Gargoyle #5 Cover
cover drawing by Keith Tartler
publication date 3/18/1977





Paul Caruso - Notes from Albion

William Radford-Bennett - Classical Recordings

Meg Spencer-Gorman - Book Review

Henry Barian - A Recurring Mood

If Tybalt’s Wound Had Healed

Robert B. Bowie - Our Lady the Teeth Wants More


d. Cahill-Terry - Untitled

David Clarke - Trysting No One

Sex Begins to Merge with Other Feelings


Andrew Darlington - A Feast of Fiends

Artificial Ecstacy

Another Poem

Elzabeth Ring Hennefrund - The Dane

David Hickman - The Drift

Andrea Lagan - untitled

Joseph Lewis - Loneliness

James Maher - Sakatchewan

E. Ethelbert Miller - Flight

Kathleen Novak - Certain People

Reasons Why

Desmond O’Brien - Poem

The Filled Pipe

Earth Pancake - A Dream to Be

Richard Peabody - Parisian Days

Karen Sagstetter - Bread

Steve Sneyd - Aladdin

Too Young to Die

Robert J. Solomon - For Thornton Wilder--Dec. 7, 1975

Meg Spencer-Gorman - Vienna, 1968

Fistula in Ano

At the Bus Stop

Bradley R. Strahan - Atlas

Laurie Stroblas - Grunion

Canyon: A Setting for a Story

Jo Diane Trask - Coming Back

Tuschen - The Dancer

The Day Was Fine

Paul Vega - I Sit and Look Out


David Hickman - The Wall


Norm Devalliere - Natacha (drawing)

Zenon Slawinski - drawing


#5 Pub date: 3/20/1977
Launch at the Writer's Center in Glen Echo, MD.
David Hickman, Meg Spencer-Gorman, and David Clarke read poetry.

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