Gargoyle #3 Cover
cover drawing by Roy P. Comiskey
publication date 10/1/1976





Paul Caruso - Notes from Albion (music)

Walt Kiley - Cut-Outs (music)

Richard Peabody - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

William Radford-Bennett - Classical Records

Gwen Reynolds - Can You Hear me, Roberta?

Carrington Bonner - Poem for Kitty

Kathleen Ingram - Farewell

Donna B. Kaulkin - On the Death of Someone You Love

Linda McCloud - Another Woman’s House

Human City

Desmond O’Brien - Poet’s Trip

Left Behind

Angelic Muse

Linda Pastan - New England Christmas

Jeffrey D. Talmadge - Visiting Your Home in the Country


Patrick Saari - Pallazzini: Poet of Anguish

Bob Skinner - The Eternal Champion

Mark Trachtman - The Band


Meg Chrisler - photo

Joseph Coco - drawing

Kathleen Dawe - drawing

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