Gargoyle #1 Cover
cover photo by Russell Cox
publication date 8/3/1976





Paul Caruso - Notes from Albion (music)

Paul Pasquarella - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Richard Peabody - Book Review

David Sheridan - The Granular Eye (film)

Christopher West - Why Children Hate Me

Jim Daniels - Woman . . .


Ann Darr - For the Seventies

Rearing on the Horse of Your Voice

The Beltway Murders

David Hickman - In a Small Boat


Portrait of Daedalus Falling

Carl Wilfand -

A Standard View

Paul Pasquarella - This is the Way it Should Always Be

David Sheridan - Geronimo

Russell Cox - photo

Kerry Flint - drawing

The Moonlight Piper (drawing)

Gary Peabody - drawing

Charlie Schlager - 3 photos

Carl Wilfand - The Blackship Docks (drawing)

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