Gargoyle #36 Cover
cover photo by Cynthia Connolly

90 Minute Spoken Word Cassette
publication date 4/23/1989

Side 1

Side 2

Hyaa! - Columbus Day (song)

Jennifer Sainato - Concentricity


In the Shadow of Mary

Leslie F. Miller - Goddesses

Tortoise Cats

In the Sixth Grade

Greg Hannan - Requiem

The Light for Our Surroundings

Mike Chitu - Swing Shift (instrumental)

Charley Moon - The Bluebird Lounge

True Confessions

Airplanes & Locusts

A Desperate Woman

Carmen Delzell/Bob Boilen - Swangin’ (w/ Musical backing)

Brian Tate - The Furnace

Build My Gallows High

Claudia DePaul - 1/2 Wit (song)

Fortune Rebecca Nagle - David’s Clock

Photo: Teatime in Taos

Mike Chitu - Tuscaloosa Nights (instrumental)

Joe Ross - Measure of Central Tendency

Up the Alps

Thoughts Aback

Iron Curves

Ruth Pettus - Hand Job

Henry Warwick - Indus(trial) (instrumental)

Jane Gillman - Listen to the Thunder (song)

Rick Wilson - Quarry

Poem, Little Tavern

Homing In

Hugo Rizzoli - Dreaming About Yul Brynner

Greetings from Florida--A Postcard

Putting the Aerialists to Bed

Elizabeth Oness - Music Lessons

Edward Gold - Valentine

Saturday Morning


Lambs Eat Ivy - Fertile Decay (song)

Rose Solari - Letter from Sligo Creek

John and His Sister

Steven Ford Brown - Love Poem

Hilary Tham - The Body is Weak

Mama Washington on How to Fry Fish

Upturned Palms

Edward Lynskey - Fallen Angels

Little Boy Blue

Catherine Harnett Shaw - Being Satisfied

The World Through Your Eyes


Mike Chitu - Borrowed Wings (instrumental)

Sy Gresser - Almost Recognition

A Turn in the Road

From a Great Distance

The Porter

Samuel Rogers Truitt - The World Remains

Claudia DePaul -Death Box (A Lament) (song)

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