Legal Training

William Holland

Hold on to the banister coming down.
Stairs, especially the ones, Astaire,
that are clear of sleeping cats
and shoes and the pile to go upstairs,
are next dangerous to flight.

Grab it, think of the neck of a shyster
who's just held up his white hands
going now let me explain
after he rippled and splayed his cards face down
with a misty and fluttery smile
and began to list the options available,

just about to flip you overboard
like a clam whose single muscle
wasn't triggered by the heat to pop open,
to leave you bubbling in the circle
of bright and bobbing boats for hire
with glossy white donut life rings
all painted with the names
of their weekend port:
Trish, Golly 'O Molly, Fine Fran.


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