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Open Joints on Bridge

Argonne Hotel Press ISBN 1-887641-23-8 $10.00

"Richard Peabody's spare, poignant, understated prose cuts clean--and right to the bone. With sharp humor, he casts a wonderfully fresh, irreverent eye on Washington, D.C., making it seem downright exotic, writing not of the bloated politicos and media hacks we usually associate with that city, but instead of people we care about: struggling artists, musicians, and filmmakers; hardcore teenagers who love baseball, shopping and James Bond; and working people of all ages."
- Janice Eidus, author of The Celibacy Club

"Not since baseball's Senators left Washington has a collection of quirky, hapless losers demanded our attention and loyalty the way Peabody's team of characters does. Their attempts to score in the bottom of the ninth get thwarted at every turn by treacherous artists, flea infestations, bad acid trips, Matt Dillon lookalikes, fetching lynx wraps and sodden divorce parties. In these swift, funny, sexy stories, Peabody evokes the rueful obsessions of Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in pre-millennial, post-modern America."
- Richard Grayson, author of I Survived Caracas Traffic

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