Detective Io

Harrison Fisher

        The Dark Lady snatches her husband's prize
heifer, certain of his latest dereliction. Her
beady-eyed torpedo keeps an eye on the beast, but
her husband, potentate of illimitable recourse,
dispatches a messenger to put down the hired gun
and spring the heifer, lo in bovine. The likes of
Spade come flying after her. Their chase spans
continents, Spade paid by the Dark Lady to harass
relentlessly. If it ends in Egypt, mistress becoming
queen, even saint, for her troubles, then he didn't
soften to the girl. If they cross paths with Moto,
everyone dies mysteriously, Spade two years later to
the day. They stop to eat watercress with the Guinea
Pig People, a troupe of actors employed by the lusty
spouse, who wants a quiet tableau for his next move;
Furryland will do. He appeals to the stuff Spade's
made of, and when the tough op senses something
shifty, he goes for his gun to find that his shoulder
wields an insect's thing. Amazing wings buzz on his
back; they jerk him into the air. A woman waves good-
bye to him.


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