Gargoyle #8 Cover
cover photo by Stan Wayman
publication date 12/2/1977





Andrew Darlington - Thom Gunn--A Sense of Movement

Richard Peabody - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Book Reviews

Ron Androla - Days of You

Stephen Cicciarelli - Oh Tap Dancing God I Love You

David Clarke - Further Horizons Frantic with Detail

Bela Egyedi - tempora mutantur


Larry Eigner - any more hours Paris

For R. A.

Real Faucher - clutching at straws

Steven Fustero - The Day the Squirrels Ran Over the Cars

Herbert S. Guggenheim - The Image

Susan Hankla - Questions

Elegy for a Motorcycle

Gayle Elen Harvey - but knowing . . .

one by one . . .

Paul House - Pearls in a Glass

Imprecise and Unimportant

Gray Jacobik - Anniversary Poem

James Maher - North Brunswick

Sam McMillan - Sky Searching

Carnival At Midnight

Joyce Merritt - Scheherazade

Desmond O’Brien - The Moon Is So High

Let’s Go Out of This Dark House

Joan Papalia-Williams - ***

Patric Pepper - Young Man at a Shopping Center

Thomas Pride - A Common God Divides

Mike Schultz - !;

Judy Kastner Skillman - Old Lover Poem #54

In Sickness the Mind

Steve Sneyd - An Imaginary Dublin

Gopal Swaminathan - Sitting in a Corner Feeling

Jeffrey D. Talmadge - The Only Woman in the Carolinas

Aquin Mitsuo Yamagishi - Although She Left

A 5-7-5 Syllable Verse

Uncertain Day


Christine Lahey Dolega - Mrs. Jameson (part 2)

John Feeney - Fragments on the Genesis of a Dialectic

George Myers Jr. - An Apartment of Modern Art

Memory Turning Into Itself

Colin Sargent - A Sestina in Prose

Joseph Scovitch - Life’s Little Party

Kevin Urick - To Those Who Can Handle Success


Chris Rexon - 5 photos

Zenon Slawinski - 2 drawings

Barak Strahan - drawing

#8 Pub date: 12/2/1977
Launch at the Writer's Center in Glen Echo, MD.
Gray Jacobik, James Maher, and Pat Pepper read poetry.
Al Lefcowitz stepped in and read for the absent Colin Sargent.

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