Gargoyle #14 Cover
cover drawing by Larry Wentzel
publication date 2/27/1980





Eric Baizer - Orbits

Denis Boyles Interview

Chandler Brossard Interview

Michael Denholm - Small Publishing in Australia in the late 1970's: A View

John Elsberg - The British Scene

Michael Horovitz Interview

Herbert E. Huncke - Elsie

Gretchen Johnsen - Achilles Redux

Michael M. Mooney Interview

George Myers Jr. - Culture & Anarchy

Charles Plymell - On the Blues

David Sheridan - Language of the Senses, Language of the Brain

Janine Pommy Vega Interview

Ted White Interview

David Bristol - untitled


David C. Childers - untitled

Andrew Darlington - Aural Sex

Harrison Fisher - Modern Gargoyle

Detective Io

Anybody Can Write

Vicente Huidobro - House (tr. A. Hohenstein)

Bell Tower (tr. A. Hohenstein)

Terry Stokes - The Prince of Impotence

Diana Vance - Looking Into the Backyard

Darryl Wally - Crocodile Child

Ron Weber - The Somnambulist


Chandler Brossard - from Raging Joys, Sublime Violations

Steve Sneyd - The Postcard

D. E. Steward - Afternoon

Laura Chassy - Twilight Over the Country (etching)

Tom Chalkley - No Early Warning (drawing)

Mark Clark - oil

Jesse Glass, Jr. - collage

Dave Griffiths - 2 paintings

Alexandra Haropulos - drawing

Cynde Pierce - Dante’s Dance


Shawn Pruitt - Arm With No Hammer (photo)

Butt (photo)

Dave Scalzi - drawing

Zenon Slawinski - 3 drawings

Walt-Christopher Stickney - Gargoyle (drawing)

Alexander Viola - 2 photos

Issue also contains: Book reviews by Patrick Bizarro, Steven Ford Brown, John Elsberg, Richard Peabody and Kevin Urick.

#14. Pub date: 2/27/1980
Launch at the Writer's Center in Glen Echo, MD
Michael M. Mooney and D. E. Steward reading fiction.

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