a wave in which

Todd Baron

a room imagined or a room entombed.
in a picture the first person to be studied.
a tender mix of soft wool & flannel
by the sea. a bed by the wayside a cat
in the undertone. windows lined with face
about to be drawn & broken. it happens to be
day or a day or it's night & you dream
on the white couch by the open air.
a uniform by the door by the polished floors. and.
intrusion of a name. outside
you gather wind. stalks of liberty. a
flag by the ocean must be rain or a recording
of hand-claps. one of those faces.
then glow from matches a series of shots
of the dark. then the weather gets cold. you
picture the dream. it signifies you. grey gloves,
grey leather gloves lined with fleece.
the wool nap break of cuff against shoe.
white shirt with pearl buttons. the music
just goes on. "love is good for anything
that ails you . . ." it must be spring or winter.
there is no name.


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