Gargoyle #27 Cover
cover photo Rainer Werner Fassbinder/Hannah Schygulla
publication date 10/13/1985





Toby Barlow - Four Literary Magazines

Mitch Cohen - 1984 in Berlin

Rita Dove Interview

Tina Fulker Interview

Kenneth Funsten - Allergies: A Commentary on American Poetry

Bob Halliday - Randolph Stow: An Australian Original

Beth Joselow Interview

Crad Kilodney Interview

George Myers Jr. - Culture & Anarchy (John Sokol)

Carlo Parcelli Interview

Richard Peabody - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Robert Peters - The Blood Beneath the Leaf: Todd Moore's Poetry

James Phillips - The German Scene: Unknown Hermetic Poets

David Sheridan - George and Mary Oppen: Lives Intertwined

Scott Sommer Interview

Henry Allen - Idyll #6

Todd Baron - a wave in which

James Bertolino - Five Views of the New History

Patrick Bizzaro - In the Niagara River

Nancy Harris Calman - Orchids when the moon

Ann Downer - Practical Holiness

Roger Finch - Incerezza del Poeta

Richard M. Flynn - Defining Gravity

Amy Gerstler - Alice and Lewis

Nigel Hinshelwood - No Bark, Very Little Bite

Dan Johnson - The Road I See

Beth Joselow - Playing the Magician

Wayne Kline - Jeffy Liked the Way the Robot Flexed Its Mechanical Claw . . .

William Meyer - Turquoise Shrouds Are Floating in the Hay Fresco Oles

Suzanne Rhodenbaugh - Scrub Palmetto

Melissa Ridge - Fou, Fou Beauty

Ron Weber - Slash and Burn

Dieter Weslowski - If the Bahamas

After a Motet by Eugenio Montale

Thaddeus Ziolkowski - The North American Wrass


Laurence Gonzales - Tommy

Pamela Gordon - Seat Dancing

Robert Gregory - Why Things Are a Mess

Penny Newbury - Erotica

Eugene Stein - The Reunification of Germany and Other Stories


Cecilia Arnold - 2 photos

Kathy Bell - 2 photos

Jeanne Birdsall - Self-Portrait (photo)

Sy Gresser - Hiroshima II (sculpture)

Limestone Lovers (sculpture)

Wolfgang Jasper - Alice in ‘73 (charcoal)

Open House (charcoal)

Jody Mussoff - Blonde Catching Puppy (colored pencil)

Five Women (colored pencil)

Girl Pressing Friend’s Head (colored pencil)

Janet Snell - Red Devil (oil)

Benedict Tisa - Trish’s Bird (photo)

Rosemary’s Butterfly (photo)

Celeste’s Hummingbird (photo)

Book Reviews by Frank Allen, Grace Bauer, Jolie Barbiere, Paula Bonnell, Harry Calhoun, Rose Ciccarelli, Bill Costley, Lindsay E. Edmunds, Richard Flynn, Lisa Forestier, James A. Freeman, Kenneth Funsten, Loss Glazier, Nigel Hinshelwood, William D. Hunt, Philip K. Jason, Lane Jennings, Ed Kaitz, Joseph Keppler, Christine Lahey-Dolega, Patricia Lesko, Lenny Lianne, Joe Marusiak, Lois Mathieu, Louis McKee, D. Edmund Miller, Mark Moran, George Myers Jr., A. L. Nielsen, Kurt Nimmo, Michael O’ Leary, David Sheridan, Rita Signorelli-Pappas, Robert Peters, S. Ramnath, Steven B. Rogers, Ben Satterfield, Don Skiles, Rod Smith, Jane Somerville, Laurel Speer, Craig Peter Standish, Patricia Stanley, Gregory Stephenson, John Stickney, J.C. Todd, Kenneth Warren, Gail White

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