Gargoyle #28 Cover
photo by Sanford Scheller

Sixty Minute Spoken Word Casette
publication date 6/27/1986

Side 1

Side 2

Eric Baizer/Zenon Slawinski - Outlaw

John Elsberg - News Report: Analysis

The Administrator

Junk Ball

Voices from a Marriage

After Atending a Bly Workshop

Home-Style Cooking on Third Avenue

Gretchen Johnsen - Audition





Viele Tabletten

Cainís Lament

Love Poem for Perry Mason

For David

Dan Johnson - The Road I See

A Translation

The Net Mender

Damon Norko - Whimper

Zenon Slawinski - Amphibian (instrumental)

Zenon Slawinski & John Ramo - Quatre Bras (instrumental)

Carlo Parcelli - from Empiricism in the Glossomorph

Bill Holland & Rentís Due Band - Anxiety (song)

Lane Jennings - Not Ungrateful



David Sheridan - Ephemera Vulgata

Resistance at the Future Site of the New Tokyo Airport

After Long Rains

DC-10 Dream

Cruising Along Dream

Zenon Slawinski, Mike Willis & Bruce Robinson - Silent Waves (instrumental)

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