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Death in Equality

St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-15106-3 $19.95

"Lucinda Ebersole has a gift for fusing twisted comedy with unblinking tragedy; this passionate interweaving of tales accrues a surprising sumulative power."
--Jennifer Egan

Death in Equality. Perhaps the first postmodern Southern novel, Death in Equality is a narrative tour-de-force -- an autoerotic pieta -- a moving account of one woman's life, death, and dreams -- a reminder of what is lost when an artist dies young.

"Lucinda Ebersole writes like Janis Joplin sings: sassy, sensual, strong, and Southern. Like Joplin, her voice is truly original, one we'll be listening to, and savoring, for a long, long time."
--Janice Eidus

"If you have a flair for writing Southern Gothic stories, but are smart enough to know that that literary cottonfield has been picked clean, what do you do? If you're as smart as Lucinda Ebersole, you construct a metafictional structure that will allow you to have your grits and eat them too."
--Steven Moore, Rain Taxi

"Relentlessly, Ebersole introduces one character after another and then snatches them all away....They remind us that death is the great leveler: it brings everyone, whether young, old, white or black, into that mythical state of equality."
--Susann Cokal, Review of Contemporary Fiction

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