by Tina Fulker

(poetry) ISBN 0-9602424-4-9 (1980/2nd printing 1982)

Fulker was a popular London poet, single mother, who wrote poems in everyday Brit-speak. She began the literary zine Moonshine as a teenager and she was enormously popular in the small press scene surrounding the mag Slow Dancer and toured with the jazz/poetry poets of the late 70's. She was not a university poet, not edgy in the Joolz/John Cooper Clarke Brit-punk sense, but feminist and down to earth. Pete Townshend of The Who (who was also a novelist and an editor at Faber and Faber) almost published her novel. We brought her over to DC and released a cassette tape recorded at Sonic Images of Tina doing her thing with a backing band in 1986. She also recorded with the members of 80's group Eyeless in Gaza.

Sadly she died of cancer in 1992 at age 38 and her second husband (she had remarried, had a 2nd child, and separated) threw all of her remaining work and possessions on the lawn and it has all been lost. Rips my heart out when I think about it.

"Tina Fulker's poems are shy, wistful, and vulnerable, with an underlying resilience…." - Time Out

"Their strength lies in their vulnerability and it is this emotional rawness that sets them apart from cliques or fashions." -- Brian Patten

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