Gargoyle #37 Cover

Cover Photo of Louise Brooks
publication date 3/30/1990





Kathy Acker Interview

Lucia Berlin Interview

Charles Brownson - Big Science

Robert Gregory - Voyeur Machines

Joolz Interview

Harry Mathews Interview

Susan Schultz - New Mythologies

Mary Lynn Skutley - Eating the Sadness

James A. Wu - No More Heroes

Ron Androla - Z particles & summer morning rain

it's these bodies

Innokenty Annensky - Second Tormenting Sonnet (tr. Nancy Tittler/Devon Miller-Duggan)

The Bronze Poet

Ivan Arguelles - Madonna

James Bertolino - Lines to restore Van Gogh’s Ear

Kevin Bezner - Playing Ball

Bruce Bond - The Narcoleptic in L.A.

Charles Bukowski - 2 Henry Miller paintings and etc.

my father

Michelle T. Clinton - Dating the Dick Heads

Robert Cole - Emergency

Denise Duhamel - Ten Qualities As A Cosmo Girl I Really Want in My Man

Sunil Freeman - Thirty, Feeling Like Seventeen Again

Kenneth Gangemi - Calle Bolivar

Stefan George - My White parrots . . . (tr. Ulrike Weber/Richard Jones)

Robert Gregory - Waiting for the bus with the ghost on it, in back

Karla M. Hammond - Circularity

Greg Hannan - Between Friends

Ernst Hebeck - I - You

The Dwarf


The Angel (tr. Melissa Moore)

Jared Hendrickson - Echo

Derrick Hsu - Razor Stubble

Reuben M. Jackson - driving south

my imaginary sister gets married

Dan Johnson - The Lorton Anthology

Joolz - Nemesis

Kerry Shawn Keys - The Aviary of My Liking

Bei Ling - I Stroke You With All My Years (tr. Jin Zhong/William Slaughter)

Michael Malinowitz - Equal Time

Walter MacDonald - Hauling on Hardscrabble

Heather McHugh - Tornado Survivor

Sharon Morgenthaler - The Man I Adore

Tylias Moss - Lunchcounter Freedom

A. L. Nielsen - Instructions For the Magic Frog

Alex Osborne - Samhain

Post Mortem

Michelle Parkerson - for cece

Douglas H. Pinson - An Evening On the Town

Jacklyn Potter - The Charge

Jeff Pruzan - Now Then

John Rybicki - Coal Boys

Miriam Sagan - Flamenco

Views of the Pecos

Tatyana Scherbina - The Mermaid (tr. Jim Kates)

Catherine Harnett Shaw - What Women Pray For

Janet Snell - A Different Version of Noah’s Ark

Silvana R. Straw - Fede

Hilary Tham - May Means Beautiful in Chinese

Mitchell Toney - Recreation

Steve Tyler - Spring 1966

Kenneth Warren - Johnny Angel

Afaa Michael Weaver - Homecoming

Dana Weimer - The Widow

Peter Wild - Local Historical Societies

Kathy Acker - from: In Memorium to Identity

Julia Alvarez - Hot Water

Lucia Berlin - Noel, Texas. 1956

Pamela Brandt - London Bridges

Carmen Delzell - Passing

D. E. Steward - Septiembre

Ken Waldman - Scientific Cuisine

Tom Whalen - Promenade

Mark Winegardner - The Batting Cage

Anna Banana - Gargoyle Commemorative (1976-1989) (stamps)

Y. David Chung - Bar Scene

Street Scene

The Spill

Nightclub Act

Cynthia Connolly - 3 photos

Marianne Laroche - Pipe Dream (painting)

Ellie Moran - 3 photos

G. Byron Peck - photo

Janet Snell - drawing

Charles Steck - Dot & Margaret (photo)

Sun Ra (photo)

untitled photo

Graham Sykes - photo

Dan Treado/Grace Jeffers - painting



#37/38 Pub date: 3/30/1990

Launch took place on 12/3/1989 before the issues had actually arrived, at the Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD. (the Bethesda First Baptist Church location), and was recorded for airing on NPR. Readers included Sandie Castle, Sunil Freeman, Greg Hannan, Jared Hendrickson, Derrick Hsu, Dan Johnson, Sharon Morgenthaler, Jacklyn Potter, Jeff Pruzan, Catherine Harnett Shaw, Silvana Straw, and Hilary Tham.

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