Let Me Get This Straight...

So Let Me Get This Straight

Jesse Waters

“I’m pretty well blown away by these stories. The voices here are powerful – wickedly ironic and smart – and I love the way they aggregate, and loop back upon themselves. Truly great work!”
T.C. Boyle.

“Think of Jesse Waters as the Charles Darwin of story speciation. The fictions culled here in this remote atoll of the imagination, So Let Me Get This Straight, represent a whole new Linnaean Kingdom of the written word. Waters is not just on the cutting edge of edginess; he has forged a whole new display case of sharpened instruments. These are dispatches that dispatch with gleeful precision.”
Michael Martone
Author of Four for a Quarter and Michael Martone

"This intelligent, inventive book strikes the reader's mind as a total pleasure.  It is a joyride through this world and the next and back again, through the fields of religion and psychology, human folly and high spirits.  I loved every sentence."
Rebecca Lee
Bobcat and Other Stories



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