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Enhanced Gravity

Enhanced Gravity:

More Fiction by Washington Area Women
From Paycock Press;
Edited by Richard Peabody

ISBN 0-931181-20-8

Reviewed by the Pedestal Magazine

and by Montserrat Review

Featuring: Stephanie Allen, Christina Bartolomeo, Kate Blackwell, Hildie S. Block, Lisa Boylan, Carole Burns, Susan Coll, Jennifer Cutting, Ramola D., J. H. Diehl, C. M. Dupré, Herta Feely, Robin Ferrier, Sara Fisher, Lee Fleming, Amy Fries, Dorothy Hickson, M.H. Johnson, Alma Katsu, Wendi Kaufman, Susan Land, E. J. Levy, Meena Arora Nayak, Vanessa Orlando, Michele Orwin, Sibbie O'Sullivan, Saideh Pakravan, Ginger Park, Colleen Pecorelli, Suzanne Picard, Judith Podell, Liz Poliner, Judy Pomeranz, Stephanie Siciarz, Rozanne Gooding Silverwood, Julia Slavin, Rose Solari, Sally Steenland, Venus Thrash, Julie Wakeman-Linn, Sarah Louise Williams, C. Jenise Wriston, and more. Cover art by Jody Mussoff.

"Enhanced Gravity is proof of the variety of talents and passions to be found in DC. With its takes on sex, death, birth, love, the pains of youth, the pains of old age, infidelity, abiding fidelity, this anthology has something for every mood, and reading the stories together provides a deepened sense of the interior and exterior contours of this city."
—Aurelie Sheehan, author of Jack Kerouac is Pregnant

What do women write?  These stories shout, Everything, from as many points of view.  Think potluck of pungent diversity.  Think rough-edged visions, as opposed to neatly hemmed samplers from Culture, Inc.  Enhanced Gravity surprises and entertains; it horrifies and hurts.  And it enlightens, by modeling a rich, inclusive world.
—Mollie Best Tinsely, author of Throwing Knives

This collection captures our many longings in vivid, gut-deep prose. The stories call to us, beckon us like Stephanie Allen's "pile of coats, [their] riot of textures from silk linings to poplin serge to wool, waiting for us to dive in and roll around in them."
--Nicole Louise Reid, author of In the Breeze of Passing Things

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