Jet Set Jewel

Pete Brown

The jet set steal each others men and women,
Ride each other
Through the star-encrusted night
Everythings allright
When chips are down
Theres always trips
In other peoples clothes

Hey neon rose
Hey deep set jewel
Why must you be so cruel?

The jet set up each others price and vices,
Toast each other
In the yacht-bespangled bay
Everythings so gay
When time is bad
Theres always sniffs
While other faces pose

Hey neon rose
Hey deep set jewel
How can you be so cruel?

Through the coloured glass
I can see Im getting
Right out of my class
Theres a German girl
With a ringmasters whip
At the front of the ship
0 drag me down so I cant see
How high you get
0 bring me up so I cant see
The low hung places where we met,
You and me,
Jet set

The jet set grab each others purse and reverse
Ask each other
To the diamond sequined ball
Everything is all
(Into each pocket a little rain must fall)
When wine is spilt
Theres always laughs
Up someone else's nose
Hey neon rose
Hey deep set jewel
Why must you be so cruel?


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