Gargoyle #39 Cover

cover photo by Claudine Schafer-Legrand
publication date 4/4/1997

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Nick Cave - The Flesh made Word

Joan Haverty Kerouac - from Nobody’s Wife

Richard McCann - A Late Moment, On the Phone

Gregg Shapiro - Defending Karen Carpenter

Patience Agabi - Pain Doesn’t Hurt

Elizabeth Alexander - Washington Etude

Bob Arnold - Treasure

Jeanne Marie Beaumont - She Speaks From Experience

Photographing the Dolls

Paul Bennett - In the dark between dreams

James Berry - Bearded Old Sam

James Bertolino - Like Ripe Pear

Kevin Bezner - To Think of Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams One Morning Driving to Work

The Boy

Valerie Bloom - Lizards

Katherine Burger - Paying For Your Girlhood Sins

Michael Collier - Moon Valley Country Club

In Achilles’ Tent

Lynn Crosbie - Superfly

Paul Teale, Mon Amour

Jim Daniels - Eating Drunk

Donna Denize - Running the Big River

Denise Duhamel - My First Book Was Like My First Baby


Russell Edson - Getting the Doctor Into the Kitchen

The Sititng Organ

Elaine Equi - Beauty Secret

Sunil Freeman - The Performance Artist Recalls

Outside Looking In: Psychedelic Syllabics

John Hegley - The Reward

Michael Horovitz - West London Breakfist Morning, November 1996

Barbara Hurd - Imagine Hope

Reuben Jackson - Love #49

One More Once

Mahmood Jamal - No Comment

Ron Kolm - Open File

Inge Elsa Laird - ‘...They gave birth astride of a grave..’

Michael Lally - More Than Enough

Fran Landesman - Epiphany on the A Train

Priscilla lee - After the Bird

Gwyneth Lewis - The Field

The Device

Paul Lyalls - Writers on the Storm

Joanna McClure - Respite

2 a.m.

Jeffrey McDaniel - Billy Idol

Heather McHugh - Busy Dot Com

Not So Fast

E. Ethelbert Miller - Co=Star

Whispers, Secrets and Promises

George Myers Jr. - Mrs. Shapiro’s One-and-One-Half Prayers

Mrs. Shapiro Remembers the War, Mum

Peggy Pfeiffer - Harbinger

Margaret Randall - Hunger’s Table

Simon Scardanelli - Uncommon Times

Maggie Smith - In His Hand

Rose Solari - Abortion Elegy: What I Know About Her

Sparrow - Beautiful Cowards

A New Poem

Darrell Stover - Ethnopharmacology of Snake Bite Cures

Silvana Straw - Our Lady of the Unauthorized Biography

How I Was Terrorized by a Poodle in the Elevator of the Empire State Building

While Visiting new York with My Boyfriend

Andrea Tetrick - Olympia Deluxe

David Trinidad - Fortunes

Laura Ulewicz - The Prologue of Demon is Spoken

Lee Upton - Hand-Made Pin, Madonna: Book of Kells

Janine Pommy Vega - The Politics of Insomnia

Dana Weimer - Women with Big Shoulders

Valerie Wohlfeld - Vespers

Karen Zealand - If Watermelons Were Confetti

Jodi Bloom - Teenage Vixens from the Netherworld

Alison Bundy - Western: I Am Produced

Chiuhua Primer

Erotic Adventure

Primary Rule for Writing Popular Romance

Frank Costello - The Bet

Donya Currie - Land Mines

Lucinda Ebersole - Auden’s Toothbrush

Janice Eidus - Travelin’ with Jack K.

Eurydice - from Scree

Lauren Fairbanks - from Cyber-Stained Sorbet

Brian Gilmore - Anybody Trying to Fade?

Jaimy Gordon - Bug Motels on Mission

Karen Elizabeth Gordon - from The Dishelved Dictionary

Cathryn Hankla - Charmer

David Haynes - Senior Will

Cynthia Hendershot - Heads

Jamie Holland - Healing

Hillary Johnson - Seismatrix

Dennis Jones - Alti Plano

Lawrence Lebofsky - Lake Mead

Ben Marcus - Presentation of the Church

Carole Maso - Sanctuary

Laura Mullen - The Dead

Lance Olsen - Historical Uterine Dreams

Leslie Pietrzyk - Where Your Life Begins

Kate Pullinger - The Visits Room

Jessie Seigel - The Eunuch God

Lewis Shiner - Castles Made of Sand

Phil Shoenfelt - from Junkie Love

Don Skiles - Chet Baker Dies in Amsterdam

Julia Slavin - Beauty and Rudy

Maya Sonenberg - Baby 1995

Laren Stover - Piece of Blue

Debra Riggin Waugh - A Little Pagan Holiday

Diane Williams - The Brilliants

Rikki Ducornet - litho

Annie Adjchavanich - 3 photos

Claudine Schafer-Legrand - 3 photos



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