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Paycock Press was founded in 1976 to publish Gargoyle magazine, a DC-based international literary magazine. Named for Sean O'Casey's play Juno and the Paycock, the press went into hibernation in 1990. When the magazine was revived in 1997, we began talking about starting to publish books once again.


Our Backlist—Out of Print, Sadly

Tom Carson - Daisy Buchanan's Daughter (fiction), 0-931181-34-8/ 978-0-931181-34-4 (2011), is being handled by another publisher. We've had a great time bringing it to the world and promoting it, and we wish the author and new publisher all the best.

Michael Brondoli - The Love Letter Hack (fiction), ISBN 0-9602424-7-3 (1979/second edition with graphics by Mary Beath 1982)

Harrison Fisher - Blank Like Me (poetry), ISBN 0-9602424-2-2 (1980)

Tina Fulker - Jukebox (poetry), ISBN 0-9602424-4-9 (1980/2nd printing 1982)

George Myers Jr. - Alphabets Sublime: Contemporary Artists on
Collage & Visual Literature
(nonfiction), ISBN 0-931181-02-X (1986)

George Myers Jr. - Natural History (fiction) ISBN 0-931181- 01-1 (1981/2nd edition 1985) out of print

Carlo Parcelli - Fernparallelismus (poetry) ISBN 0-931181-00-3 (1985)

Richard Peabody (ed.) - D.C. Magazines: A Literary Retrospective (anthology), ISBN 0-9602424-5-7 (1981)

Richard Peabody - I'm in Love with the Morton Salt Girl/Echt & Ersatz (poetry), ISBN 0-9602424-8-1 (1979/2nd edition 1985)

Richard Peabody (ed.) - Mavericks: nine independent publishers ISBN 0-9602424-9-X (1983)


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