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Mood Vertigo
Argonne Hotel Press, 1999
ISBN 1-887641-39-4

"In resisting the grand gesture, the significant detail, and Yeats'
'passionate syntax,' Richard Peabody reminds us that the pleasures of poetry
do not necessarily depend upon intellectual rigor, literary device, and
linguistic muscle. The love-child of Marcel Duchamp and Frank O'Hara (but raised by Little Richard), he insists again and again upon the post-modern pleasures of cultural mayhem and pop-trash worship tempered with traditional Yankee humor and invention. Who among us, then, could resist this sharp and sexy book?"

--Michael Waters, author of
Green Ash, Red Maple, Black Gum


We are gazing at Polaroids
of a nude in a black felt hat
pheasant feathers
curling over one ear.

So much for hormones.
My strongest desire
is to try out
that hat.

To wear something
that might make me
feel beautiful.


Waiting for the Popeye Effect

No amount of spinach
does the trick

cartoons lie to me
on a daily basis

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