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Mondo Marilyn

St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-11853-8 $12.95

"Demented as always, the Mondo series is really much more fun than Silas Marner. Even Marilyn would have read it!"
-- Rita Mae Brown

Marilyn. The very name inspires a variety of images. Marilyn with her skirt billowing above her waist on the subway grating, or singing "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy in that breathy voice that still makes men squirm, or posing naked against the red satin background, bouncing and jiggling, or pursing her lips on a Warhol canvas, or finally, desperately, once again nude, but this time found dead next to an empty bottle of pills.

Marilyn. Innocence, raw sexuality, beauty, and tragedy all rolled up into one. She was the quintessential sex-kitten and movie star -- America's sacrifice on the sexual altar.

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Featuring works by: J.G. Ballard, Clive Barker, Jeanne Beaumont, Charles Bukowski, Phyllis Burke, Susan Compo, Eleanor Earle Crockett, Julia P. Dubner, Judy Grahn, Nanci Griffith, Doris Grumbach, Michael Hemmingson, Hilary Johnson, Michael Lally, L.A.Lantz, Lyn Lifshin, Beth Meacham, Taylor Mead, Bill Morris, Sharon Olds, Robert Peters, Leslie Pietrzyk, John Rechy, Gregg Shapiro, Rosanne Daryl Thomas, Lynne Tillman, Sam Toperoff, David Trinidad, Rita Valencia, and Tom Whalen.

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