Otiose Bones

Hugh Walthall

as the sedan struggles speedily up a twisty misty road
toward a momentous mountain (peak)
I recognize (behind the wheel) a brunette from the Casino
who once "spent the night" with Frank Sinatra
and later married a trumpet player

my husband and I
were into heavy drugs when I got my nickname
the Whore of Bubblegum and (naturally)
the CIA "hushed up" EVERYTHING about those rocket ships
that crashed in rural Mexico

for some reason (suddenly) she's angry:
I hate France why do you insist
on "bringing up" France?
anyway it will be a summer again (soon) and we'll have
a major forest fire

we "go into" a famous restaurant
OWNED & OPERATED by the Tooth Fairy's Twin Brother an (seemingly)
elegant gentleman who allows:
the Lions are in the Acropolis Room if you'd like
lunch in the Athens Lounge?

yes yes bring us shrimp cock-tails
she wants to know "for sure" if it's as hard as they say (it is)
for a young couple just starting out?
I'm not much "on the outside" but you can have me (for)
next to nothing.

Frederick assumed the Crown but I alas cannot
mother is a notorious "free spirit"
father remains "unenthusiastic" about the (forthcoming)
railway debentures ALSO:

according to a Mr. Lewis
financial aid is now available for all who "qualify"
moreover (in his words) it always has been
I know this makes you happy


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