Gargoyle #15 Cover
cover photo (The Immeasurable) by Haig Shekerjian
publication date 1/27/1981





Eric Baizer - Orbits

Michael Brondoli Interview

Donald Herdeck & Three Continents Press Interview

Gretchen Johnsen - The Landscape and the Eye: The Stories of Paul Bowles

David McAleavey Interview

George Myers Jr. -Culture & Anarchy

George Myers Jr. - The Treacle Story Series Vol. 2

Richard Peabody - Notes From the Bell Tower

Robert Peters Interview

David Sheridan - The U.S. of A.ís Most Underrated Writer: A Sampler

Kenneth R. Timerman - A Note on French Small Presses


Ron Androla - Country-Sketch

Eric Baizer - Virginia

Steven Ford Brown - A Nude Woman Under the Eyelid

David C. Childers - For a Woman Not Put Off

Joyce Conklin - 1944

Beth Joselow - No Artistic Unity Of Opposed Curves

David McAleavey - Written next to a page of Emerson

Arriving Lost

What it felt like

Douglas Messerli - Skinning the Deer

Patric Pepper - Fishing

Laren Stover - Roy Deutch Poem

Janine Pommy Vega - Dream in Abstentia

Chandler Brossard - from The Bold Saboteurs

Hugh Fox - Trova

Richard Kostelanetz - from Epiphanies

Claude Pelieu-Washburn - The Stars Take Over (tr. Mary Beach)

Gideon Sams - A Day on the Town

Jack Saunders - from Delray Beach

Laurel Speer - Play For Us, Fanfani

Kenneth R. Timmerman - from The Wren Hunt

Michael Wilding - The Falcon

Jane M. Dow - Three Paintings

Charles Plymell - collage

Lynn Pruitt - 3 photos

Book Reviews by John Elsberg, Robert Gray, Erik Hansen, Geary Hobson, Richard Peabody, Charles Plymell, Ben Reynolds, and Laurel Speer.

Small Press Editorsí Roundtable with Bruce Andrews, Eric Baizer, Frederick Barthelme, Carol Berge, Barbara Berman, Charles Bernstein, Joseph Bruchac, Jan Castro, James Cervantes, Peter Cherches, Gerald Costanzo, Ruth Daigon, Albert Drake, John Elsberg, Hugh Fox, Jesse Glass, Jr., David Greisman, DeWitt Henry, George Hitchcock, Allen Hoey, Ed Hogan, Larry S. Jackson, Philip K. Jason, Curt Johnson, Dan Johnson, Allan Kornblum, Diane Kruchkow, P.J. Laska, David Lenson, Terrence McMahon, Douglas Messerli, Effie Mihopoulos, E. Ethelbert Miller, Jo Mish, Judyl Mudfoot, George Myers Jr., Judith Neeld, Sasha Newborn, Peter Nicoletta, Karl Patten, Richard Peabody, Sonia Raiziss, Thayr Richey, Sy Safransky, Lynne Savitt, James R. Scrimegeour, Harry Smith, Felix Stefanile, D. E. Steward, Bradley R. Strahan, Michael Sykes, Kevin Urick, and A.D. Winans

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