Gargoyle #9 Cover
cover drawing by Ashby North
publication date 3/23/1978





John Elsberg - The British Scene

Richard Gess - News from Hacker City: Some Considered Opinions on the Electric Bass

Michael Horovitz - from Notes on Jazz Poetry

Richard Peabody - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Book Reviews

Ron Androla - Time of Distance

Frank Broderick - An Heroic Poem

Pete Brown - Jet Set Jewel

Diane DeVaul - The Parable of the Wise Frog

Bela Egyedi - Wrap

Superimposed Image

Cosmic Message?

Harrison Fisher - Burning the Empty Ax

Burning the Emptier Ax

How to Write

Now to Write

Michael Horovitz - ParadiCe

Paul House - The Poet Tires

Kathleen Ingram - In Spring

Donna Kaulkin - The Death of a Marriage

Mutations of a Modern Housewife

Lyn Lifshin - Ms Numb and Co.

Cherries Jubilee

Sunday Kapiolani in the Shade of the Monkey Pod Tree


Brian Pohanka - Seaside

July 1936

Dave Ward - There Are Eyes in the Trees

Thomas Wells - Open Reading


Mary Clearman Blew - The Pretty Wolf

Christine Lahey Dolega - Mrs. Jameson (pt.3)

Bela Egyedi - Loose Change

Frank Gatling - Perimeter

Wolfgang Hildesheimer - Why I Became a Nightingale (tr. Patricia Haas Stanley)

Ashby North - My Dog

Steve Sneyd - When Maggots Wag Their Tails


Bela Egyedi - 2 collages

Caroline Forsyth - lino cut

Cynde Pierce - 2 drawings


Barak Strahan - drawing

Zenon Slawinski - 5 drawings

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