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Mondo James Dean

St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-14121-1 $13.95

"...a clever romp through the legend's life and death."
-- Publishers Weekly.

James Dean. The very mention of his name elicits a tiny sigh. Hollywood's little lost boy. The fair-haired rebel whom everyone made their cause.

James Dean was twenty-four in a silver Porsche 500 Spyder, customized with racing stripes and the words LITTLE BASTARD painted across the tail end. He was dead. It would be another two months before Rebel Without a Cause filled movie screens. The 1955 film would change the lives of a generation and make James Dean the ultimate icon of alienated American youth. This bittersweet book resurrects James Dean. It is a guidebook for disciples, for new initiates, for romantics, for wanna-bes -- for everyone who has ever wanted to live fast, die young, and leave behind a good-looking corpse.

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Featuring works by: Ai, James Finney Boylan, Edwin Corley, Janice Eidus, Louisa Ermelino, Ed Graczyk, Jack C. Halderman II, Stephanie Hart, Michael Hemmingson, Hilary Howard, Ruben Jackson, Bentley Little, Michael Martone, David Plumb, Robert Ready, Miranda Schwartz, Lewis Shiner, Sparrow, D. E. Steward, Chuck Taylor, Tino Villanueva, and Terence Winch.

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