Gargoyle #24 Cover
Cover photo by Moki
Publication date 3/5/1984





Marie-Claire Blais Interview

Paul Bowles Interview

Paul Bowles - A Capsule Autobiography

Chuck Connor - The British Scene

Jon Daunt - Three Very Different Magazines and an Anthology

Elaine Equi Interview

Roy Fisher Interview

Mary Mackey Interview

Thomas McGonigle - Molested By Corpses

Douglas Messerli Interview*

Gregory Orfalea - Resisting Nothingness: Discovering William Pillin

Richard Peabody - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Roy Fisher - A Poem Not a Picture

The Only Image

from Talk for Words

Jesse Glass, Jr. - Mayakovsky Is Dead

William Holland - Legal Training

Rod Tulloss - Finding the Masculine Principle in Babyshit

Afaa Michael Weaver - A Photograph of Negro Mania


Ann Elizabeth Downer - Noli Me Tangere

Suzanne Ress - Little Toros

D. E. Steward - Heathrow

Lee Upton - The Peaceable Kingdom


Raya Bodnarchuk - 7 sculptures

Lisa Montag Brotman - painting

Ruth M. Fairchild - Seated Woman (stuffed fabric)

Sy Gresser - I Through IV (sculpture)

Brion Gysin - photo

Ellen MacDonald - After Lebanon, Toro (oil)

Judy Miller - Weather Vane (assemblage)

William Newman - Johnny Be Good (oil)

Linda Swick - The German

Sarah Tuft - Clutches (painting)

Lynd Ward - woodcut

Rob Zimmet - photi

Book reviews by Frank Allen, Jorn K. Bramann, Maxine Combs, Jon Daunt, Richard M. Flynn, Maryl Jo Fox, Loss Glazier, Karla M. Hammond, Lane Jennings, Ed Kaitz, Joseph Keppler, Lois Mathieu, Richard Peabody, Patric Pepper, Robert Peters, Jacklyn Potter, Eva Shaderowfsky, Laurel Speer, Gregory Stephenson, John Stickney, and Jeffrey D. Talmadge.

#24. Pub date: 3/5/1984
Joint reading with Bogg magazine at the Writer's Center, Strathmore Rd. location,
Bethesda, MD. Featuring Tina Fulker and Bill Holland reading poetry for Gargoyle.

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