Gargoyle #17 Cover
cover sculpture (Crow Woman) by Virginia Hubbard
publication date 12/21/1981





Eric Baizer - Orbits

Deirdra Baldwin Interview

T. Coraghessan Boyle Interview

Christine Lahey Dolega - Harrison Fisher, Con

Harrison Fisher Interview

Kenneth Gangemi Interview

Richard Grayson Interview

Gretchen Johnsen - The Matrix of Meaning: Guy Davenport’s Geography

Ann L. McLaughlin - The Novels of Maxine Kumin

George Myers Jr. - Culture & Anarchy

Ian Robinson - The British Scene

Connie Sheldon - Travel USA: America’s Image Overseas

Henry Taylor - Harrison Fisher, Pro

Kenneth R. Timmerman - Letter from France

Maxine Clair - Reincarnation

John Elsberg - Complexity

Edward Gold - Une Femme Comique

Kimble Kockich - Esmeralda and Her First Phone

James Maher - Body of Water

David McAleavey - Bonsai seisuke (National Arboretum)

Burning burning

David Michael Nixon - untitled

Miriam Sagan - Yosemite. This Light.

Laurel Speer - Yesterday’s Doxy in Vienna

David Spicer - The Transexual’s Lament

Henry Taylor - One Morning, Shoeing Horses

Jim Vollmar - Midwinter Manoeuvres

Peter Wild - Turtles

Peter Woolson - Middle Ages

Anne Becker - Lone Grieving Gunman

John Bennett - Asta & Jacob

T. Coraghessan Boyle - Bloodfall

Paul House - A Cup of Hot Coffee

David Plumb - Late Show

Joseph M. Queenan - A Short History of Modern French Literature

Susan Coleman - drawing

Joyce Jewell - 2 etchings


Anna Neagoe - 3 paintings

Book Reviews by Frank Allen, Richard Flynn, Gabriele Glang, William D. Hunt, Lane Jennings, Richard King, Christine Lahey-Dolega, Edward Lynskey, Joe Marusiak, A.L. Nielsen, Kurt Nimmo, Richard Peabody. Patric Pepper, Robert Peters, David Sheridan, Laurel Speer, Martin Stannard, and Gail White

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