"Button Typewriter" cover art by Marilyn Stablein.





Claire Blechman - Derrida, Interrupted

Carolyn Cooke -
The Rape Parade

Carmen Delzell - Moving Away

Brandel France de Bravo - I’ll Make Room

Simki Ghebremichael - The Wedding Season

Albert Abonado -
The Secret History of Joy Division

Monkeys on the Hood

Clayton Adams -
This Nickel and Dime War


Heather Anastasiu - The Body Dynamic

Nin Andrews - How to Write an MFA Poem

- How to Write an Artistic Statement for a Grant Application

- How to Become a Famous Poet

- How I Became Our Lady of the Orgasm

Saadia Ali Aschemann - Below Zero

JoAnn Balingit - My Life as the Fugitive, Tijuana

Mary Bargteil - An Elegy in Word Problems-

The Authorized Artifacts of Lilith

Laurel Bastian - Callipygian

- Appetites

Jeffrey Bean - The Dead Arrive

Jill Beauchesne - A Tale of the Makara

Maria Bennett - four metaphors for the body

Clifford Bernier -
Congo Square

Linda Blaskey -
World Atlas

Claire Blotter - Elegy for
an Electric Angel

Dan Brady - From “Sonnets to E—”

Elissa Braff - Synthology

Steven Breyak - What I Learned in Bill Knott’s Poetry Workshop

Phillip Calderwood - H

Michael Casey - diction,
a detriment to the working class

Alex Chertok -
Being Liquid

Katharine Coles -
Pancake Batfish

Antoinette Constable - Reading His Letter

Robert Cooperman -
The Museum of Lost Causes

Claudia Cortese -
Places to Hide

Nina Corwin - Chameleon Man Flips History While Penning a Switch

Bill Costley - BYRD fiddles in purgatory

Kelly Coveny -
The Orkin Man

Barbara Crooker -
Very Long Afternoons

- All Saints

Jim Daniels - Spinning Donuts in the Universal City Mall Parking Lot …

Kristina Marie Darling - Footnotes to a History of the Victorian Novel

John Davis - Dear John Letters

Barbara DeCesare - Accidents Grotesque

Liz Dolan - The Russian Émigré’s Book Store

Philip Dozal - Garcia Lorca’s Coffee Lounge

Doug Draime - Zoot Sims Crying Softly

Gabe Durham - Craft Hut

Moira Egan -
Wisteria sinensis

Kristina England -
When I Die

Blair Ewing - For My Father


Sarene Friedman - Cupcake

Molly Gaudry - Bug, Car, Man: A Triptych

- Velveteen

- Is to love an imperative infinitive?

- A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings

Megan Giller - Someday, When I Meet You in a Foreign City

Kimberly Grey - Mnemonic of the Invented Man

Mnemonic for the Reconstruction of Memory

Michael Gushue - The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Explained

- Thirteen Ways of Looking at Bling Teeth

Jeff Hardin - Compelled

David M. Harris -
Ever After

Nowan Hasm - Stickingjagged Edgers

Chris Haven - How Nuclear Fusion Works

Kathleen Hellen - You’re Nothing If I Don’t Believe

David Hernandez -
The Pompous Man

Alison Hicks - Tu Me Manques

Le Hinton - God’s Immaculate Memory

Fire in the Night

Jean C. Howard - The Visit

Colette Inez - Windlust

Fred Joiner - half note


Don Judson - the secret of the world is the beautiful room you die in

Anne Keefe -
Neruda’s Things

Stephen Kessler - Sonny Rollins at Zellerbach

Danil Kharms - Trunk
(A Hard Case) [tr. by Alex Cigale]

Alan King - My Barber Will’s Case Study of the Flintstones

Benjamin C. Krause - Jasper Owen Interview

Sarah Layden - Monkeys Ponder What Could Have Been

A. Loudermilk - Lisp

Adrian C. Louis - Horse Academy

- Professional Development Plan

K.E. MacMillan - Periodicals of Grief

Anthony Madrid - We
Find the Boom Is Too High

Stephen Malin -
Forecast: Dry

Aoife Mannix - The Last Show: A No Beginning

Nicobar Scare Devil

Joyce Mansour - Four Poems (intro + tr. by Bill Wolak)
- Fever (tr. by Bill Wolak)

- Invite Me

- The Blind Intrigues

- The Amazon

Peter Marcus - Crabs in Recife

Hugh Martin - Home from Iraq, Eating Dinner

Frank Matagrano - Self-Portrait with Facebook

Steve McClain - The Colombian Prayers: Poemstories Assembled from the Green Year City

Sjohnna Bruce McCray - Burning Down Suburbia, An Ode to Bob Ross

- Night Sweats

Alex McRae - The Kiss

Mark Melnicove -
Four Blessings

Michael Monroe -
Blown Cover

Nancy Carol Moody -
The Negative Space of Cows

Stephen Moran - Annie

Mary Morris - Have
You Ever Been Experienced?

The Wind Whispers Mary, a Namesake

Kristine Ong Muslim - Abandoned Dwellings

Tim Myers - Trilobite

James Norcliffe - The flying saucer is a breast

Jay Pabarue - trip, We take a desperate

Shelley Puhak -
The Death Quartet

Kim Roberts -
Not-So-Super Heroes

Ronald Simon Rubin -
The Spanish Lesson

Tomaz Salamun - Zinacantan (tr. Michael Thomas Taren)

Sarah Sarai -
The Quiet Softness

Sami Schalk -
Promiscuous Promnesia

Eric Paul Shaffer -
The Godzilla Delusion

Michael Shorb - Elegy for the Aral Sea

Barry Silesky - A Line

Edgar Gabriel Silex -
Letter to Calliope


Joan Stepp Smith -
Sparrow Meat

Patricia Smith -
Dear Jimmy Connoll


One Way to Run from It

Rob Spiegel -
Supergirl’s Poem

Carlie St. George - Why Princess Leia Never Became a Jedi ...

Marilyn Stablein -
Helium Event

Dry Humping on Stage

Kurt Steinwand - Physics

D. E. Steward - Syndetic


Marc Swan - Mexico DF

Adam Tessier - It’s a Shame about Ray Eames

Samantha Erin Tetangco - Upon Viewing Man Ray’s "Noir et Blanche"

Meg Thompson - Question for My Nurse Practitioner

Jim Tolan - Corpus Poetae

Billie Travelini - Upon Reading Rene Descartes …

Everything I Know About Religion I Learned From My Breasts

Anatomy of a Frog

Meredith Trede -
Still the Noises

James Valvis - The Pause

Mimi Vaquer - On the Discovery of the Wild through the Drawings of Small Children

Dan Vera - Nabokov Visits the Smithsonian

Lago de mil ojos

Kim Vollmer-Lawson w/Jenny Badman - Ways to Appear a Reliable Source

Avni Vyas - Dear Floozy

Ronald Wallace - In the Winter Kitchen

Pamela Murray Winters - Guitarslinger

Bill Wolak - Impossible Tenses

You Who Taught Me Tenderness

Forrest Aguirre - Gepetto

Roberta Allen - Signs

– Secrets

Stephanie Allen - Life and Times

Alexander V. Bach - Ye Ol’fashioned Olfactory

Jill Birdsall - Sea Monkeys

Jamie Brown - How do you Get to the Sixties?

Rae Bryant - A Pop-Modern Genesis

Tom Carson - from Daisy Buchanan’s Daughter

Kim Chinquee - I Got Shot

- Doodle

- Chasers

- Wildcat Mountain

- She Had Legs

- Stillbirth

Susann Cokal - Perfect, for You

Charles Conley - Data

Beth Couture - The Disappearing Children

Ramola D - Adulthood

JenMarie Davis - from The Science Concerned

Katrina Denza - The View Is Like Something from Seurat

Glenn Deutsch - The Closing

Meghan Dombrink-Green - Bog

Janice Eidus - There Is a War

Saskia Fischer - The Ship of Sheep

Thaisa Frank - Enchantment

Scott Garson - Certain Things I Might Have Done in 1998

Alessandra Gelmi - Diary Entry

- Twigs

James Grady - Demolition Derby

Myronn Hardy - Pluto

Jessica Hollander - Ultimate Makeover: Zombie Edition

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft - March

Julie Innis - Metallurgy

Robert Kloss - How the Old Man Trained His Assassins

Bettina Lanyi - Chocolate Bust

Nathan Leslie - In Different Rooms

Peter Tieryas Liu - The Buddha of Many Parts

Ben Loory - The Swimming Pool

Jonathan Mack - The Extinction of Stories

Cynthia Newberry Martin - Mackenzie

Susan McCarty - Corridors

Lindsay Merbaum - Solitude

Corey Mesler - Monster

Janet Mitchell - Scenes From a Funeral

David Mohrmann - Monster

Teresa Burns Murphy -
Mr. Bra

Clare Marie Myers -
The Scene

Susan Smith Nash -
I, Vampire

M. E. Parker - The Man Inside Her

Meg Pokrass - The Party

- So Much to Tell

Zena Polin - Warm Ice,
Cold Eggs

Meredith Pond - On a Dark Desert Highway

Wena Poon - Extract from The Biophilia Omnibus

Pilar Quintana - from “Collectors of Weird Screws” [tr. by Joel Streicker]

Michelle Reale - Timbal

Doug Rice - A Prayer for One Sentence

Ethel Rohan - Sorry

Gabriela Romeri - HYPNOS 101

Ann K. Ryles - How My Heart Spoke and I Heard the Voice of Pain ...

Kris Saknussemm - Letters from Old Girlfriends

Robert Scotellaro -

Lynda Sexson - Eye of a White Rabbit

Elisabeth Sheffield - i live in a hole

Marcia Slatkin - Gifts

Curtis Smith - Silent

Katherine Smith - Phantom

Amber Sparks - The Woman Across the Water Wore the Shape of Love

Dawn Sperber - Wind in a Ring Box

Daniel Stolar -
Twenty Years Later

Lee A. Tonouchi - Sex and the Holy City

Roz Kuehn Unruh - Suburban Window (from “Various States of Undress”)

Judy Viertel - Becoming Steadily Denser

Elizabeth Warren - Last Year’s Model

Paula Whyman -
Another Story

Bess Winter - Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds

Sally Wilde – Top Ten from the Bottom

Frontispiece: Matthew Kirkpatrick - Light without

2 collages: C. Albert -
Offering, Over the Town

2 collages - Bill Wolak