Dating the Dick Heads

Michelle T. Clinton

One head takes me down to venice for foreign films
           with hot reputations & a cutrate price. we suck
           natural popcorn in the dark, i let him crowd me
           into his armpit, i let him touch me
           so he can feel lucky.

Another head takes me across town to restaurants in hollywood
           & orders stuffed chicken legs & lemonade made
           with artificial sweetener. the service
           of the third world servants pleases him,
           they lift the legs with tongs & lay them on my plate
           'look sir,' they say, 'she's smiling already.'

They call me, those heads, they feel me out, they pick up
           the check & woosh open the door from the restaurant,
           the door to the car, they say they don't wanna
           play games, they wanna be real, honesty
           makes the head harder
           i uncross my legs & put my hands on my knees.

What woman don't look good in restaurant lighting
          i paid good money for jafra foundation white
          stick so i don't look so old
          my eyelashes glitter with technology & advanced
          yoga technique hold the sags back.

He is wearing shaving lotion squeezed
          from the testicles of beavers.
          i am wearing robes that close
          at the neck keep my shape
          a mystery.

Dessert is ordered & we talk;
         my ex-old man, his current old lady
         boys & girls at war & how much of a feminist are you
         examples of bitches he has known
         you're over thirty & should probably think marriage
         putting the hump back into a doggish throw down
         & how not to intimidate men
         with stories of lesbian love
         race relations: black
         dick head asks if I prefer white
         white dick head asks for the truth: is black dick head

I am sweet i guarantee
& all i want is dinner


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