee Mrs. D (song) 49
Blind Bot's Mule Witchin' Hour 63
Bob Boilen/Carmen Delzell Swangin' (w/musical backing) 36
Neil Boyack A Chair in the Shower (w/music) 49
Kate Braverman True Story 52
Steven Ford Brown Love Poem 36
Susan Browne After Breaking-Up with My 27th Boyfriend (w/music) 46
Susan Browne Full Moon, Cabo San Lucas (w/music) 46
Tara Campbell w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ Alkimist The March (w/Holly Karapetkova, Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks) 67
Helene Cardona Embers 67
Kenneth Carroll The Domino Theory or Snoop Dogg Rules the World 46
Sandie Castle The Vampire 34
Mike Chitu Swing Shift (instrumental) 36
Mike Chitu Tuscaloosa Nights (instrumental) 36
Mike Chitu Borrowed Wings (instrumental) 36
Maxine Clair Running 34
Maxine Clair Dejavu 34
Maxine Clair Penmanship 34
Maxine Clair Lone Lily Beside the Road 34
Grant Clauser Ode to Jackalope 63
Cravin' Dogs 95% Dark Matter (song) 52
Jane Creighton from "My Home in the Country" 34
Teri Cross-Davis Letdown 67
Jennifer Cutting Affirmation Song 52
Hayes Davis Inundated 67
Nicelle Davis The Body Is a Border 67
Nicelle Davis Body Story 67
Barbara DeCesare The Birthplace of Aviation 46
Carmen Delzell/Bob Boilen Swangin' (w/musical backing) 36
Donna Denizé Sacred Geometry 49
Donna Denizé Babylon to Baghdad 49
Claudia DePaul 1/2 Wit (song) 36
Claudia DePaul Death Box (A Lament) (song) 36
DJ Alkimist/E.A. Aymar The March (w/ Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, , Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks) 67
Gabriel Don Slippery Eels and Assorted Lovers 67
Sean Thomas Dougherty Oberek #12 49
Ann Downer The Synesthete 29
Ann Downer Eve Named the Whales I Think 29
Ann Downer Koko 29
Ann Downer Practical Holiness 29
Ann Downer Rabelasian Spring 29
Ann Downer Dead Cat 29
Frances Driscoll Incomplete Examination 67
Cornelius Eady & Rough Magic Limo 63
Cornelius Eady & Rough Magic Twilight is The Hour (Master 2) 63
John Elsberg News Report: Analysis 28
John Elsberg The Administrator 28
John Elsberg Junk Ball 28
John Elsberg Voices from a Marriage 28
John Elsberg After Attending a Bly Workshop 28
John Elsberg Home-Style Cooking on Third Avenue 28
Blair Ewing From the Annals of the 2nd War on Iraq 49
Dyane Fancey Lazarus 29
Dyane Fancey Yoshino at Suppertime 29
Dyane Fancey The Dark Glass of Memory 29
Ian Ferrier w/Catherine Kidd I Am the One 49
Ian Ferrier Where Will I Ever Find You (w/music) 49
Five & Dime June 32nd (song) 49
Richard M. Flynn from The Age of Reason 34
Thaisa Frank The Kissing Booth 67
Bernadette K. Geyer The Eye Forgets 49
Bernadette K. Geyer The Rose Forgets Its Beauty 49
Jane Gillman Listen to the Thunder (song) 36
Brian Gilmore/Brother Ah America (w/music) 46
Salena Saliva Godden Portsmouth 46
Edward Gold Valentine 36
Edward Gold Saturday Morning 36
Edward Gold S.O.S. 36
Robert Gray Mask (instrumental) 29
Paul Grant Utilities 34
Paul Grant Sail Away 34
Paul Grant Visiting Hours 34
Paul Grant Metagraywacke 34
Sy Gresser Almost Recognition 36
Sy Gresser A Turn in the Road 36
Sy Gresser From a Great Distance 36
Sy Gresser The Porter 36
Teri Youmans Grimm This Is How It Ends 67
Janet Hamill w/Moving Star The Sphinx at Sea (w/music) 49
Greg Hannan Requiem 36
Greg Hannan The Light for Our Surroundings 36
Reginald Harris Resume 52
Reginald Harris Why I Can't Take You Nowhere 52
Reginald Harris M.T. in Solitary 52
Catherine Harnett Being Satisfied 36
Catherine Harnett The World Through Your Eyes 36
Catherine Harnett Summer 36
Lola Haskins For Those Who Will Not Vote 67
Lola Haskins & Ben Noyes The Lake 67
Allison Adelle Hedge-Coke & Rd Kla Harp Strings 67
Allison Adelle Hedge-Coke & Rd Kla Reduction 67
Jared Hendrickson No Title 34
David Hernandez How to Commit Adultery 52
David Hernandez Damage 52
Nigel Hinshelwood From the P. T. Barnum Journals 29
Nigel Hinshelwood Buddy's Poem 29
Nigel Hinshelwood Some Old Infatuation 29
Bill Holland & Rent's Due Band Anxiety (song) 28
Lida Husik Lovers Divine (song) 46
Lida Husik Breeze (song) 46
Hyaa! Columbus Day (song) 36
Reuben Jackson The Big Chill Variations 34
Reuben Jackson To Newport 34
Reuben Jackson CIA Love Song 34
Reuben Jackson Felix 34
Bruce A. Jacobs Shock (w/music) 46
Bruce A. Jacobs Jeep Cherokee (w/music) 46
Lane Jennings Not Ungrateful 28
Lane Jennings Romance 28
Lane Jennings Companions 28
Gretchen Johnsen Audition 28
Gretchen Johnsen Caravan 28
Gretchen Johnsen Pygmalion 28
Gretchen Johnsen Ice 28
Gretchen Johnsen Intermission 28
Gretchen Johnsen Viele Tabletten 28
Gretchen Johnsen Cain's Lament 28
Gretchen Johnsen Love Poem for Perry Mason 28
Gretchen Johnsen For David 28
Dan Johnson The Road I See 28
Dan Johnson A Translation 28
Dan Johnson The Net Mender 28
Beth Joselow An Act with Chimps 29
Beth Joselow The Boy Next Door 29
Beth Joselow One of Our Most Popular Acts 29
George Kalamaras Buhaina 52
George Kalamaras For Good 52
Holly Karapetkova w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ Alkimist The March (w/, Tara Campbell, Meg Opperman, and Amber Sparks) 67
Greg Keeler Proud to be Proud (song) 49
Catherine Kidd w/Ian Ferrier I Am the One 49
John King Spinning 63
Rd Kla & Allison Adelle Hedge-Coke Harp Strings 67
Rd Kla & Allison Adelle Hedge-Coke Reduction 67
Wayne Kline Bigfoot 29
Brigitte Knudsen Subconscious Hues/Fly on the Wall (w/music) 52
Lambs Eat Ivy Fertile Decay (song) 36
Priscilla Lee Becoming a Cross Dresser 46
Priscilla Lee Chinese Girl in the Mirror 46
William Levy Rome: Partners in Crime 52
M.L. Liebler/Country Joe McDonald The King Tree (w/music) 46
M.L. Liebler and the Magic Poetry Band And I Ain't Never Gonna See Bobby Rush
No More! (w/ music)
Little Pink Bumblebee (song) 46
Jeffrey Little NBA Ursonata 52
Edward Lynskey Fallen Angels 36
Edward Lynskey Little Boy Blue 36
The Magic Poetry Band & M.L. Liebler And I Ain't Never Gonna See Bobby Rush
No More! (w/ music)
Sydney March Monk’s Misterioso 49
Karen Mal w/Jeff Talmadge Inside the Brackets (song) 49
Sydney March Improvisation for a Machete and 2 Hummingbirds (w/music) 49
Jeffrey McDaniel What Year was Heaven Desegregated? 49
Jeffrey McDaniel Supreme Courtesans 49
Country Joe McDonald/M.L. Liebler The King Tree (w/music) 46
Franetta McMillian Henry Box Brown on the Slow Boat to China (w/music) 52
Leeya Mehta 4th Street Plaza 67
Leeya Mehta The Restful God 67
Leslie F. Miller Goddesses 36
Leslie F. Miller Tortoise Cats 36
Leslie F. Miller In the Sixth Grade 36
Bill Minor Sandra Bullock 63
Bill Minor Q-Tips 63
Charley Moon The Bluebird Lounge 36
Charley Moon True Confessions 36
Charley Moon Airplanes & Locusts 36
Charley Moon A Desperate Woman 36
Christopher Morgan The Drowning Yard 63
Sharon Morgenthaler Every Time I See Blue 29
Sharon Morgenthaler Very Glad Things Never Change 29
Sharon Morgenthaler The Price of Fame 29
Sharon Morgenthaler I'll Tell You What 34
Sharon Morgenthaler Tru Luv 34
Sharon Morgenthaler Sin 34
Sharon Morgenthaler Sex 34
Sharon Morgenthaler Me With My Libido . . . You Saying Something about True Blue 34
Michael Morrissey The Mature Man in the Kitchen 34
Michael Morrissey The Mature Man Goes Traveling 34
Michael Morrissey The Mature Man's Health 34
Michael Morrissey The Mature Man Considers the Moon and Poetry 34
Michael Morrissey The Mature Man's Wife 34
Thylias Moss A Piece of the Culture of Funnel Cake (w/music) 52
Moving Star with Janet Hamill The Sphinx at Sea (w/music) 49
Elisabeth Murawski Frightened by Italy 63
Elisabeth Murawski Safeway Via Dolorosa 63
Elisabeth Murawski The Day Pablo Neruda Met My Mother 63
Fortune Rebecca Nagle David's Clock 36
Fortune Rebecca Nagle Photo: Teatime in Taos 36
A.L. Nielsen On the Move 34
A.L. Nielsen Driving to San Jose 34
A.L. Nielsen from Yellow 34
A.L. Nielsen A Pack of Lies 34
Damon Norko Whimper 28
Ben Noyes & Lola Haskins The Lake 67
Lisa Null/Bill Shute Remember the Poor 67
Elizabeth Oness Music Lessons 36
Meg Opperman w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ Alkimist The March (w/, Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, and Amber Sparks) 67
Sibbie O'Sullivan Worship the Worm 34
Sibbie O'Sullivan Shadow Dancing in the Suburbs 34
Sibbie O'Sullivan Another Photograph 34
Carlo Parcelli from Empiricism in the Glossomorph 28
Passiflora and Mesmer The Nursery (w/music) 52
Passiflora and Mesmer Picture (w/music) 52
Neelam Patel Reflection 52
Neelam Patel Song of Dance 52
Isabella Perelman Pandora's Box 63
Isabella Perelman Sea Changes 67
Ruth Pettus Hand Job 36
W. T. Pfefferle New Mexico (song) 49
John Ramo & Zenon Slawinski Quatre Bras (instrumental) 28
Rent's Due Band & Bill Holland Anxiety (song) 28
Doug Rice Here Lies Memory 63
Hugo Rizzoli Dreaming About Yul Brynner 36
Hugo Rizzoli Greetings from Florida--A Postcard 36
Hugo Rizzoli Putting the Aerialists to Bed 36
Bruce Robinson, Zenon Slawinski & Mike Willis Silent Waves (instrumental) 28
Andy Rojas What Vallejo Calls Notre Dame Bridge 67
Joe Ross Measure of Central Tendency 36
Joe Ross Up the Alps 36
Joe Ross Thoughts Aback 36
Joe Ross Iron Curves 36
KD Rouse and the Sams Tinybits 52
Miranda Saake Saturn Song (w/music) 52
Carly Sachs Jack in the Pulpit No. 4 67
Jennifer Sainato Concentricity 36
Jennifer Sainato Gypsies 36
Jennifer Sainato In the Shadow of Mary 36
David Sheridan Ephemera Vulgata 28
David Sheridan Resistance at the Future Site of the New Tokyo Airport 28
David Sheridan After Long Rains 28
David Sheridan DC-10 Dream 28
David Sheridan Cruising Along Dream 28
Bill Shute/Lisa Null Remember the Poor 67
Zenon Slawinski Amphibian (instrumental) 28
Zenon Slawinski & John Ramo Quatre Bras (instrumental) 28
Zenon Slawinski, Mike Willis & Bruce Robinson Silent Waves (instrumental) 28

Zenon Slawinski/Eric Baizer

Outlaw 28
Zenon Slawinski Indiana Danza (Pt. 1) (instrumental) 29
Zenon Slawinski Indiana Danza (Pt.2) (instrumental 29
Zenon Slawinski Silica (instrumental) 29
Zenon Slawinski/Sarah Tuft Disunentanglement (w/music) 34
Zenon Slawinski Now Hear This (instrumental) 49
Andrew Sofer Conkers 46
Andrew Sofer Find a Way Home (song) 46
Andrew Sofer Down in the Valley (song) 49
Rose Solari Letter from Sligo Creek 36
Rose Solari John and His Sister 36
Julianna Spallholz Candy 52
Julianna Spallholz Record 52
Amber Sparks w/ E. A. Aymar/DJ Alkimist The March (w/, Tara Campbell, Holly Karapetkova, and Meg Opperman) 67
Alan Spears/Jim Williamson Lavaman (instrumental) 46
Silvana Straw Alba 34
Silvana Straw Love You Like I Love Jesus 34
Silvana Straw References 34
Silvana Straw Come to Your Senses 34
Silvana Straw Teratophobia 52
Silvana Straw Ever Since He's Been Taking Anti-depressants 52
Swifty Lazarus History Is Dead/Read My Lips (w/ music) 46
Eileen Tabios Grey, Surreptitiously 46
Eileen Tabios Adultery 46
Jeff Talmadge w/Karen Mal Inside the Brackets (song) 49
Brian Tate The Furnace 36
Brian Tate Build My Gallows High 36
Dabrina Taylor Coming Down at the Reception 34
Dabrina Taylor Landscape with Chicken Feathers 34
Dabrina Taylor Little Suite for 6 a.m. 34
Dabrina Taylor Portrait of Frida Kahlo Dressed as a Tehuana 34
Mark Terrill Think of Death as a Subway Station in Paris (w/music) 49
Mark Terrill God’s Tired Eye (w/music) 49
Mark Terrill A Poem for Parking Lots 63
Mark Terrill A Poem for the Here & Now 63
Mark Terrill Approaching Elmshorn 63
Mark Terrill Laughing Butcher Berlin Blues 63
Hilary Tham The Body is Weak 36
Hilary Tham Mama Washington on How to Fry Fish 36
Hilary Tham Upturned Palms 36
Venus Thrash Uncivil 52
Samuel Rogers Truitt The World Remains 36
Samuel Rogers Truitt Three Points of Leaving--Aubade 34
Sarah Tuft/Zenon Slawinski Disunentanglement (w/music) 34
[John] Tuschen Uncle Harry’s Tombstone (w/music) 49
Jonathan Vaile Ode to that Woman Driving by in the Pinto (w/music) 52
Vapor Trails Como se llama mama 63
Rebecca Villarreal Fresh Tomatoes 46
Rebecca Villarreal Orange Food 46
Rebecca Villarreal A Girl Undone by Firelight 63
Rebecca Villarreal Listen 63
Rebecca Villarreal Staycation 63
Rebecca Villarreal Mama Chelo 67
Rebecca Villarreal Miss Maggie 67
Matthias von Hintzenstern/w ruth weiss THIS IS REALLY REAL (w/music) 49
Daryl Wakely Aspects of the Theory of Suntax 34
Daryl Wakely Three Points of Leaving 34
Ken Waldman The Violinmakers (w/music) 46
Rosmarie Waldrop from The Reproduction of Profiles 34
Robert Walker More Evidence My Father is a Ray Carver Character 67
Randi Ward Phone Call 63
Randi Ward After Berry Picking 67
Randi Ward Creek 67
Randi Ward Leaves 67
Henry Warwick Indus(trial) (instrumental) 36
Henry Warwick New Friends (instrumental) 52
Afaa M. Weaver Water Song 29
Afaa M. Weaver In Paris on a Humble 29
Afaa M. Weaver A Room (for Nelson Mandela) 29
Ron Weber Menage a Tois 34
Ron Weber Churrigueresque ... 34
Ron Weber The Joy of Boring 34
ruth weiss w/Matthias von Hintzenstern THIS IS REALLY REAL (w/music) 49
Jim Williamson Blue Light On (instrumental) 46
Jim Williamson/Allan Spears Lavaman (instrumental) 46
Mary-Sherman Willis The Wall Is Our Shepherd 67
Mary-Sherman Willis The Doe Steps Inside 67
Mary-Sherman Willis Camped in Oak Shade 67
Mike Willis, Zenon Slawinski & Bruce Robinson Silent Waves (instrumental) 28
Rick Wilson Quarry 36
Rick Wilson Poem, Little Tavern 36
Rick Wilson Homing In 36
Wishes and Water Thursday Four (song) 34
Wishes and Water Closed Doors (song) 34
Ann Zimmerman Go Away & Die (song) 49
Thad Ziolkowski Aubade 29
Thad Ziolkowski The Sepulchre of Simon Says 29
Thad Ziolkowski The North American Wrass 29
Thad Ziolkowski Evening Mechanism 29
Thad Ziolkowski Untitled 29
Eleni Zisimatos Bluebird 49
Eleni Zisimatos Filling the Void 49


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