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Sugar Mountain

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Argonne Hotel Press ISBN 1-887641-42-4 $10

"O Youth, O Age in this Peter-Pan-grunge, walking-'60s-wounded, slacker-nostalgia novel about latterday Bohemia keeping the only faith it has, which is to say the belief that music, art, sex, drugs, brand-names and dancing will save it from . . . whatever. The joys, despairs and fatalism of endless basement-apartment hedonism are collected here like fireflies in a jar."
-- Henry Allen, Washington Post staff writer and author of Fool's Mercy

Sugar Mountain is a novella, a triptych, and Richard Peabody's first extended fiction to find its way into print. The book is a semi-experimental look at three generations featuring Hal and his ex-wife Mona, and their daughter Taylor. Each is presented a different way. We meet Taylor through the pages of her journal, Mona through phone monologues, and Hal in third person. There are three minor characters-Sealy, Taylor's best friend, who is also sleeping with Hal; Zodiac, the rave dj who's sleeping with Taylor; plus an unnammed guitarist. Imagine American Beauty combined with Wonder Boys combined with High Fidelity as written by George Pelecanos (for all the DC local color) and you've got the basic mix. There's also lots of stuff in here about crows, Neil Young, Bethany Beach, raves, sex, drugs and forgotten DC history.


"Sugar Mountain is a gripping post-modern study of the disintegration of the soul in a world where personal mythology is shaped by icons of popular culture, where we define each other and ourselves by impersonal references: the bars, the restaurants, the music, the art, the movie stars and Kama Sutra positions we prefer. Using multiple points of view and disruptive asides, Rick Peabody conveys a world of alienation and loss in our nation's capital, a place where three lives play out the inevitable betrayals of body and soul. It's a dark and comic look at how hungry we are for connection and how we can become innocently and ignorantly lost."
- Jane Bradley, author of Living Doll and Power Lines

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