Gargoyle #30 Cover
cover colored pencil (Girl with Green Birds) by Jody Mussoff
publication date 11/19/1986

Fiction 86 Issue

Terry Borst - The Crawl

J. D. Buttinger - Replay

Shirley Graves Cochrane - The Smell of Apples

Patricia Eakins - The A, the B, the C of My Education

Joanne Findley - Acts of God

H. E. Francis - A Daughter’s Life

Kathryn Gerhard - Angels and . . .

Laurence Gonzales - In Country

Ivy Goodman - In Twos

Robert Gregory - What the Flutes Do

Cathryn Hankla - If It Were Dark

Susan Hankla - Lazy Eye

Kathleen Maher - Jamie

Elizabeth Moore - Watching for Nessie

George Myers Jr - Jealousy

Sandra Nelson - I Understand the Wheel

David Nicholson - Among the Righteous

Mark Perry - What They Say in Jean, Nevada

Robert Ready - Dede

S. Romagnoli - Wasps

Kenneth Tindall - from Pignon

Mary Truitt - Gravity

Lee Upton - Insurance

William Van Wert - The Anxiety of Influence

Barrett Warner - Confirmation

Valerie Wohlfeld - The Dead One

#30/31 Pub date: 11/19/1986
No official launch but a Gargoyle reading almost a year later (10/13/1987) at d.c. space featured four of the fiction writers from the issue. Ivy Goodman, David Nicholson, Mary Truitt, and Barrett Warner.

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