(first edition)


(second edition)

Natural History

by George Myers, Jr.

ISBN 0-931181- 01-1 (1981/2nd edition 1985)

A collection of Myers' collages and experimental short fictions. A few embarrassing typos (mea culpa) but still a dynamite collection of work by one of the unsung talents of the 80's, and one that hasn't written much outside of mainstream reporting in more than a decade. The second edition added a foreword.

"Myers, with his sometimes discordant, sometimes, mellifluous syntax, revises the notions of our history, of the words that are used to represent things, of memories, dreams and images." --Washington Review

"Wonderfully illustrated . . . He imitates the deadly serious voice of a schoolmaster possessed by weird objects." - Andrei Codrescu, Baltimore City Paper

"Recommended." --American Book Review

" . . . stands as a challenge to the definitions of testament . . . [Myers] works over the calibrations of the brow with a command of elite and popular letters."

--The Review of Contemporary Fiction

"Absurdism at its best." --Krax

" . . . full of charm and experiment . . . a successful example of book art, experimental short prose, and, most important, as an expression of, vision, feeling and wit.."
--Small Press Review

"Is he moving toward a technique that mocks the rest of us, the Artaud-voice speaking its madnesses with all the solemnity of the Encyclopedia B.?" --Pulpsmith

"It's belletristic as all get out--but with pretensions at poetry swept away, it comes across fast and sharp and beautiful." --Columbia Road Review

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