Mavericks: nine independent publishers

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"Many people argue that books are different from pliers or hammers. Well, sometimes I think a good hammer is better than a bad book." - George Braziller

Mavericks explores the world of nine mid-range publishers, those whose presses exist between the small-press world and the conglomerate-run NY publishing houses. Featured here are: George Braziller, Maurice Girodias, David Godine, James Laughlin, John Martin, James Boyer May, Barney Rosset, Alan Swallow, and Noel Young. These nine independent publishers (some living and some long dead) offer their often controversial opinions on the publishing world. There are lots of surprises. The material has been gathered from many different sources, both large and small, and is reprinted here for the first time. Mavericks could be considered a primer on independent publishing. These men are truly mavericks in every sense of the word and their legacy remains.

"Free speech and free press are all that we can base our future upon. I distrust all political systems and class struggles because of the threats they pose to freedom." -Maurice Girodias

"The most glorious books ever produced were produced in France between 1520 and 1550. In no other period have books been so exquisitely illustrated and made in term sof typography, the quality of the paper, and the inventiveness of the binding. The art of printing was perfected in the 1500s and has been going steadily downhill ever since." -David Godine

"Henry Miller would not let you chance a word. Bill Williams didn't want to change a line." - James Laughlin

"I can literally publish what I like. Since I am a totally literary person, I have no desire to publish anything in any other area. I want to die never having been to Las Vegas, gone to Disneyland or watched a whole TV show, except for sports." - John Martin

"Trace was called a 'Bridge' by various people-and it was-between people in many parts of the world . . . . It's my belief, and I think it could be documented, that we had an influence on the language itself." - James Boyer May

"The government and a lot of people concerned with books think that conglomerate ownership of publishing is very bad. I agree. But nobody says how things can be changed in a healthy way." -Barney Rosset

"I was tremendously attracted by several things . . . first by the effort of Haldeman-Julius to provide good literature at inexpensive prices-and I suppose that there was planted a small seed of the idea of publishing at some time; second through Haldeman-Julius' publication of magazines and through reading other materials, I became aware of the group we call 'The Little Magazines.' I was certainly impressed with the idealism and the effort of these magazines to put out quality work without consideration for commercial results." - Alan Swallow

"I want to show that it's still possible to have a sense of personal level, free enterprise, to run a business in terms of what's really important to you, and not have decisions made by a computerized market-analysis or an anonymous committee." -Noel Young

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