For a Woman Not Put Off

David C. Childers

I see you now particularized
inside a room in comfort,
shut in like Tut, shut out
from the fat lip of main street.
Particular you, particular view,
eyes green and love
It makes me embarrassed.

Let me apologize for the meat hook.
It fell out of the gut of the night.
It is an old, unstoppable habit of mine
to carry such things around.
They keep me honest.

Here's a social upheaval. Here's a child
who's proud of new stockings. She barks
maidenhead. Here is a city,
now its ashes. Here is our reflection
in a lake upon those ashes.
They tumble out of the sack
which is my instincts.
Into the closet they go.

Tomorrow you may find a sparrow within,
or skies electric with good weather:
Or air; just air.
Here now,
you are beautiful.


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