(first edition)

(second edition)


The Love Letter Hack

by Michael Brondoli (fiction) 0-9602424-7-3 (1979. Second edition with graphics by Mary Beath in 1982.)

Brondoli studied with Reynolds Price at Duke and hung out with the crowd around Keith & Rosmarie Waldrop in Providence and his first novella was published by McPherson & Co., as part of their Treacle Story series. We published his second novella. Our book was eventually incorporated into Brondoli's North Point Press collection, Showdown. The style is "Providence Baroque." Very influenced by Tom Ahern, the Waldrops, the Gizzi's, and Jaimy Gordon. Nobody knows where Brondoli is now. Last I heard he was roaming the Outer Banks.

"It's a well written tale, with a nicely exotic flavor. He does indeed have a lot of talent. He also has a god sense of what a story is and how it ought to unfold." -Guy Davenport

"Michael Brondoli is so at home in the Turkish bazaars that it's hard to believe he's a homegrown Virginian . . . Brondoli hacks his way through a plethora of no-account novels and novellas, and assures himself of a future-and presence-in American literature . . . ."
-George Myers Jr., Abraxas

"A first book from this press, and a very fine beginning, indeed. A very touching and wryly humorous account of love and absence from home." - Library Journal


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